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Me and your money belong together Forever!!

Update!! Within minutes of Tweeting the link to this blog, mystery pig sent $500 more!!

This cash was all davidansar’s!  Now it’s MINE!  he sends at least $100 a week.  Slow and steady but it adds up!  Doesn’t it make the rest of you want to run to the bank tomorrow, empty out your checking and savings and send it to ME in a fat lump!? Imagine viewing a photo of ME flashing your cash and smiling happily!!

Let’s see…most interesting thing that has happened lately has been witnessing speedydick’s endless cycle of shame!  he sent $1,000 within 2 days! After sending the latest payment on Monday, he said he “needed a break.”  But ya’ll know how that goes!!  he will be back next pay day with a gay stiffy, whispering on the phone, spurting jizz and tears, whining about how hopelessly addicted he is to ME!  And I will LAUGH. AND LAUGH.  AND LAUGH!!

mystery pig missed his bi-weekly alert pay by like a week!!…(shame on him) but by the Power of MY Tweets he couldn’t stay away for long.  he sent $500  and I expect he will be sending  another generous tribute in two weeks! My phone alerts have been reset.  I will summon you through Twitter, My mysterious little pay puppy.

sissy tommikins is such a good forever-slave.  he sent $500 as usual.  hairlip has been paying his daily tributes and reciting and texting ME his daily prayers first thing every morning.  he also paid $200 and sent Us $250 worth of Verizon gift cards to cover Our mobile phone services,  pantystain sent $200 and did a little shopping.  wimpdick has also joined in on sending small daily tributes after saying his morning slave affirmations.  This has really improved his attitude and mindset,  putting him on the DIVINE Path to forever slavery!  slavey davey has been doing some shopping for ME .  We are revving up for his next sissy fashion show!  I made him order a ridiculous unicorn sissy outfit for his next dorky video debut!

Oh zippy slave!  I know you are trying to recover…but umm..nah.  I forbid it.  Come back and give ME more of that money!

I didn’t really keep track of all the random tributes and square payments from passing pervs. They are rather unmemorable; as are random pervs.

Say your daily affirmations.  Follow them on MY Twitter and study them on FemGod.comdavidansar has been keeping track of them here for Me.

SEND your cash to your Divine Creator.

Note: I am also collecting gift certificates for Alaska and Delta Airlines because next year or so We anticipate traveling a lot to the North West.  Send AT LEAST $500 at a time.

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zippy wallet rape spree!

UPDATE: Ok I’m not gonna bother posting more of the screenshots it’s getting confusing.   zippy is up to $6,100 cash and $400 shopping!!  $400 SouthWest gift cards PLUS $1,000 Delta Airlines gift cards!

Another Update!  It’s zippy who sent the $1,000 and he just sent another $2,000! he also did $400 worth of shopping!!  zippy fucking doo dah muddafucka, zippy slave!

Keep going, zippy!  your wallet has been separated from ME for so long!  It misses Me terribly!  Send even more using the second link!!  ME and MY Girlfriend are cheering you on!

Update:  Just got $1,000 from a blast from the past.  I totally forget what nickname I used to call him.  Little man, you’ve been gone a long time!  If you send any more cash today, be sure to send the link I sent you.  I LOVE finding an unexpected $1,000 tribute just sitting in MY email waiting for ME.  When I saw it, I whooped and scared the shit out of the cat!

Just a quick update! Wanted to slap this up here really fast! FullSizeRender(6)

Yay hairlip!  he sent this to cover Our lodging for Our trip to Utah.  We will be adventuring in several beautiful National Parks.  I didn’t make him pay for airline tickets because We had thousands of dollars of South West gift cards to use!  So excited!  Everything is booked!  We go early in May!  hairlip continues to pay smaller daily tributes as a pay puppy should. I’ll be sure to send him restaurant tabs during Our stay too!

mysterypig sent $1,000 last week too!  Keep up the excellent work mystery pig!  your tributes give Me so much pleasure!

mrobot Activate!

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Pay ME! Yay ME!

Yes, My world famous beanie strikes again!  Took this shot before I took My hike with HRC yesterday.  Wearing a brand new Under Armour hoodie which I LOVE!   Omg why didn’t I find these blue frames earlier!?

Let’s see.. $200 from hairlip, $400 from slavey davey, $500 from speedy dick, $100 from lou-zerAunty pigsnot strikes again!  This pig bitch can’t get enough!  I think he was fucked to the tune of $600 today! As usual, many LOLs at his expense!! $500 from tommikins, $300 from mystery pig, $100 from pantystain, $100 from a joe.   twinkie did some shopping including a raised garden bed kit.  I’m gonna have a bigger garden this year than last year!  hairlip has also been also sending his 3-daily $10 tributes and doing some shopping for HRC.  She sent a picture of Herself flexing Her mighty bicep.  his brain is totally pickled right now!

I know I’m missing tributes but these are the ones I remember from Tweets!

western union man!  you liar!  you said you would go get a prepaid Visa and didn’t!  FUCK you!  I’m SO over guys who can’t keep their promises.  Fuck off FOREVER!

How can you resist that smile!?  you CAN’T, so Go making a fucking donation!

