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Broke Dick Mountain

Red vest gifted from uncle paypig.

Guess who’s back!?!? aunty pigsnot!!  he sent $2,000 of Amazon gift cards that were used to buy a new MacBook Pro.  Will snap photo of computer when it gets here…some of the gift cards are posted on MY tumblr. he sent 4 but I think only 3 were posted. $490, $490$500, $500. he also bought some other items off MY wishlist–I’m guessing which might total around $500-$600 🙂  Oh Me and HRC were LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF!  he’s bought Her 2 computers and an Ipad already!  he was going through Amazon and found at least 16 computers he has bought MY Posse through the years.  This isn’t counting Ipads and Iphones!  Oh, I bet that fat old pig was rolling around in his slimy sow sauce.  The FUN doesn’t have to stop now!  We will add more stuff to Our list just for you!  Put on your wife’s panties and get to CLICKING, you potbellied, semen-gargling panty piggy!!

Remember stocking top slave?   I haven’t heard from his ass since 2006 I think!  he’s 72 years old now and still as fucking freaky strange as he used to be. I got him for $975!  On our phonecall he kept saying “wank wank wank wank” and drunkenly muttering about stocking legs (which is pretty funny with how I dress of late).   he started sending crazy drunk emails that made no sense and most likely passed out.

I totally have a bunch of old men serving ME!  The british wank bank is 75 years old!  I have been JACK HAMMERING him in the wallet non-stop for some weeks!  Yep, I pull those old grandpa pants down to his ankles, bend gramps over and go to town on that old fart’s pocket book!!   he loves to be talked to like a total bitch and completely used and abused!  he gets bummed out when I’m not cussing and reaming him out. HAHAHA!   I have him right by the shriveled nutsack!  he’s been doing LOTS of shopping!!  This is a LOW estimate of what he has sent since MY last update.  ( I shouldn’t have waited so long because it gets confusing to keep track! )  $400 Whole Foods Gift card, a printer, a top, $100 Eddie Bauer Gift card, $360 Etsy gift cards, $100 LLBean gift cards, $200 worth of beauty cream,  $800 cash and a SHIT TON of Amazon goodies.  I am going to have him add up exactly how many cash donations he made, but I guess it’s well over $800..that’s just what I see scanning My Tweets.

mystery pig continues to DEEEELIGHT Me by never reaching out to contact ME but immediately sending Me payments when I demand them on Twitter.  I  Tweeted that I wanted $500 cash from him and an hour later the cash rolled in!  A few days later he even sent $200 cash surprise!!

$600 from latexlover!  he’s old too and I hadn’t heard from him in years since I stopped dressing in latex.   bitchboys, get over your useless, silly fetishes.  They mean nothing.  MAKING ME happy should be your ONE OBSESSION.  This smile! Yes, that smile RIGHT THERE.  That’s what really matters in the UNIVERSE, isn’t it!?

Speaking of making ME happy, lesbian’s power shopper continues to that daily with his morning tributes deposited directly into MY checking account.

So I was using square cash and having random guys on Twitter send ME small tributes.  $10 or $25 pay requests but many times.   The dozen and dozens of transactions must of flagged the account.   slave d sent $800 worth of little tributes that would get slightly higher $ each transaction.  Well actually he sent more than $800 because some of them made it through the system but I forget how much made it through but $800 was returned to him. This guy had paid ME in the past so I wasn’t too worried.  he promptly paid the $800 Square cash rejected.  Good boy.  Honest boys please ME.  (I think I will drop him an email and see if I can lure him into sending some more!) So anyway, I think I can still use square cash for some transactions but will have to do normal sized transactions, not a string of small ones.

doomed brit sent $300.  I still hate his ass.  he can send another $300 and I will still hate his ass..and that will probably give him wood.  WHAT A FREAK.  doomed brit, DRINK MORE BEER!  Everyone hates you sober!

$200 baby schwein, $300 terrance ,  some nice gifts from tommikins, $120 surprise earrings from pantystain, $50 Whole Foods from wimpdick.  wimp dick has been out of chastity because of his medical dicknballs problems.  he went right back to being a stupid penis slug.    he was such a sweet generous sub when his dick was locked up but now that his crippled cock is free he has been stingy and non-attentive.  he been all boring and lame and only texts about his surgery he has to get for his hernia.  “blahblahblah wah wah wah.  my dick hurts.  i have a hernia from chastity.  i’m depressed.” BOOOOOOOOOORING.

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The Supreme Ruler of your heart and soul

$500 Amazon Gift Card from wankalot and $500 cash!  Picture of the GC.

$200 from b from Oregon.  he never says anything, just keeps sending little tributes.

doomed brit did $1,000 yesterday!!  That makes his maker very happy!  I was searching old blogs and doomed brit has been getting fucked over by Me on a regular basis for at least 12 years!  he’s one of those assholes who swear ME off after every binge.   Sooo lame!

VERIZON GIFT CARDS  Send $300 to upgrade MY phone to Iphone 6.    you can also send them to cover Our shared plan which is around $180 a month.  Another option is to march down to your local Verizon store and buy the GC’s and send them to Me!  Or if you are due an upgrade, get Iphone 6 (not the plus)  send it to ME and keep your old phone for yourself.

Down Vest size Tall L in Black  ** really want!  slavey davey

Slouch Pants size Tall L in Black
Half Zip Top size Tall L in Charcoal

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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doomed brit can’t quit!

Upate:  $500 more from fagarella

doomed brit just sent $1,200!  I’m smiling ear to ear!   brit…keep drinking and send another $500!  And stop throwing  out your ridiculous photo props!  you know you can’t quit ME but for a few weeks!  I’ve been dicking you over half your fucking life, asshole!!   Lucky little hairlip has been getting his wallet wrung out so hard!  Not only has he been sending his 3xday small tributes, he has been buying MY GF lunch during the week day, paying for our dinners on the weekend and buying the HOLY TRINITY goodies constantly!

Macys  (use code  if sale still running)
Macy’s Tie-Dye top get L slavey davey
Lucky Brand Top size L
Lucky  Tasseled Top size L
Top on Sale size L in Blue

Hippie Earrings
Cross Necklace get 16 and request adjustable clasp in notes hairlip
Wing and Bar Necklace  hairlip

FAR Hair Gel  get 2

Soft Surroundings
Bedding get coverlet in Queen Pomegranate and 2 matching Shams

Black Jumpsuit get L

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Joys of being My shopping slave!

Joys of being My shopping slave!

slavey davey’s wife was out of town so he sat alone staring at MY pics, texting ME and shopping!  I got a new pair of Hudson jeans, a beautiful dress, $100, Raybans, hair products and some odds and ends.  yay!!    Now he’s broke until next payday.  he and his wife haven’t had sex for EONS thanks to My Mistress Mindmeld!  his penis won’t work unless it’s being MY prezzy dispenser!  Staring at My photos and paying ME is THE only thing that successfully makes him stiff anymore!

ludger sent $200 and got Me an awesome bouquet of flowers which will be here Tuesday.

doomed brit, get your FAT fugly ass to the store and get those party hats and favors!  you’re youtube video would have been much more interesting if you had a birthday hat on.

Jacket on Sale size XL Spruce slavey davey

Booyah Jacket size L in black  slavey davey!!

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