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lesbians’ power shopper has been pleasing ME daily. he has sent at least $100 every single day since he started contacting Me again.  he has also bought ME a pair of $180 sunglasses, $400 cash on top of the daily $100 tributes, plus sent $100 cash in the mail.  I am so pleased with his service! This is how it should be done!

My mystery pig has been doing awesome!  I know he is a Twitter follower because he sends cash as soon as I Tweet about him (during the week day).  he sent $500  today about an hour after I tweeted that it had been a week since his last payment.   I love seeing $500 DONATIONS sitting in MY email box!!!

So many bingers this week!  $500 came in from a tipsy sir wankalot in the middle of the night.  This guy has totally lost his mind.  he sends cash and then blocks Me right after.  Whatever, asshole.  your cash goes straight into MY dream home fund.  Go buy yourself a big bottle of booze.  I HATE you sober!

the divorcee from Norway came out from hiding.  I did a little research and looks like the last time he served ME was way back in 2007!   I am the one who planted this addiction into his tiny brain YEARS ago…and obviously MY HANDIWORK sticks because the cocksucker is still addicted as FUCK!  This guy used to hide, binge, disappear for years on end.  he even went to a therapist at some point.  HAHAHAHAHA!  THERAPY WILL NOT HELP you.  he was married when he first contacted ME and PRINCESS addiction destroyed his first marriage.  (As I predicted! I named him “the divorcee” well before the divorce!) What has this fool been doing since 2007?? The asshole re-married!  Why the fuck do you guys get married when you KNOW that you are an addicted little submissive??  you KNOW that you get more pleasure from FEMDOM than vanilla sex.  you KNOW you will be sneaking around on Her and seeking Out Femdom connections.   She has no idea who she is really marrying!!! you offer these clueless women a LIE!  Such dirty, dishonest sad fucks you are. HOW SELFISH you are to think you deserve to lead 2 lives!!  How piggish you are to start relationships in lies!!  Life would be so much more GENUINE if you just accepted your true nature, got down on your knees and concentrated on ONLY LOVING AND SERVING and SUFFERING FOR ME.  Stop trying to live vanilla normal lives on the side, you ridiculous shit stains!  you are only going to disappoint your wives and children in the long run!

Oh and speedy dick!  ya remember all the text messages I posted of him falling off the wagon…over and over after bidding Me “adieu”?  Yes, speedy dick was going to get control of his life.  he was in “recovery”.  “This is the last time.”  Well he called whimpering and crying about how he can’t quit Me.  I demanded $500.  he sent it.   he ended the call by asking Me “to respect his space” as he begins recovering from his addiction.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I never even have to reach out to this dumbfuck.  The minute he gets paid or touches a drop of liquor his name is flashing across MY caller ID.  Oh and he has the wimpiest, faggiest, breathiest voice when he’s in the bone zone!! It’s a hysterical!  Calls are always under 5 minutes because he silently spews as soon as I scream “I got your cash, asshole!!!”

What did we learn here today, My minions and lurkers?  NOBODY RECOVERS.  THREE ADDICTED FREAKS who have all vowed to never contact ME again.  All of whom have sought help with professional therapists!!  THEY ALL FAILED.  you want out of MY spell?  DIE.  My personal advice to you?  GET BUSY PAYING OR GET BUSY DYING.

Other mentions: lou-zer sent another $100 and this heart warming email.  “My wife & I tried for a romantic afternoon together today. I couldn’t stay hard at all and disappointed us both.”

$100 anonymous Amazon gift card from a random guy, $400 from kenny.  I’ve also been getting small anonymous tributes from random guys on Square.  If you want to pay through square send Me an email and I will send the link.  It’s TOTALLY anonymous.  I see nothing but your Square screen name.

God I love this!

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pigsnot buys Another Computer for Me!

Update: Another $300 Amazon from pigsnot!

Big pigsnot haul!!  Still need to tally up everything…but well over $3,000 including the latest and greatest Macbook Pro 15″ ($2,000+) for ME!!!  Yeehaw!!!   I will post pictures when the computer get here! I posted pics of the gift cards on tumblr when they were coming in.

I’m not quite exactly sure how much he spent so far because I often trick him along the way by having him send gift cards to cover Amazon items on My wishlist..then while he’s all confused and horny, I force him to buy the item as well. Plus he has a habit of accidentally buying double of things while he’s all dazed and confused! heeeheee!!  I’m still trying to shake the last few dollars out of him.  Let’s see if he has anymore $$$!! (he did! I confiscated!)

