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auntie pigsnot shops again!

Yesterday a guy who had been hiding for TWO ENTIRE years crawled out, drunk as a skunk and made TWO $5,000 transfers to MY bank account.  $10,000!! I found out that he had a bank account at one of the same banks as I did AND IT WAS ALL OVER!!  Oh he was obscenely intoxicated.  I was on the phone with him and he was speaking total nonsense. he was crying about shit in his past, bemoaning how findom would destroy him and singing drunk military songs.  I didn’t care because I was on a MAD CASH HIGH!  he was so drunk he didn’t even seem to notice that I was busy texting HRC and Tweeting about MY haul.  Well, today he’s ignoring ME!  But that’s ok because the transfer was SUCCESSFUL!!  HAHAHA FUCKING IDIOTS!  Drop ENORMOUS amounts of cash on ME then immediately BLOCK My messages and emails!  How does it feel to have a penis that makes you cuckoo!?

mystery pig!!  Tomorrow is your 2 week pay alert. I’ll be looking for it!

pigsnot is Our total bitch!  $1,000 worth of Amazon gift cards and $200 toothbrush and a top of the line water filter for hiking!  auntie gooey panties, We have updated Our wishlists and expect you to keep adding those items to your list!  This is what you were born to do, scum-sow!!

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lesbians’ power shopper has been pleasing ME daily. he has sent at least $100 every single day since he started contacting Me again.  he has also bought ME a pair of $180 sunglasses, $400 cash on top of the daily $100 tributes, plus sent $100 cash in the mail.  I am so pleased with his service! This is how it should be done!

My mystery pig has been doing awesome!  I know he is a Twitter follower because he sends cash as soon as I Tweet about him (during the week day).  he sent $500  today about an hour after I tweeted that it had been a week since his last payment.   I love seeing $500 DONATIONS sitting in MY email box!!!

So many bingers this week!  $500 came in from a tipsy sir wankalot in the middle of the night.  This guy has totally lost his mind.  he sends cash and then blocks Me right after.  Whatever, asshole.  your cash goes straight into MY dream home fund.  Go buy yourself a big bottle of booze.  I HATE you sober!

the divorcee from Norway came out from hiding.  I did a little research and looks like the last time he served ME was way back in 2007!   I am the one who planted this addiction into his tiny brain YEARS ago…and obviously MY HANDIWORK sticks because the cocksucker is still addicted as FUCK!  This guy used to hide, binge, disappear for years on end.  he even went to a therapist at some point.  HAHAHAHAHA!  THERAPY WILL NOT HELP you.  he was married when he first contacted ME and PRINCESS addiction destroyed his first marriage.  (As I predicted! I named him “the divorcee” well before the divorce!) What has this fool been doing since 2007?? The asshole re-married!  Why the fuck do you guys get married when you KNOW that you are an addicted little submissive??  you KNOW that you get more pleasure from FEMDOM than vanilla sex.  you KNOW you will be sneaking around on Her and seeking Out Femdom connections.   She has no idea who she is really marrying!!! you offer these clueless women a LIE!  Such dirty, dishonest sad fucks you are. HOW SELFISH you are to think you deserve to lead 2 lives!!  How piggish you are to start relationships in lies!!  Life would be so much more GENUINE if you just accepted your true nature, got down on your knees and concentrated on ONLY LOVING AND SERVING and SUFFERING FOR ME.  Stop trying to live vanilla normal lives on the side, you ridiculous shit stains!  you are only going to disappoint your wives and children in the long run!

Oh and speedy dick!  ya remember all the text messages I posted of him falling off the wagon…over and over after bidding Me “adieu”?  Yes, speedy dick was going to get control of his life.  he was in “recovery”.  “This is the last time.”  Well he called whimpering and crying about how he can’t quit Me.  I demanded $500.  he sent it.   he ended the call by asking Me “to respect his space” as he begins recovering from his addiction.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I never even have to reach out to this dumbfuck.  The minute he gets paid or touches a drop of liquor his name is flashing across MY caller ID.  Oh and he has the wimpiest, faggiest, breathiest voice when he’s in the bone zone!! It’s a hysterical!  Calls are always under 5 minutes because he silently spews as soon as I scream “I got your cash, asshole!!!”

