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Princess Sierra The Findom Supreme

hi minions!  I’ve really been neglecting MY blog lately, but I have been active on Twitter.  Seems that’s the new thing…so be sure to follow ME every day! I have been keeping busy with gardening, hiking and enjoying the summer.   However, I’m getting sick of this heat and can’t wait until I can start wearing MY fall wardrobe again!  Will be working on a wishlist.  Fedoras, jackets, sweaters and lots of pretty Etsy handmade items!  Fall really is MY favorite season.  Once the weather starts cooling down we plan on doing some camping and backpacking.  Can’t wait!

Just got $500 from twinkie!

mysterypig was quite late on his payment but he came through with $700.  Hopefully, he had only overextended himself  and needed extra time to recover and NOT trying to resist ME. Never try to resist ME, mysterypig.  That’s so unnatural!

$500 from a new guy named harry.  Sent ME his cash and POOF! Oh Another nice shopping spree from rat bastard and I believe it was $300 he sent in cash!  I got a pile of gift cards and $170 hat, a new dress and some other great items!  Isn’t Our time shopping together wonderful, rat bastard?!? Next pay day, you and I have another shopping date!

tommikins sent $700 last month and $500 this month plus he bought HRC a bicycle helmet just like Mine!  Always reliable and forever devoted to his GODDESS.  he makes Me very happy!

slavey davey spent around $1500 this month!  he bought Me some beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry!  Clothing, cash, My bike helmet, an awesome wool rug runner..whatever I demand he buys!  Here’s an expensive Etsy turquoise necklace he bought ME.

pantystain has bought ME several wonderful items..including a turquoise and leather necklace that I am absolutely gaga for.  When I find something, I just send him an email out of the blue and instruct him to buy it.  he immediately does.

wimpdick has been loyally paying his daily tributes as well as buying many gifts on Amazon.  I made him buy some floral, tacky yoga pants, a floral visor and pink work-out tops.  he now has to go jogging dressed in them.  he looks ridiculous! Here’s a video of him jogging in his new sissy workout outfit.  he also found some spandex fetish freak on Fetlife who met him in the park.   They held hands and walked the path in their girly spandex pants, wiggling their fairy tushies and looking like fools.  wimpdick will NEVER be normal again. HAHAHA!

deerslayer made ME his beneficiary!  After many years of loyal service, it was time to seal the deal! hahaha! We got all the paperwork done last week. When he dies, it’s OFFICIAL!  Everything is MINE! he’s a good boy!


davidansar has been sending at least $100 a week and recording all MY daily affirmations on Read them. Recite them Daily.  Let them penetrate your brain and truly enlighten you.

I’m kinda scanning through MY tweets to recap on more recent tributes I mentioned on Twitter…but it’s been a long time since MY last  blog update.  I really just don’t remember.  There are many randoms guys, many anonymous tributes on Square, as well as all the guys on the daily pay schedule.

But here are few highlights.
$100 from peasant, $350 from amsterdam ham, $200 from piggypops, $600 from toejam, $200 wayne , $700 from sharon.

Currently pissed off at pigshit and doomed brit. Both are binger anus-boys.   doomed brit, where is that tribute you fucking said you were sending? This is why I hate you so much and refuse to ever talk to you.  you are a fucking liar and annoying spunk gurgling, fat freak of nature! pigshit had a problem with his credit card.  It was being denied.  I told him to fix it with his bank and make the tribute the next day.  Morning comes, he isn’t horny and doesn’t feel he needs to keep his promise to send $400 that he made while having an idiot boner the night before!!  he made up some sort of bullshit excuse about his card being cloned and it taking months to sort out.  LIES!  When your card is declined after promising ME an amount…you STILL FUCKING OWE ME THAT AMOUNT!! you get your card straightened out with the bank and you pay Me immediately!    you PIECE OF SHIT! you LOW LIFE  CUM BURPING man turd! Next time you come out of your stinky sewer hole…I promise you!! I will max the FUCK out of your credit card with no mercy! I WILL DESTROY your credit!! GAWD!! I HATE FUCKING LIARS!