Some of the other Amazon loot for Me and My gang!
$100 Clarks shoes
$80 Nike Flex
$62 Keen sandals
Several Under Armour tops and shorts
$80 Under Armour tactical pants
$60 blowdryer
$200 sunglasses
$70 Clarks shoes
$60 Clarks
$280 Vizio Soundbar

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Spring Has Sprung and most likely you have too. ick.

Enjoying beers in the back of the pickup truck after a long hike with MY favorite Ladies.

$1,000 from the ukraine tonight. Yay!   I can barely make out a word this guy says but I totally dig taking his cash!! Saw him on cam this evening.  I’m sure I will have disturbing dreams tonight.

$300 came in from sharon the binger girl-slave but she hasn’t contacted Me yet.  How weird.  sharon, $300 is NOT enough of your blubby hubby’s cash.  Send another $300 and make it snappy!

$1000 cash from hairlip this week, $500 cash for HRC PLUS a ton of shopping!  hairlip has been paying $30 daily tributes for 500 consecutive, uninterrupted days!  That’s $15,000!  But keep in mind, that’s only his base line.  he showers Us with gifts and cash on top of that!  That’s pretty friggin awesome! Me and HRC laugh about him and devise plans to squeeze cash out of him on almost a daily basis!  Wouldn’t the rest of you LOVE to have Us plotting about you that often!??! HAHAHA!  Seriously!!  More of you assholes should show daily dedication. Serving Me should be 24-7!  We don’t run on your worthless dick’s standard time!  Anyway, hairlip is So helplessly trapped in the Lesbian Sandwich of Awesome!!  Between MY luscious hair, beautiful face and wicked mind and HRC’s bulging biceps and gun-toting tough girl Hotness, he is ONE SCREWED DUDE!  WE SOOOOOOOO OWN you, hairlip!!

Two Australians popped up this week and both got quiet soon after being fleeced.  Why are all the “down under” dingbats such elusive freaks??  Always popping up and disappearing right away.  Australian #1 sent $150 Amazon GC  and $250 cash.  Australian #2 sent $220 cash and $80 shopping.

$100 from louzer, $300 from mystery pig just as I demanded, kenny bought $200 jeans and sent $200 cash. slavey davey also shopped this week.  he bought a bird bath set, an expensive Athleta hoodie, tops and other goodies.  pantystain bought some more Salomon shoes, some Niche perfume and sent Me a special box of Metaphysical goodies. Some guy keeps buying Us Omaha steaks!  Love it!  I know I’m missing other donations.  If I didn’t mention you here, you obviously didn’t send enough..so send MORE!!

mystery pig.  It’s time to send another!  Squeeeeee!

dave ansar  you were a HUGE disappointment.  See you closed all your accounts like a fucking flake!  Fine. What EVER, I can totally skip communicating with your lame ass but I still expect those $100 bills in the mail!  Put your money in the mail and go back being a big ZERO.

Jo Malone Body Cream hairlip

Metro Slouch capri get size Tall L in Black (have these in navy and love them!) hairlip
Chi Top Grey size L
Techie Hoodie size Tall L in Navy Heather
Striped Hoodie in Red slavey davey
Eddie Bauer Soft Shell in Crocus Purple size Tall L slavey davey
Gate Check Tshirt size Tall L in Clematis
Sleeveless Tee for HRC size S in Violet hairlip
Maxi Dress size L in cranberry
Atlas Jacket size Tall L in Orange
Infinity Tee size Tall L Charcoal, Dusty Orange from slavey davey and Crocus twinkie

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WEEEEEE!! Yay for Me!

I am SO happy!  Today I received $4,000 from lezzys’toy!  $500 penalty for the 8 days he did not keep in contact with Me!    Once again he sent envelopes in the mail full of glorious green cash!  Here’s a photo of them before I opened them!   Here’s a shot of MY cash all spread out.
lezzystoy: contact ME asap before you collect more penalties for not emailing in a timely manner.  The creature needs to check in with his maker because we need to discuss it’s future. 🙂

Probably not the most enchanting photo of ME but I so LOVE getting that CASH in the mail! $ELFIE$!
See that smile on MY face, lezzystoy!?  This is your oxygen!  your lifeline!  your soul food!   MY happiness and beaming smile are the only things you need!  your life’s work is now insuring that you are making Me and My future Bride’s lives as pleasant as you possibly can!   So many long to know the meaning to life.  you have found it!

