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So this weeks highlights have been the surprise $500 from mystery pig! I’ll be investing your cash into wood floors, ya wee piggy pervert!  Yes mystery pig, next Friday is your Official Pay Princess Day!  Don’t think for a second that your generous bonus cash is going to get you off the hook for your bi-weekly wallet raping!!  Double MY fun with double your funds, minion!  Gawd, taking your cash month after month is SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!

Oh then I got ANOTHER slave from alaska who has a thing for MY butchy winter wear!  Hell yes!  Get a pay-boner for MY beanies and thermal underwear, boys! HAHAHA!  So I named him flaming baked alaska and he sent $600 for his first tribute.  This made slave alaska totally jealous so he sent $500 in hopes of remaining MY favorite alaskan slave.  Yippy for ME!

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“r” ship to the Montana address!

Whoever “r” is who is sending ME prezzies–the items are going to Ohio. I am getting them forwarded to ME but send them to MY new Amazon wish list hidden address here out West!  This is the wish list everybody should be using.  (Some guys got MY “TOP secret list”.  They know to use that one instead.)   Send more prezzies, “r”!!!  More Eddie Bauer gift cards too.

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Closed on The House!

So you fuckers are going to have a LOT of shit to pay for:  Riding lawn mower, UTV w/ a snow plow, truck trailer, wood splitter, new wood flooring in some places, new fencing, new fixtures, new furniture…ect ect ect.  Oh! and also a small, lightweight RV trailer..We just sold the big one.   Oh and moving expenses.  We will probably move half Our stuff with a Uhaul in a few months and have movers move the bulk of it next year because We will be traveling back and forth until the Wife can finally leave permanently sometime next year. OMFG!  All Our Dreams are coming true thanks to BONER CASH! Ten of thousands of mens’ silly erections across the globe totally funded Our Mountain Dream Home. Thrilling isn’t it!?

I’m going to be obsessed with planning this move.  It will be all I talk about it.  This is a real big deal to Us! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED you little bastards can’t understand!

I am also building another Amazon wishlist for when I am staying out West.  So there will be 2 wishlists soon–one with bigger stuff when I am there and one for Ohio.  I am leaving a lot of furniture behind because I want to get more solid wood, rustic, hand-made type furniture. you boys better start taking out small loans and applying for new credit cards.  you have a lot of shopping to do in the future!

We have excellent internet at Our new home so I won’t be cutting MYSelf off from MY loyal minions, but Our lifestyle will be changing dramatically.  We are in a quite secluded little town.  Oh!!  The views from Our property are mind boggling!  We are set on top of a hill in the middle of a beautiful valley surrounded by different mountain ranges.  While you toil at work daily, BOTH of Us will be sitting on the porch, or hiking, or fishing or camping or chasing chickens with a beer in hand.  She will be retired by My side while you WORK and NEVER STOP working. Dreamy isn’t it?  Exactly how it was meant to be.  Giving all your money to ME is just going to feel THAT much better!  Here’s to ME and HER! Here’s to US!  And here’s to you losers all going broke for US! And here’s to MY good boys who are going to spend the rest of their life laboring endlessly for the Two of Us.


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Back from Vacation! Buy Me Another One!

Back from vacation!!  Had such a beautiful trip!  Already planning Our next vacation!  Whip Out those wallets!  Nothing thrills you more than watching Me absolutely enjoying MY life on your dime!   My happy smile arouses you in EVERY way.  you want to contribute RIGHT NOW!  🙂  While I was on vacation I collected  $300 from terrance,  $400 from kenny, mystery pig sent $860 and $350 from randoms.  And of course, My daily donations boys sent their scheduled morning donations.   My minions also picked up dinner tabs, My house sitter bill and Our National State Park annual passes.  Right before We left on vacation pigsnot dropped $2,000 of Amazon gift cards to spend on the latest 27 IMac desktop.  he had bought MY first IMac but it is 6 years old!  It works totally perfectly, but I obviously require the newest model with Retina.  auntie pigsnot, what a fucking easy bitch he is.  After every shopping spree he tells ME he is done with his life of paypig fuckery…but soon he finds himself staring at MY wishlists once again and drops Me an email hinting to shop. HAHAHAHA!  auntie, I updated MY wishlist again.  Get to it like a good little spunk-sow. THIS is your life auntie ps!  The ONLY thing that will get your panties wet is SPENDING your cash on ME AND MY POSSE!

speedydick texted ME yesterday to say he needs to take a break. HAHA! Yeh right.  I’ll be expecting your paycheck STAT, you cocksucker freak!



