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Angelic Being

My arm looks kinda warped but it’s the leaf on MY jewelry holder in front of it. I can never get a decent shot in here because the overhead light.  So anywhoo!  Didja all hear about wimpdick’s first gay buttsex experience!?  he hasn’t been making as much money lately so I told him he was gay til payday.  he was so desperate to get some attention that he went out and found a bossy fat guy to suck off…but this guy had more plans for him! I made him write about his dicktastic experience!

Fulfilled Shopping Items!
Hoodie for HRC size S in Blue hairlip

Half-Dome Tee size L in Heather Grey pantystain
Half Dome for HRC size S Heather Grey and Violet  hairlip
Venture Jacket in Taupe size L  hairlip
Northface Running Jacket in black L    hairlip
Northface Running Jacket size S in Black  hairlip
Wanderer CoverUp size L Asphalt Grey  hairlip

** denotes priority items!

Yes, it’s NOW your time to dedicate your life to ME!

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you Too Will Soon Be in the BONE-ZONE!


If you are reading this..you will immediately have the overwhelming urge to SHOP!

Etsy Etsy Etsy! Bitches!
Gemstone Leather Necklace  hairlip
Sea Dangle Earrings (hairlip got Me another bright colored pair like these and I LOVE!!!) If you buy this, be sure to email ME before so I can give you a code She sent Me in the last order for %15 off!

Custom Nike Running shoes I designed them to say AMAZON on the ID get size 10.5
Nike Visor  in BLACK  I already have one of these..but I use the fuck out of it and it’s getting sorta of warped.

MACYS stuff for ME (use code  if sale still running)
Lucky Split Neck Top size L  ***
Black Peasant Top size L
Crochet Sleeve Top size L
Nike Hoodie size L in Black  hairlip
Nike Vintage sweatshirt size L in Black joe blows
Nike Sports Bra XL Grey

Bedding get coverlet in Queen Pomegranate and 2 matching Shams

LOTS of stuff I want here!  Send BIG Gift Cards
Danica Rug $128!  (you have to add your email to buy)

On Sale Dress L

Blue Dress



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Life is Good!

Showing off My sex-ay farmer’s tan.   Actually I was lounging around after a long day spent outdoors.  Me and MY Gang of Awesome are heading out to go pick berries this afternoon…well, most likely drink beer and pick berries if I know HRC. 🙂  Yesterday I texted a few candid photos to MY special boys of Me and HRC enjoying our weekend.

Ya know, I forgot to mention that lou-zer popped up and sent a measly $100 tribute but haven’t heard a word from him.  lou-zer, I know you are poor now, but you seriously can do better than that.

doomedbrit, I got your pathetic drunken email, but I was sleeping.  What a shame, I would have milked the fuck out of your wallet!  you can still make a fat donation!!

Oh and tommikins has a special cock now.   (The gent who reviewed sissy tommikin’s dick-sucking skills on a public gay hook-up forum! haha) This guy has texted him twice this week demanding that tommikins suck him off.  tommikins is a regular SuckNGo.  This guy places his order, sissy T blows him and the guy is long gone!

I’ll tweek My wishlist when I get back!

Little silver Necklace hairlip
Bali Charm necklace hairlip

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Good slaves, wankers, and internet closet fags!

Good slaves, wankers, and internet closet fags!

Update:  tommikins was so touched by My post and My kind words that he sent ME another $300 donation today and called crying and telling repeating how much he loved Me. 🙂

$500 recurring monthly payment from a silent, recurring donor.  Dude, are you ready to come out of the shadows yet?!?!

slavey davey continues to buy nice little gifts although I have totally drained him until next payday.   Let’s see.. new Clarks sandals, this Marmot jacket, this North Face jacket, this Athleta work-out jacket and lots of other goodies!   slavey davey is rising in the ranks of My paypigs.  he’s a loser and pretty poor but he’s very polite, doesn’t have any annoying fetishes and pays what he has!   Read his latest confessionhairlip continues to pay his 3-daily tributes…I have him so entirely under MY spell it isn’t even funny!  he finally has come to accept his Divine Destiny in life.   $600 from amsterdam ham!  The slave from India, bollywoody, sent $200 and did his first call.  he’s SO screwed now.

$300 from sissy tommikins.  he spent 3 hours in the dirty book store and got 6 cocks yesterday!! OMGeeeee!   sissy tommikins is totally the reigning cockfag of the internet!  he’s sucked more dick than all of ya put together!!  Most importantly he is absolutely ALWAYS respectful and present and pays Me like clockwork and gets intense pleasure from MY pleasure and from spoiling ME.  THAT’s what it’s all about.    I keep getting annoying messages from guys who want to be “just like sissy tommikins” except all these bitches are concerned with is sucking the dong!   Example.  sissy tommikins has quite a lot of groupies…the sick part is that these random internet spankers are more interested in how many dicks he has sucked (a lot!) than the incredibly LONG RUN he has served ME, the hundreds of thousands $$ he has invested in Me, how well he treats ME and how loyally he pays and sacrifices for Me.  That, to ME, is just fucking TWISTED.   Do you dumbfucks ever learn!?

Wishes, bitches!
Hudson Jeans in Wonderlust 31

Eddie Bauer Fleece jacket won’t ship until 3.21  get size L Tall in Black


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Perfection to Infinity!!!



And then compare this to My minions.  HAHA  doomed brit is such a fucking loser!

New Wishes
Colbalt Dress  Want this beauty asap!
Corset Dress  yay! slavey davey
Red Dress

OMG!  These are expensive but I love so!  Opal PendantAnother Opal Pendant.

This is My new Holy Grail Eyebrow powder.  Need one more for MY purse! Get Motto. hairlip and slavey davey

Skinfinish in Light Plus

Tribute Hudson Jean
Foley Hudson Jean

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sissy tommikins great cocksucking adventures!

sissy tommikins great cocksucking adventures!

So I sent tommikins out to get dick tonight and he hit the BROTHER LOAD!  This big black muscular dude slapped his dick and balls across his tommikin’s face, fucked his mouth and splooged down his throat. tommikins was in slut-heaven!  tommikins also serviced some other smaller white dick but tommikins was too busy swooning over his experience with the big black dong to tell ME much about the tiny one. haha!  I am SOO picking out business cards for tommikins to hand out at the bookstores.  It’s gonna say “sissy tommikins cocksucker specialist” with his contact info.  I can’t wait!  Oh did I fail to mention he sent another $500?  That’s $1500 in two days. 🙂

Say Happy Bday to screwy stewy. This year someone gave him $100 for his Bday..and guess who took it away!?  This Girl!  (I actually got $165 out of him tonight–he had saved a tiny bit more from MY last fleecing.)

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