What did we learn here today, My minions and lurkers?  NOBODY RECOVERS.  THREE ADDICTED FREAKS who have all vowed to never contact ME again.  All of whom have sought help with professional therapists!!  THEY ALL FAILED.  you want out of MY spell?  DIE.  My personal advice to you?  GET BUSY PAYING OR GET BUSY DYING.

Other mentions: lou-zer sent another $100 and this heart warming email.  “My wife & I tried for a romantic afternoon together today. I couldn’t stay hard at all and disappointed us both.”

$100 anonymous Amazon gift card from a random guy, $400 from kenny.  I’ve also been getting small anonymous tributes from random guys on Square.  If you want to pay through square send Me an email and I will send the link.  It’s TOTALLY anonymous.  I see nothing but your Square screen name.

God I love this!

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Hi, Mah Bitchez!

Waving to all My fans!

So mystery pig sent Me that $500 soon after I posted MY demands. I left a message for you on MY twitter timeline, mystery pig!

New slave I picked up on NF sent $700 plus the price of the call!  $200 louzer, around $220 worth of Omaha steaks from bill, $300 from kenny, $300 from twinkie, $200 from tomtheturd who found ME when I had MY Niteflirt line on.  he’s been awol..stupid sack of shit!   $150 from a guy named dylan who found ME on NF, and another $250 from yet another NF pervert.   $500 Delta airline GCs from a total stranger!  I want a lot more Delta airline E-cards.  Start sending them!

All My pay buttons are working again.  Get to clicking!  See dicks pay! Click, dicks, click!

I’ve been turning on Niteflirt and verified call because I’m sick of non-paying assholes calling My landline, the hang-ups, heavy breathers and “wrong numbers”.  If you want to hear MY voice AT will pay for it.  All MY good boys know how to get hold of ME and have MY mobile phone #.  So fuck the rest of you.  If you pay and donate generously on a regular basis you will not be reduced to paying-by-the-minute.   If you are part of MY stable I won’t have you using them.

Metro Slouch pants I have these in I want in Black!  Size Tall L  **
Chi Top Grey size L
Techie Hoodie size Tall L in Navy Heather

Gate Check Tshirt size Tall L in Clematis
Maxi Dress size L in cranberry
Atlas Jacket size Tall L in Orange

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Can’t Keep Track of All The Cash and Prizes!!

Update : I got zippy to send a $500 Amazon gift card too!  he also bought Me this Helly Hansen jacket.

Update:  Just got a surprise $500 from an old lame flame!  I can’t remember the nickname I used to call him.  I’m gonna email him and ask. lol!  — (it was slave zippy!)

Wow! Been some time since I updated MY blog!!  I can’t really remember everything I looted since My last entry but I’ll share some of the latest.
Blue Tory Burch Eyeglasses which I TOTALLY Love.  twinkie bought them along with the prescription lense as well. So I could start wearing the the minute they arrived. Yay!  Totally make MY eyes twinkle blue, twinkie.  lol

$350 from loopy for legs who was snorting coke again.  What a Fucking FREAK!  $300 from mystery pig.  he still has never contacted Me, but the cash keeps coming!

Last night $350 Amazon GC from Auntie pigsnot!   I used that gift card to buy My niece some boots and a purple Under Armour jacket. he also bought Me these Frye boots which were totally on sale! I love the lug heel!  Auntie didn’t stop there!  The pantied Auntie also got 2 bottles of perfume Dior J’Adore L’Absolu and Sisley Soir de Lune which came to about $240.  It also bought $200 worth of Sephora gift cards!  Woohoo!!! Oh yeh and also ordered these Prada eyeglass frames sometime last week.

I’ve been on a big perfume rampage!  We decided We totally wanted to update Our perfume collection.  We wanted more sophisticated, grown up, high end perfumes.  I tossed all MY cheaper celebrity fragrances and the girly fruity, lighter stuff I wore when I was younger.  I’m ready for grown up perfumes now.   hairlip bought MY GF a $132 bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau Premier which She will wear for work.  She is totally giddy over it!   he also got Me a $120 of Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume.  LOVE it!

I’ve had slavey davey’s prezzy dispenser’s pedal to the metal for weeks!! he just can’t stop himself!  So many awesome gifts!  Jimmy Choo’s perfume, $200 restaurant gift cards, a $120 big bottle of Dior Pure Poison, $200 Etsy GC, $60 Netflix GC, he also got ME this $164 turquoise necklace that I totally love wearing.  he sent around $700 CASH this month including the Valentine’s cash I mention further down this blog.

pantystain bought Me one of My favorite Versace perfumes.  The Eau de Parfum is being discontinued I think, so I made him buy Me a big bottle.  he also got ME a bottle of Coach Perfume.  kenneth got ME this Prada Perfume gift set and this beautiful Bvlgari Rose perfume.