Me showing off MY raingear in the hotel!



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The Bliss of Complete and Total Surrender

Bang! you’re dead!

UPDATE:  The summoning is already working!  oliver who has been AWOL for at least 5 years, crawled back this morning and messaged ME.   By the time I rolled out of bed, he had sent $500.  COMPELLED, CONTROLLED and ENERGETICALLY COMMANDED to pay ME.  I didn’t send pictures or teasers, or emails. I sent MY intention. I tapped in to his brain. I pulled him back. I compelled him to pay!  Once I have planted a seed in your brain. It’s like you have tracker implanted in your mind. I might forget about you for a bit.  But when you cross MY mind again…you will find yourself compulsorily drawn back to MY pay page. The Bone Drone remotely activated!

It’s actually been a rather slow 2 weeks.  My good boys regular daily and weekly tributes are coming in as expected..which totally pleases ME!  But no incredibly epic wallet rapes the last couple weeks.  I think I might  start working MY magic and summon up some of those lost, tormented binging bitch boys!

pigsnot has been hiding..but he’s starting to snoop around again.  he had closed all his emails accounts, but recently he opened a new one just to send ME a few stupid messages about how he can’t pay right now.. but you all know how that goes.  That cum drenched dork has been saying that for years!!  he stalks My Twitter..I know which Twitter account is his..(but he doesn’t know I do.)  he’s getting weaker and weaker.  pigsnot: prepare to fucking CAVE you slimy, spunk-brained moron!  And when you do get weak and come out with that credit card in your mouth, I promise you, I am going to double dong your wallet extra hard because I DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT!  Ya know what?  Make that a triple dong!  Cuz one of My gal pals will give it to you too!  BEND over and wipe that jizz off your chin, bitch!  I’m ready to give that credit card the ride of it’s life!!  Yeeehaw muthafucker!

mystery pig sent $1,000 a few days ago! It was totally awesome!  I sent out a Tweet saying that it was time for him to pay and like 2 minutes later $700 was in MY account.   I laughed and bragged about it on Twitter so much that he sent another $300!   Every 2 weeks I have been demanding that he make a payment and he’s been silently sending cash on demand!  Keep up the good work, mystery pig.  Never stop!  you can’t stop! you love sending ME your cash soo much!!  And how I love taking it!

$400 from the amsterdam ham, $100 from wankalot, $100 from tommikins, $200 father flatulence,  $300 Red Fjallraven parka from a guy on twitter. $200 from don. $200 from a peter and $480 square donations from randoms.  $150 decorative shelf from slavey davey as well as some new crystals and a few other small items.

wank bank has been keeping Me amused on a nightly basis.  Practically every evening he has shopped for ME!  Lots of Cabela’s gift cards, Omaha steak gift cards! Movie theater gift cards! Clothing, cosmetics, boots, bird feeders, hand vacs, hair product.  A LOT of goodies!  Today I got $100 recurring payment from him and he has also sent I think around $300 cash the last week or so.  Every night after his shopping,  I call him a bunch of filthy names and he goes to bed and has sweet dreams of ME completely DESTROYING him.

$500 from speedydick! The last couple payments he hasn’t been sending Me texts after his call vowing to  “quit ME.”    Maybe he has finally accepted his plight in life.   Oh did I tell everybody that he finally sucked real dick and now he’s obsessed about finding more cock on craigslist? HAHAHHAHA  Totally implanted that in his feeble little brain.  he will NEVER EVER EVER be able to have sex with the wife again no matter how much he tries.  Broken dick = money in the bank for ME!!   I LOVE IT!