And what’s the deal with pigsnot and the wankbank hiding from ME?  you stupid old fucks!  What the hell do you think you have to live for that is so special??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you aren’t paying ME!!!    IT’S TIME TO WHIP OUT THOSE CREDIT CARDS, you old crusty maggots! It’s time to shop!! This is all you are good for!

heehee! Yoohoo!! speedydick! I can see your sweet family picture pop up on your whatsapp contact info!  Awwww…so adorbs!  Funny how everybody is so clueless as to what an obsessive freak you are and how fucked in the head I made you!  Time to make a donation!

I guess that’s MY update for the time being.  Time to send ME MORE CASH! 

Akubra Fedora in Carbon Grey
Panama Hat size XL

Howling Wolf Necklace
Dancing Pine Layered Necklace
Kingman Turquoise Earrings

Fox Tee slavey davey
Veracruz top slavey davey
Darjeelling Tunic size L
Hippie Dress
Wooden Fruit Bowl

Paisley Faded Cover

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mystery pig you got some splaining to do!

Quick note to lure mysterypig’s cash into MY pocket!:  mystery pig, you are a week late!   Better make it up to ME in cold cash, you undercover pay puppy!!
Lesbian Findom
Sooooo….last time I spoke to speedydick he was in a panic because he had emptied his savings totally..and was going to “sex addiction” meetings. he claims that after telling the counselor an estimation of how much he sent to ME that she recommended serious therapy.  LOL If this is true, that’s pretty fucking funny.  Thing is.  Therapy never works.  you know how m any of you fucks have tried that and failed!?  Best part of the story is that I got $500 from him!! Happy Dance!!!


Cold Shoulder Top size L slavey davey

Buy ME  this hat! 

Embroidered tunic size L
Flowing Tunic size L

Colorful gemstone bracelet

Chanel Eyeshadow Tisse Essentiel

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Me and your money belong together Forever!!

Update!! Within minutes of Tweeting the link to this blog, mystery pig sent $500 more!!

This cash was all davidansar’s!  Now it’s MINE!  he sends at least $100 a week.  Slow and steady but it adds up!  Doesn’t it make the rest of you want to run to the bank tomorrow, empty out your checking and savings and send it to ME in a fat lump!? Imagine viewing a photo of ME flashing your cash and smiling happily!!

Let’s see…most interesting thing that has happened lately has been witnessing speedydick’s endless cycle of shame!  he sent $1,000 within 2 days! After sending the latest payment on Monday, he said he “needed a break.”  But ya’ll know how that goes!!  he will be back next pay day with a gay stiffy, whispering on the phone, spurting jizz and tears, whining about how hopelessly addicted he is to ME!  And I will LAUGH. AND LAUGH.  AND LAUGH!!

mystery pig missed his bi-weekly alert pay by like a week!!…(shame on him) but by the Power of MY Tweets he couldn’t stay away for long.  he sent $500  and I expect he will be sending  another generous tribute in two weeks! My phone alerts have been reset.  I will summon you through Twitter, My mysterious little pay puppy.

sissy tommikins is such a good forever-slave.  he sent $500 as usual.  hairlip has been paying his daily tributes and reciting and texting ME his daily prayers first thing every morning.  he also paid $200 and sent Us $250 worth of Verizon gift cards to cover Our mobile phone services,  pantystain sent $200 and did a little shopping.  wimpdick has also joined in on sending small daily tributes after saying his morning slave affirmations.  This has really improved his attitude and mindset,  putting him on the DIVINE Path to forever slavery!  slavey davey has been doing some shopping for ME .  We are revving up for his next sissy fashion show!  I made him order a ridiculous unicorn sissy outfit for his next dorky video debut!

Oh zippy slave!  I know you are trying to recover…but umm..nah.  I forbid it.  Come back and give ME more of that money!

I didn’t really keep track of all the random tributes and square payments from passing pervs. They are rather unmemorable; as are random pervs.

Say your daily affirmations.  Follow them on MY Twitter and study them on FemGod.comdavidansar has been keeping track of them here for Me.

SEND your cash to your Divine Creator.

Note: I am also collecting gift certificates for Alaska and Delta Airlines because next year or so We anticipate traveling a lot to the North West.  Send AT LEAST $500 at a time.

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auntie pigsnot shops again!