We were SO spoiled for Valentine’s week.  slavey davey sent $300 to help Us enjoy it and hairlip sent $400 and $200 for HRC’s Valentine’s dinner.  I got a slew of Valentine’s donations this year.  Good boys!!  mrobot sent $200, $500 from twinkie, $200 from terrance, $200 from deerslayer, $300 from pedrobot, $100 from screwy stewy, 300 from toejamjam.  Shit!  I really can’t remember all the shit I have gotten since VDay!!   I totally lose track when this much time goes by.   I have been very pleased with My stable of piggies’ performance in February.

hairlip has now paid Our Verizon phone bill three months in a row and has also dutifully been sending $10 three times a day on top of everything else!  🙂

Oh and a brand new guy from Ohio named david sent $200 cash in the mail and I expect to receive cash from him every pay day!

wankalot blocked Me again.  I guess he wants ME to fuck him extra hard next time he shows Me his pathetic bi-polar ass.  Oh and I will.  Last time he promised again to turn over a new leaf.  Well that lasted a week.  Fuck that! I will NEVER show restraint fucking his wallet again!  I will always GO for the jugular!  I will GET IT all and as FAST AS I CAN!  I will BLEED him dry and leave him rotting on the side of the road!

Oh and remember lezzy’s toy????  he’s that guy who out of the blue started sending ME envelopes full of delicious hundred dollar bills?!!  I think he sent around $25,000 or something in just a short time.  It was GLORIOUS!  Well, he poofed too!  lezzystoys!  Get those envelopes coming again.  you are TOTALLY slacking in your responsibilities to the LESBIAN NATION!!

Capris for HRC size S in Navy
Metro Slouch size Tall L in Black

HRC wants a vanilla based perfume.  Get Alien Essence Absolu for Her

For HRC Pants size Regular Short size 4 in Chrome  hairlip
 Fleece Jacket size TALL L in Kiwi hairlip

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Open your hearts and wallets to PRINCESS

I had an awesome week!  sir wankalot sent $2,000 the other night!  I was so pleased!  he is getting more regular and his “hiding” is getting shorter and shorter.  Soon he will stop hiding because his servitude will become “the norm”.    Serving Me IS NORMAL.  Resisting Me is ABNORMAL.  Open your heart, mind and wallet to Princess and NEVER look back!

sharon the binger/purger female slave popped up and spent $1,100 of Her husband’s hard earned money on Me.  I made Her pack up all his favorite golf clothes and shoes and take them to a charity and I watched Her do it all on Face Time!  Good times!  After her trip to donate his manly treasures, She went home and celebrated by peeing in his mouthwash.  Always fun to play tricks on unsuspecting idiot males!  Now Sharon is back to playing a stepford wife and dreaming about being a lesbian. She sent ME another text today, swearing Me off…AGAIN! HAHA!  sharon, I can’t wait to get more of your husband’s CASH!   All the hot yoga, lattes and red wine in the world is NOT going to get ME out of your brain.  you have been trying for YEARS!  I just looked it up and you stumbled upon ME December of 2004!!  Buahahahahahahaha!

pedro has been all inspired by mrobot and his life as a living paybot.  pedro is now constantly saying “bip bip” (The Portuguese version of beep) and begging to have Me upload programming to his wee brain. hahaha!  he has sent another $400 in the last few days.

mrobot is broke until payday.  So I threw him back in his virtual cell until his next pay period.  Every now and then I send him a text saying I am peeping into his cell through the peephole.  When paybots aren’t PAYING..paybots are working and earning.  These are the ONLY functions of paybots.

slavey davey has been a great little fugpuppy!  he sent $300 cash,  $200 Etsy gift cards, $150 Prada eyeglass frames$200 restaurant gift cards are here too!  he also just bought this lovely small Frye phone wallet that Princess fan was suppose to get!  (yes Princess fan — you fucking SUCK SO HARDCORE!)  Did I miss anything from the last few days, davey?  I know your prezzy dispenser just CAN’T STOP!!

terrance also bought Me a pair of Prada eyeglass frames but I had to return them because they were too small.  I will spend the gift card on something else.