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Toes for hoes

toejamjam coughed up $500 today for a 60 second peek of My tootsies on cam.  twinkie bought Me the greeny beanie and I love it!  slavey davey recently bought Me the same beanie in blue which is being custom made for Me.  I tossed in one last photo to the collage of Me posing with some of lezzys’toys cash!  Speaking of lezzys’toy, another $1,000 came in today!  Haven’t gotten an email from him for a few days.  Guess he couldn’t make it to the library! LOL!  Me and My sweety are saving up all this cash for something very special!

hairlip completely buckled when he saw a new photo of The Blonde Goddess of Hotness!  She graciously made a custom photo posing with a new Bose Mini SoundLink pigsnot surprised Her with!   One look at that pic and hairlip was frantically wallet-humping My Amazon wishlist! HAHAHA  he slapped a $300 Tory Burch leather tote bag for Her right into his shopping cart before the second photo had even loaded!  pantystain also bought Her a pair of Salomon trail running shoes which She loves!  slavey davey sent $100 plus did about $200 of shopping for Me and let’s not forget the ridiculous wimpdick who has shopped MY amazon wishlist every day this week as he minced around in his leotard and drink piss out of the commode.  Here he is dining on oatmeal boiled in piss.

Gifts that came today.  Prana top from hairlip, Eddie Bauer goodies from slavey davey, The North Face jacket from twinkie and I can’t remember who bought the Merrells but I love them!

$300 from mystery pig came through this afternoon!  Still not one peep from this guy!  hahahaha!   My buys have been making ME so happy!!  Keep up the good, work Mah Minions!  To the rest of you!
SEND CASH CASH and MORE CASH –  saving for Our Mountain Dream Home

Oh if you are a regular and want a membership to the old BitchyBeauty site send Me an email for the password.  I ‘m not updating it, but I’ll give passes to all those who are loyal and useful to Me.

Verizon gift cards.  you can buy them at Verizon stores or online.  Pay Our shared plan!
Home Depot Gift e-cards or cash!  New washer and dryer **

Handmade Dish Set $520 **
Custom set of plates  These will be MY fancy guest dishes.  Send ME  an Etsy Gift Card for them.  If I Love them, I will add bowls to the set!

Packable Shirt  Tall L in Dusty Coral
Twill Pants Tall 12 in Sprig
Tank in Jade Tall L
Stayshape Pants for HRC Petite 2 in Driftwood

Send a E GiftCard so I can buy these Hudson Jeans

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pigsnot brings in the New Year with a BANG!

I’m wearing My newest Helly Hansen coat from wankalot, scarf from hairlip and the Canada Goose hat Princess fan bought ME last winter.

pigsnot started the year with a wallet bang!!  $790 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and $100 Itunes gift cards!   Oh pigsnot!  How about a little more FUN tonight!?  WE LOVE IT!

Like I mentioned in a quick update on My last entry, mrobot coughed up $800 dollars after getting completely mindfucked by Me on the phone!

$100 from pantystain   🙂  Oh and lezzys’ toy contacted Me and I can expect more cash in the mail this week!  I think around $1,500.  Can’t wait!

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Findom Fundom!

Update: mrobot sent another $400–for a total of $800 the last 2 days. 🙂

ladystoy!  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you via email!  No reply.  you really need to consider getting text on your phone so I can send you orders in an instant and you can communicate with ME more regularly.   I think another $ penalty is in order for not getting to the library enough this week to read and reply to MY emails!

Look what came!  Another $1,000 cash from ladystoy and $400 SouthWest giftcards from pigsnot!  ladys toy has been sending his envelopes of cash!  It’s so fun going to the mailbox and finding so many little cash envelopes in there and opening them up!  Most are all new $100 bills!  Nothing like a clean new crispy!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting cash in the mail!
$400 from mrobot! he’s been put on a strict Oatmeal-Only diet until he can cough up another $400 cash.  I should have made him mix it with his piss instead of water, but I guess I was in a good mood. LOL!

The mystery pig from Oregon sent another $300 yesterday!  Continue to please Me from the shadows, little minion!  🙂

$200 Hudson jeans from a secret admirer,  slavey davey did about $200 worth of shopping and still has another $200 left for Me to use! Let’s see, he picked up some goodies from Etsy plus even more Eddie Bauer items!   pigsnot sent numerous Amazon gift cards this weekend for items for ME and My sisters.  I need to tally it up but maybe around $450 worth? I will check in with pigsnot for the total. 🙂  he sends so many it sometimes becomes a blur!  pigsnot also sent $150 worth of Sephora cards for Us.

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Serving Me makes you whole

I’m totally gaga for this new Eddie Bauer flannel from hairlip and this hand-made hawk necklace purchased by slavey davey!  There’s another picture posted of ME wearing it on My Twitter.

screwy stewy did $100 this morning.  $500 Christmas cash sent from toejamjam this afternoon!

Haven’t sent Princess Her Christmas Dinero yet?!  It’s time to un-ass some holiday cash,  bitches!!

sir wankalot crawled out of hiding and did $900 of Amazon shopping!  I’ll list the items when they get here!  I know for certain these Frye boots have shipped!

Ok boys here is a list of the things We want for Christmas:
A few more $60 Netflix gift cards.  Netflix no longer offers gift subscriptions or sells gift cards online.  you have to physically go to gas station or Best Buy or someplace and buy them.  Also if you are a favey slavey..I could just put your card in and you pay the monthly subscription.  This offer is only available to favey slaveys I trust.

Verizon gift cards.  you can buy them at Verizon stores or online.  Pay Our shared plan!
Home Depot Gift e-cards or cash!  New washer and dryer
New couch!  Cash and lots of it!

Non Christmas shopping
Lots of shit on sale!!
Flannel Lined Jeans 12Tall for Me slavey davey
Jacket in Peak Blue size Tall L slavey davey
Flannel PJ bottoms size Tall L in Bordeaux *

NorthFace Jacket in Yellow size L

Burnout Moose Tee size L in pink!

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