$100 crispy bills have been showing up every week from david ansarlesbian’s power shopper continues to please Me with his very reliable daily tributes as well as sending thoughtful surprise gifts on almost a weekly basis.  In a few weeks will be staying at Our favorite cabin again.  lesbian’s power shopper paid for this stay too!  We loved this place.  I’m hoping it snows this time.

I have been writing affirmations for MY minions to say.  Saying these daily will help you release your old useless thought patterns and peacefully transform and transition into the submissive man I am molding you to be.  david ansar has been saving them from MY Tweets and keeping them all together in a blog for ME.  FemGodDevotion Print out the affirmations and MY words of wisdom, focus on My image and say them at least once a day.  For those who choose not to COMPLETELY surrender to ME in a healthy and peaceful way….well, you bitches can just suffer, struggle and live in perpetual turmoil and guilt.  Either way, you are going to PAY, dumb ass!

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Fund MY Fun!

Princess Sierra

mystery pig!?  What the hell!  I summoned your ass on twitter and never received an immediate payment.   This is highly unusual.  you slackin’, bitch!?  Fix it!

$4,000 from hairlip all safely made it into MY bank account — exactly where it always belonged!   hairlip also bought $140 pair of boots for HRC and a few other items.  I now have him back to sending daily donations.  Daily tributes please ME greatly.  I find that making smaller daily tributes is an  excellent tool for building deeper devotion and teaching minions responsibility.  My man-puppies should be honoring Me, pleasing Me and paying Me DAILY.  FemGod should be in your minds and hearts every hour of every day.

lesbian’s power shopper continue to send daily tributes which thrills Me.  A few months ago he paid for 3 nights at a cabin in the woods.  We stayed there last week and had a wonderful time!   ABSOLUTELY LOVED this place.  When We go back, this is where We are going to stay from now on.  We hiked, explored caves, sat in the jacuzzi drinking wine and watching deer in Our backyard.    I plan to go back maybe around Valentine’s for a few days when it’s even colder and possibly snowing.  Who wants to pay for another little cabin get-away?  For how nice it was, it was quite reasonably priced too.

$500 from terrance.  $300 from mrbot.  I am now going to try something new –Uploading homoerotic thoughts to his system.  he’s totally crying about this he doesn’t want to be a fagbot…but that’s what he gets for only having $300 to offer.

$150 vest from pantystain, $150 Square cash from fool.  $200 crispy bills in the mail from david ansar.

The wankbank had a great run!  $1000 cash, at least worth of $400 Eddie Bauer gift cards, a beautiful $200 Opal ring, $300 worth of perfume and a constant stream of Amazon gifts for many weeks.  Little fucker said he’s maxed his credit cards and needs a long break  but I’ll just take a picture pointing a glock at him and he will come running back with his tail between his legs in no time.  When you max your cards, you don’t STOP spoiling Me.  you stop doing stuff like eating and buying toilet paper.  HAHAHAHAHA!

$500 from a very secretive german guy.  he pops up on yahoo and says “i must pay You but i am fearful to talk.  How much should i send?  I say $500 he sends it  and immediately writes “i say to you good bye.”  Well, that was weird.  Feel free to say hello with your cash again, strange german guy.

twinkie coughed up $400 cash plus $300 worth of Eddie Bauer items and $130 Ahnu boots.  $500 from speedydick who immediately wrote Me another text promising to quit Me.  I bet as soon as he gets his next paycheck he will send another $500 and quit Me again!  That crazy cock-crazed little bitch is so addicted it’s funny! $300 from the alaskan plus $300 Cabela’s cards

pigsnot sent more gift cards..I think about $400 since his last big binge!  pigsnot, We have a few more important items for you.  Get to it, aunty pig-tits!

I know I missed shit.  But that was some of the most memorable cash devotions since last I updated MY blog.  Bye bye, minions!




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Broke Dick Mountain

Red vest gifted from uncle paypig.