A new guy signed up for $100 weekly recurring donations.  Hopefully he will continue to pay them for a long, long time!

Princess fan (who has been a jerk) sent $350 Etsy Gift cards, but I’m not done punishing him and his puny wallet! you know what you are buying next, ya dickhole!  Procrastinating only gets your stupid ass in trouble!

mystery pig! How about more of dat mystery cash!?? I LOVE IT!!  Oh and he sent $300  some time after MY last blog.  🙂

pigsnot!  Send that money for the phones!  your LEZZY MASTERS are waiting!  Oh and pigsnot sent a $175 GC that I never blogged about.  he sends so many, it sometimes gets confusing!

lezzys’toy!  What gives?  Email Me immediately!  The FEMGOD Dynamic Duo is NOT pleased with your absence!

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your divine destiny is to ENRICH MY LIFE!

UPDATE:  IT’S HERE!   pigsnot’s $3000 made it here safely!

Yes, boys.  Enriching My life is your divine mission and purpose in life.  Created by GOD for GOD.  I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it over and over until it’s pounded in to your brain…drilled into your skull, until it penetrates your very soul!  you WILL think as I want you to I teach you to think, as I train you to think. PLEASING ME TRULY IS WHY you exist!  I should know!! I am the reason you are all here right now.  you are not whole unless you SERVE ME, the one and Only who designed you. I am the one who struck the flint that lit the fire, the addiction and obsession, the ACHE that burns in you today!  If you are new to My site, I AM STILL the ONE who initially created the gospel that has enslaved you and thousands..perhaps millions of men like you!  your addiction is MY CREATION!   Now get down on your knees and SERVE your MAKER!

We had a wonderful weekend at the cabin!  My favey slaveys got photos from our cabin adventure via text.    We hiked and hiked all day long and saw some beautiful sites.  We sat in the hot tub as we drank wine and watched the deer nearby.  We really enjoyed Ourselves!  pantystain paid for this trip and I plan to make him do it again next Thanksgiving!  It’s the perfect time to get away and a good excuse to escape from boring get-togethers and icky holiday dinners.  We made a turkey this year and I am not sure why…turkey really sucks.  I vow never to attempt another turkey again.   That reminds ME.  I need to get on deer slayer’s case! he still hasn’t successfully shot Me a deer!  I want fresh venison!

Amazon no longer shows the fulfilled Amazon wishlist directly from MY amazon wishlist so you have to follow a direct link to see it.  Pretty sucky!  I will also be adding a link to the side bar on MY blog. MY FULFILLED AMAZON WISHLIST

I am still waiting for envelopes of cash to come from pigsnot!  They are coming a long way, so say a prayer to The Universe that they get here safely!  I received another $300 Sunday from b from Oregon!  Donations just keep appearing from this mysterious little paypig! Muahahahahaha! Mystery cash pleases ME so!  $500 from terrance who I spent a little time with on webcam because I was feeling generous.  slavey davey the second brown Frye bag you bought was absolutely perfect!  It’s beautiful leather!

Flannel Shirt  hairlip
Stine’s Henley Tall L Purple Haze  hairlip
Echoridge scarf hairlip

Eddie Bauer for HRC
Polo top size S Navy  bottom bitch hairlip!
Sale Pants size 2 in Olive bottom bitch hairlip!

Moonstone Earrings hairlip
Earflap Hat (send a Etsy GC for this so I can customize the hat)

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The Supreme Ruler of your heart and soul

$500 Amazon Gift Card from wankalot and $500 cash!  Picture of the GC.

$200 from b from Oregon.  he never says anything, just keeps sending little tributes.

doomed brit did $1,000 yesterday!!  That makes his maker very happy!  I was searching old blogs and doomed brit has been getting fucked over by Me on a regular basis for at least 12 years!  he’s one of those assholes who swear ME off after every binge.   Sooo lame!

VERIZON GIFT CARDS  Send $300 to upgrade MY phone to Iphone 6.    you can also send them to cover Our shared plan which is around $180 a month.  Another option is to march down to your local Verizon store and buy the GC’s and send them to Me!  Or if you are due an upgrade, get Iphone 6 (not the plus)  send it to ME and keep your old phone for yourself.

Down Vest size Tall L in Black  ** really want!  slavey davey

Slouch Pants size Tall L in Black
Half Zip Top size Tall L in Charcoal

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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