Joys of being My shopping slave!

Joys of being My shopping slave!

slavey davey’s wife was out of town so he sat alone staring at MY pics, texting ME and shopping!  I got a new pair of Hudson jeans, a beautiful dress, $100, Raybans, hair products and some odds and ends.  yay!!    Now he’s broke until next payday.  he and his wife haven’t had sex for EONS thanks to My Mistress Mindmeld!  his penis won’t work unless it’s being MY prezzy dispenser!  Staring at My photos and paying ME is THE only thing that successfully makes him stiff anymore!

ludger sent $200 and got Me an awesome bouquet of flowers which will be here Tuesday.

doomed brit, get your FAT fugly ass to the store and get those party hats and favors!  you’re youtube video would have been much more interesting if you had a birthday hat on.

Jacket on Sale size XL Spruce slavey davey

Booyah Jacket size L in black  slavey davey!!

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4 thoughts on “Joys of being My shopping slave!

  1. avatarboffin

    His wife?

    How could a marriage survive the Goddess when She is embedded in Her prey? Unless it’s to merely cover up her expanding empire?

    Soon more wives will find the way to Her feet! Then more family members?


  2. avatardooomed brit

    Oh Mighty One.
    Your Wish Shall Be My Command.

    (As I didn’t have the hat I made a video of me bouncing my man-boobs and shaking my gut, but I thought it was too gross to send you)


  3. avatarscrewystewy

    i so identify with doomed britt in his video – but now that i have accepted i am Princess Sierra’s property my life is wonderful and meaningful. i never regret giving – instead it makes me feel fulfilled to know i am pleasing Princess. And like sissy tommikins i have come to love Princess Sierra – i only wish i had more money to give Her.


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