$500 from MY ever-devoted tommikins.

Oh and let’s not forget the ever elusive mystery pig!  he sent $300 again, which I quite enjoyed!  I think he might have sent another $500 that I forgot to mention on My blog. Anyway, I found out that he DEFINITELY is a twitter follower.  I tweeted the this last week.  To My delight he quickly answered by silently sending a $200 donation within minutes of MY tweet.  LOLOLOOLOL  We laughed Our asses off!

I tweeted this today.  Let’s see if he answers!

My fun never ends!

For My loyal minions and regular contributing slaves ONLY:  Since I never update My old BitchyBeauty members area, I will give passwords to those of you who want to peruse the old content.  Email Me  for a pw.

40% off Vest!  Size Tall L in Moss
For HRC size S Regular in Black
For HRC Pants size Regular Short size S in Chrome ***
Long-sleeve shirt size Tall L in Dusty Coral  ***
Flannel Top on Sale for HRC! size S in Heather Olive  ***
Clearance top!  Size Tall L in Loden and Pink  ***
Clearance Henley size Tall L in Scarlet

Cups 2
Set 4 Dinner plates (send GC so I can give Her My customizations)

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Toes for hoes

toejamjam coughed up $500 today for a 60 second peek of My tootsies on cam.  twinkie bought Me the greeny beanie and I love it!  slavey davey recently bought Me the same beanie in blue which is being custom made for Me.  I tossed in one last photo to the collage of Me posing with some of lezzys’toys cash!  Speaking of lezzys’toy, another $1,000 came in today!  Haven’t gotten an email from him for a few days.  Guess he couldn’t make it to the library! LOL!  Me and My sweety are saving up all this cash for something very special!

hairlip completely buckled when he saw a new photo of The Blonde Goddess of Hotness!  She graciously made a custom photo posing with a new Bose Mini SoundLink pigsnot surprised Her with!   One look at that pic and hairlip was frantically wallet-humping My Amazon wishlist! HAHAHA  he slapped a $300 Tory Burch leather tote bag for Her right into his shopping cart before the second photo had even loaded!  pantystain also bought Her a pair of Salomon trail running shoes which She loves!  slavey davey sent $100 plus did about $200 of shopping for Me and let’s not forget the ridiculous wimpdick who has shopped MY amazon wishlist every day this week as he minced around in his leotard and drink piss out of the commode.  Here he is dining on oatmeal boiled in piss.

Gifts that came today.  Prana top from hairlip, Eddie Bauer goodies from slavey davey, The North Face jacket from twinkie and I can’t remember who bought the Merrells but I love them!

$300 from mystery pig came through this afternoon!  Still not one peep from this guy!  hahahaha!   My buys have been making ME so happy!!  Keep up the good, work Mah Minions!  To the rest of you!
SEND CASH CASH and MORE CASH –  saving for Our Mountain Dream Home

Oh if you are a regular and want a membership to the old BitchyBeauty site send Me an email for the password.  I ‘m not updating it, but I’ll give passes to all those who are loyal and useful to Me.

Verizon gift cards.  you can buy them at Verizon stores or online.  Pay Our shared plan!
Home Depot Gift e-cards or cash!  New washer and dryer **

Handmade Dish Set $520 **
Custom set of plates  These will be MY fancy guest dishes.  Send ME  an Etsy Gift Card for them.  If I Love them, I will add bowls to the set!

Packable Shirt  Tall L in Dusty Coral
Twill Pants Tall 12 in Sprig
Tank in Jade Tall L
Stayshape Pants for HRC Petite 2 in Driftwood

Send a E GiftCard so I can buy these Hudson Jeans

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pigsnot brings in the New Year with a BANG!

I’m wearing My newest Helly Hansen coat from wankalot, scarf from hairlip and the Canada Goose hat Princess fan bought ME last winter.

pigsnot started the year with a wallet bang!!  $790 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and $100 Itunes gift cards!   Oh pigsnot!  How about a little more FUN tonight!?  WE LOVE IT!

Like I mentioned in a quick update on My last entry, mrobot coughed up $800 dollars after getting completely mindfucked by Me on the phone!

$100 from pantystain   🙂  Oh and lezzys’ toy contacted Me and I can expect more cash in the mail this week!  I think around $1,500.  Can’t wait!

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