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pigsnot brings in the New Year with a BANG!

I’m wearing My newest Helly Hansen coat from wankalot, scarf from hairlip and the Canada Goose hat Princess fan bought ME last winter.

pigsnot started the year with a wallet bang!!  $790 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and $100 Itunes gift cards!   Oh pigsnot!  How about a little more FUN tonight!?  WE LOVE IT!

Like I mentioned in a quick update on My last entry, mrobot coughed up $800 dollars after getting completely mindfucked by Me on the phone!

$100 from pantystain   🙂  Oh and lezzys’ toy contacted Me and I can expect more cash in the mail this week!  I think around $1,500.  Can’t wait!

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Spending The Holidays Spoiling The ONE you Love

For those of you who don’t follow My twitter, here’s another photo of Me that I tweeted from MY short trip to Chicago.

$300 donation came in from slave b in Oregon.  he continues to never contact Me…just sends mysterious $donations$!   That’s A-okay with Me! lol  slavey davey was an excellent minion this week.  he bought Me another North Face coat and a Frye purse…well, actually TWO Frye purses but I am sending one back because I had some problems with it.  he THEN immediately sent a $100 Etsy GC and asked Me what I wanted for MY Thanksgiving prezzy. 🙂  I still have to pick something out for him to buy.  hairlip continues to diligently pay his 3-times a day tributes.  he also sent $100 to cover My salon visit next week.  twinkie sent $500 Holiday donation and picked up Our Thanksgiving grocery and wine tab this year.  🙂    Oh and blast from the past drunk tom popped up and sent $200 and did $200 of shopping. he first contacted ME in the late 90’s.  Today, I saw him on cam and was floored how old he looked!  he’s still as lame as ever.

Waiting for a bundle of cash to come in from pigsnot!  Should be here in a week.  I will update when I actually have it all in MY greedy hands!  he also bought a $200 Amazon Gift, $170 pair of boots and $210 down coat from My Amazon wishlist.

This weekend We are staying at the cabin that We stayed last Thanksgiving!   It’s pretty far out so there is no internet and very spotty phone service  so you won’t hear much from Me.  Keep yourself busy sending ME cash and prezzies!  I know you will be missing Me so much!!  I will be back Monday though!  We are taking a  25lb Turkey with Us to prepare there.  This should be interesting since I don’t think We have ever cooked a whole turkey before.  What the hell are we going to do with all that turkey?

Fleece Pants size Tall L
Layering Tank Black and Ivory size Tall L
Oversized throw Driftwood

Longjohns! For Me.. click Misses TALL and get black in size L hairlip
Longjohns for HRC click Misses size Small in black hairlip

Moonstone Earrings
Earflap Hat (send a Etsy GC for this so I can customize the hat)

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Contribute or drop dead, male scum wanking voyeurs of the internet!

I tweeted this shot but thought I’d post it for those who don’t do the Twitter thing.  Oh how I love Fall!  My Fall/Winter wardrobe wishes just never seem to end!  I just wanted to brag about the AWESOME boots pantystain just bought ME!  $400 Frye Tall Lug Boots in Black!  Aren’t they Divine?!  I’m crossing My fingers they will fit well  because they are gorgeous!

$500 just now from speedy dick!  screwy louey sent a piddly $100 donation to celebrate his Bday. lol!  shitpig also dropped $100.  shitpig is pretty dull now.  he used to send so much money and do crazy stunts on cam.  Now he’s poor and dried out like a worthless scab.  So boring! Then he wanted to talk about Me making him hang himself.  you pay $100 and now you want to pretend you are going to commit suicide?   you certainly are trying to get your money’s worth aren’t you?  umm…FUCK OFF!  Get another job you fucking WORTHLESS heap!  you are 37 years old and single.  There is NO excuse as to why you can’t pay Me or earn money. you are a man with no dependents.  WORK you lazy sack of shit.  you are male..you were designed to work.  This is why you exist.   If you don’t work…don’t produce then you really are of NO use and should drop dead..but do it on your own time….mmmmkay?

amsterdam ham sent $500 and twinkie did $200

Spent the weekend relaxing, fishing,  hiking and watching football.  All My favorite slaveboys got candid photos of Me enjoying the outdoors and a few were gifted pics of HRC showing off prezzies from hairlip. The rest of you got jackshit — which is what the rest of you deserve.  Seriously, assholes, for those of you reading this and not contributing…FUCK OFF or get shopping!  Oh and doomed brit..don’t you fucking ever call ME again until you send $400!  you said you would send something and didn’t!  So I raised your rent, FUCKER!