Guess who’s back!?!? aunty pigsnot!!  he sent $2,000 of Amazon gift cards that were used to buy a new MacBook Pro.  Will snap photo of computer when it gets here…some of the gift cards are posted on MY tumblr. he sent 4 but I think only 3 were posted. $490, $490$500, $500. he also bought some other items off MY wishlist–I’m guessing which might total around $500-$600 🙂  Oh Me and HRC were LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF!  he’s bought Her 2 computers and an Ipad already!  he was going through Amazon and found at least 16 computers he has bought MY Posse through the years.  This isn’t counting Ipads and Iphones!  Oh, I bet that fat old pig was rolling around in his slimy sow sauce.  The FUN doesn’t have to stop now!  We will add more stuff to Our list just for you!  Put on your wife’s panties and get to CLICKING, you potbellied, semen-gargling panty piggy!!

Remember stocking top slave?   I haven’t heard from his ass since 2006 I think!  he’s 72 years old now and still as fucking freaky strange as he used to be. I got him for $975!  On our phonecall he kept saying “wank wank wank wank” and drunkenly muttering about stocking legs (which is pretty funny with how I dress of late).   he started sending crazy drunk emails that made no sense and most likely passed out.

I totally have a bunch of old men serving ME!  The british wank bank is 75 years old!  I have been JACK HAMMERING him in the wallet non-stop for some weeks!  Yep, I pull those old grandpa pants down to his ankles, bend gramps over and go to town on that old fart’s pocket book!!   he loves to be talked to like a total bitch and completely used and abused!  he gets bummed out when I’m not cussing and reaming him out. HAHAHA!   I have him right by the shriveled nutsack!  he’s been doing LOTS of shopping!!  This is a LOW estimate of what he has sent since MY last update.  ( I shouldn’t have waited so long because it gets confusing to keep track! )  $400 Whole Foods Gift card, a printer, a top, $100 Eddie Bauer Gift card, $360 Etsy gift cards, $100 LLBean gift cards, $200 worth of beauty cream,  $800 cash and a SHIT TON of Amazon goodies.  I am going to have him add up exactly how many cash donations he made, but I guess it’s well over $800..that’s just what I see scanning My Tweets.

mystery pig continues to DEEEELIGHT Me by never reaching out to contact ME but immediately sending Me payments when I demand them on Twitter.  I  Tweeted that I wanted $500 cash from him and an hour later the cash rolled in!  A few days later he even sent $200 cash surprise!!

$600 from latexlover!  he’s old too and I hadn’t heard from him in years since I stopped dressing in latex.   bitchboys, get over your useless, silly fetishes.  They mean nothing.  MAKING ME happy should be your ONE OBSESSION.  This smile! Yes, that smile RIGHT THERE.  That’s what really matters in the UNIVERSE, isn’t it!?

Speaking of making ME happy, lesbian’s power shopper continues to that daily with his morning tributes deposited directly into MY checking account.

So I was using square cash and having random guys on Twitter send ME small tributes.  $10 or $25 pay requests but many times.   The dozen and dozens of transactions must of flagged the account.   slave d sent $800 worth of little tributes that would get slightly higher $ each transaction.  Well actually he sent more than $800 because some of them made it through the system but I forget how much made it through but $800 was returned to him. This guy had paid ME in the past so I wasn’t too worried.  he promptly paid the $800 Square cash rejected.  Good boy.  Honest boys please ME.  (I think I will drop him an email and see if I can lure him into sending some more!) So anyway, I think I can still use square cash for some transactions but will have to do normal sized transactions, not a string of small ones.

doomed brit sent $300.  I still hate his ass.  he can send another $300 and I will still hate his ass..and that will probably give him wood.  WHAT A FREAK.  doomed brit, DRINK MORE BEER!  Everyone hates you sober!

$200 baby schwein, $300 terrance ,  some nice gifts from tommikins, $120 surprise earrings from pantystain, $50 Whole Foods from wimpdick.  wimp dick has been out of chastity because of his medical dicknballs problems.  he went right back to being a stupid penis slug.    he was such a sweet generous sub when his dick was locked up but now that his crippled cock is free he has been stingy and non-attentive.  he been all boring and lame and only texts about his surgery he has to get for his hernia.  “blahblahblah wah wah wah.  my dick hurts.  i have a hernia from chastity.  i’m depressed.” BOOOOOOOOOORING.

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