Yesterday a guy who had been hiding for TWO ENTIRE years crawled out, drunk as a skunk and made TWO $5,000 transfers to MY bank account.  $10,000!! I found out that he had a bank account at one of the same banks as I did AND IT WAS ALL OVER!!  Oh he was obscenely intoxicated.  I was on the phone with him and he was speaking total nonsense. he was crying about shit in his past, bemoaning how findom would destroy him and singing drunk military songs.  I didn’t care because I was on a MAD CASH HIGH!  he was so drunk he didn’t even seem to notice that I was busy texting HRC and Tweeting about MY haul.  Well, today he’s ignoring ME!  But that’s ok because the transfer was SUCCESSFUL!!  HAHAHA FUCKING IDIOTS!  Drop ENORMOUS amounts of cash on ME then immediately BLOCK My messages and emails!  How does it feel to have a penis that makes you cuckoo!?

mystery pig!!  Tomorrow is your 2 week pay alert. I’ll be looking for it!

pigsnot is Our total bitch!  $1,000 worth of Amazon gift cards and $200 toothbrush and a top of the line water filter for hiking!  auntie gooey panties, We have updated Our wishlists and expect you to keep adding those items to your list!  This is what you were born to do, scum-sow!!

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Princess Sierra is FemGod!

Blue beanies, orange beanies, greenie beanies.  hairlip just bought Me 3 more of these beanies.  I am now a beanie horder.  I have discovered that beanie wearing saves Me countless hours of styling and diffusing MY thick mane of hair!   I can’t remember who bought the scarf but I love it!  Modeling new sweater dave II sent.


Oh it’s been a long ass time away from My blog..I will try to recap on some of the paypig action since My last update.  There are lots of other Amazon gifts, and many many random tributes from guys via My square account!  I kinda scan through MY Tweets for payments I announced.  Here goes!

Yesterday morning I summoned mystery pig via Twitter to send more cash.  No cash came all day which was highly unusual because mystery pig usually pays immediately when I command him to pay on twitter.  (I do this every couple weeks)  Tonight he came through and sent $700!!!  As usual, not a word..just a big juicy tribute!

$600 from speedy dick!  Check out part of Our conversation!  heehee!


$100 from wimpdick.  Get this!  Ok so remember how wimpdick stuffed his peenie into a super small chastity device and sent ME the key?  Well he was locked in it for weeks and his dick started hurting and making farting sounds…so then he goes to the doctor and finds out he has a hernia and has to have a surgery.  (oops!) he had his surgery and got super quiet and was pouting about his maimed nutsuck.  I find out that one of his friends tried to set him up with another friend.  Once She saw his pic, She completely stopped communicating with him.  HAHAHA the sting of rejection shook him back to reality and he started messaging Me again.  Fucking pantyboy thought he could get a vanilla date.  THINK AGAIN, freakboy!!

$250 cash from toilet brush. he also did around $450 shopping so far–mostly sweaters and a pair of jeans.  I intend to continue to rape him!

$700 from mrobot, $100 from new guy I’ll call dave II, dave II also bought ME a beautiful sweater and some other wishlist items, hairlip $270 worth of Amazon shopping, $500 Christmas cash and is paying his $30 tributes every day.

david ansar has been sending $100 bills every week in the mail.

lesbian’s power shopper continues to loyally send daily tributes. he also bought $800 diamond earrings for MY GF for Christmas and has sent lots of wonderful surprise gifts on a regular basis!!! 🙂  Some of Our favorite gifts were the chainsaw chaps, chain saw helmet, chainsaw carrying case and  a purple Marmot vest.

louz-er sent a new pepper mill and $220 dollars cash.  he then volunteered to start paying $20 daily tributes.  The asshole quit paying them after 5 fucking days and wrote ME a text about his “mental conflict”.  WHAT AN ASSHOLE.  When he pops back up, like he always does, I will just fuck him in his pocket mercilessly.  This will wind up costing him more in the longrun.  you’ve been binging and purging since 2007..recovery is not an option, ya chubby jizz4brains.

slavey davey was a very good puppy this month!  he sent $1000 worth of tributes since MY last update, $160 beautiful sorel boots and shit ton of other gifts!

$200 from tommikins,   $300 from father flatulence, $400 terrance, $500 from the crazy italian, $300 twinkie, another $300 from speedy dick, and look!! Another $800 from mystery pig on December 10th too!  uncle paypig has been sending small square cash tributes and purchasing items. I raped ken on square as well.   Shit for real..there was a shit ton of other cash donations I missed.  This has been a lucrative month, I’ve lost count!  BIG tributes are the easiest to remember, so send more of them, bitches!


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