Feel Free to order ME a New Ipad Air 2.  I will donate MY AirPad to a sister or niece.  Silver, 64 gb
Blurred Cardigan size Tall L Deep Eggplant  hairlip
Sweater Nordic size S  hairlip
Cardigan Sweater in Htr Oatmeal size S  hairlip
Luna Twist Cardigan Ivory size S  hairlip

NORTH FACE JACKET **really want!  Size L in Burnt Olive Princess fan

Hat for HRC hairlip

BASSPRO (lol-so sexy)
Patch Elbow Hoodie size S in December Sky  hairlip!
Natural Hoodie Cardigan for HRC size S in Olive hairlip!
Flannel for HRC Sale!  size Small in Burnt Ochre hairlip!

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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Forever Embrace your Addictions!

Forever Embrace your Addictions!

Just had to add another blog to share what happened to sissy tommikins.  he sent $700!  Yay for tommikins!  The cocksucking-iest, payslave-iest, sissy-iest panty-wearer around!  As his reward, I sent him out a little later than usual to go suck dick in his favorite adult bookstore.  Well, he had a big meal right before.  tommikins found the Holy Grail of knobs to slob!  A huge big black one! his very favorite!  he sucked and sucked for some time but the guy got a little aggressive in his thrusting and gagged tommikins so bad he threw up all over his booth.  The guy was so offended and grossed out that he left before tommikins could finish business!  Lolol!!  he should have just kept going with puke in his mouth!   SOoOOOO disgusting!!

$200 from bollywoody in India.  I’m turning him into a Dalhi-Dicksucker.  Namaste, fag!

mrobot found himself back at his yahoo, performing his dronely duties.  he sent $300.  I now have his payday programmed into MY phone so I will be bombarding him with texts on payday.

crunk continues to drink!!  I got another $400 out of his re-inebriated ass and he finished off another bottle.  I send him occasional texts, day and night, instructing him to send little clippies of him taking shots!  I want to make sure he is keeping up with his drinking regime!    Embrace your addictions, assholes!! I will never let you recover!!!  Don’t ever stop drinking, crunk!  Drink or die, ya dickless wonder!

$500 went through again this month from the guy who said he would just pay monthly but didn’t want further contact.  I will continue to post here when you are re-billed, but I still think you totally need to contact Me and let Me fuck your brain and wallet harder!

Monterey Dress hamster butt

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Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

sissy tommikins got 2 new dicks yesterday!  Today I am sending him out to get more!  Then he will be paying ME after his tum is full of cum!  Update: he sent $500!

$200 from doomed brit today! $200 tribute from pantystain plus he purchased several gifts off My Amazon wishlist.  $600 from hairlip towards My vacation fund and he continues to send his $10 3-times a day worship-tributes! Weeeeeee!

pigsnot, I see your little 5 am message on yahoo!!  Come out, ya fat sow!!  I want some of your cold hard pig pay!  Message ME asap!  your Greedy BITCH QUEENS’ await you!

Waited to do MY taxes until last minute as usual.  I was totally putting it off because I knew I’d be miserable after seeing how much I was going to be stuck paying this year.  Oh Mah Gawd!  This is one of My best years EVER thanks to sir wankalots $70,000+ tribute..but jesus fuck, it’s painful forking over so much money to the IRS.  It’s so sad I have to pay such high taxes on money that should be considered a gift!  Make a Donation and cheer ME up!

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Joys of being My shopping slave!

Joys of being My shopping slave!

slavey davey’s wife was out of town so he sat alone staring at MY pics, texting ME and shopping!  I got a new pair of Hudson jeans, a beautiful dress, $100, Raybans, hair products and some odds and ends.  yay!!    Now he’s broke until next payday.  he and his wife haven’t had sex for EONS thanks to My Mistress Mindmeld!  his penis won’t work unless it’s being MY prezzy dispenser!  Staring at My photos and paying ME is THE only thing that successfully makes him stiff anymore!

ludger sent $200 and got Me an awesome bouquet of flowers which will be here Tuesday.

doomed brit, get your FAT fugly ass to the store and get those party hats and favors!  you’re youtube video would have been much more interesting if you had a birthday hat on.

Jacket on Sale size XL Spruce slavey davey

Booyah Jacket size L in black  slavey davey!!

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Perfection to Infinity!!!



And then compare this to My minions.  HAHA  doomed brit is such a fucking loser!

New Wishes
Colbalt Dress  Want this beauty asap!
Corset Dress  yay! slavey davey
Red Dress

OMG!  These are expensive but I love so!  Opal PendantAnother Opal Pendant.

This is My new Holy Grail Eyebrow powder.  Need one more for MY purse! Get Motto. hairlip and slavey davey

Skinfinish in Light Plus

Tribute Hudson Jean
Foley Hudson Jean

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