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Live your life for PRINCESS!

Just got back from a rainy camping trip. Loving My new red The North Face rain jacket and orange Patagonia Nano jacket!  Weather was pretty nuts.  We had to wear long johns, beanies and multiple layers. It rained non-stop. The highlight of Our trip is when we jerry-rigged a party tent with 3 tarps and started Our campfire right outside it and kept much warmer.  We brought the RV so I slept inside instead of tenting it.   Of course, on the day We packed up Our campsite the sun came out and it was totally warm and sunny…couldn’t even wear a long sleeve tee.  Craaaa-zy.  Going to try again in a few weeks. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t suck quite as bad.

Buy More Gift Cards for Camping in State Parks! (At least 200 at a time)

While We were gone lesbian’s power shopper dutifully sent $200 every single day!  he also bought Me a $200 parka and I suspect he is the one who bought the $200 Patagonia jacket for HRC! $100 from the wank bank and I woke up to find $300 sitting in MY email from sir wankalot.  sir wankalot, $300 is nice..but I expect more!

Had to hold all My mail over the weekend so I should be getting a shit ton of prezzies today, including MY Pelican cooler!  I would have gotten a 45qt but was afraid it would be too heavy…so WE got the 35.  the wank bank bought it!  I’ll be picking out some pretties on Etsy today for the wank bank to get ME!

slavey davey just bought Me another Nano jacket in blue!  Yay!

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We’re Back!

Hi boys, back from Our little camping trip.  Nothing is better than collecting cash while I’m sitting back relaxing.  you boys paying while I’m playing!  Really how it should always be, don’t you agree?? Monday I collected $1000 from tributes while cat-fishing. mystery pig $300, robbie $300, terrance $300, $100 anonymous.  I came home to boxes stacked sky high on My front porch!  I also found a new butterfly bush, peony plant and a crawling rose planted in MY yard and a freshly mowed lawn from MY local slave.    he also left Me some farm fresh eggs since I made him set up a chicken coop and start raising a few chickens to keep Us stocked with organic eggs.  he gets all the poop…We get all the eggs.
It was rainy and chilly most of the time but Me and HRC still had a blast and caught a lot of fish.

speedydick I got your IM but I wasn’t home.  Text Me because yahoo messenger hasn’t been forwarding to MY mobile phone like it used to. 🙁  Send Me $500! I know you want to!  Then back to looking at gay porn!!  Welcome to the World of HOMOSEXUALITY!

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Can’t Keep Track of All The Cash and Prizes!!

Update : I got zippy to send a $500 Amazon gift card too!  he also bought Me this Helly Hansen jacket.

Update:  Just got a surprise $500 from an old lame flame!  I can’t remember the nickname I used to call him.  I’m gonna email him and ask. lol!  — (it was slave zippy!)

Wow! Been some time since I updated MY blog!!  I can’t really remember everything I looted since My last entry but I’ll share some of the latest.
Blue Tory Burch Eyeglasses which I TOTALLY Love.  twinkie bought them along with the prescription lense as well. So I could start wearing the the minute they arrived. Yay!  Totally make MY eyes twinkle blue, twinkie.  lol

$350 from loopy for legs who was snorting coke again.  What a Fucking FREAK!  $300 from mystery pig.  he still has never contacted Me, but the cash keeps coming!

Last night $350 Amazon GC from Auntie pigsnot!   I used that gift card to buy My niece some boots and a purple Under Armour jacket. he also bought Me these Frye boots which were totally on sale! I love the lug heel!  Auntie didn’t stop there!  The pantied Auntie also got 2 bottles of perfume Dior J’Adore L’Absolu and Sisley Soir de Lune which came to about $240.  It also bought $200 worth of Sephora gift cards!  Woohoo!!! Oh yeh and also ordered these Prada eyeglass frames sometime last week.

I’ve been on a big perfume rampage!  We decided We totally wanted to update Our perfume collection.  We wanted more sophisticated, grown up, high end perfumes.  I tossed all MY cheaper celebrity fragrances and the girly fruity, lighter stuff I wore when I was younger.  I’m ready for grown up perfumes now.   hairlip bought MY GF a $132 bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau Premier which She will wear for work.  She is totally giddy over it!   he also got Me a $120 of Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume.  LOVE it!

I’ve had slavey davey’s prezzy dispenser’s pedal to the metal for weeks!! he just can’t stop himself!  So many awesome gifts!  Jimmy Choo’s perfume, $200 restaurant gift cards, a $120 big bottle of Dior Pure Poison, $200 Etsy GC, $60 Netflix GC, he also got ME this $164 turquoise necklace that I totally love wearing.  he sent around $700 CASH this month including the Valentine’s cash I mention further down this blog.

pantystain bought Me one of My favorite Versace perfumes.  The Eau de Parfum is being discontinued I think, so I made him buy Me a big bottle.  he also got ME a bottle of Coach Perfume.  kenneth got ME this Prada Perfume gift set and this beautiful Bvlgari Rose perfume.

We were SO spoiled for Valentine’s week.  slavey davey sent $300 to help Us enjoy it and hairlip sent $400 and $200 for HRC’s Valentine’s dinner.  I got a slew of Valentine’s donations this year.  Good boys!!  mrobot sent $200, $500 from twinkie, $200 from terrance, $200 from deerslayer, $300 from pedrobot, $100 from screwy stewy, 300 from toejamjam.  Shit!  I really can’t remember all the shit I have gotten since VDay!!   I totally lose track when this much time goes by.   I have been very pleased with My stable of piggies’ performance in February.

hairlip has now paid Our Verizon phone bill three months in a row and has also dutifully been sending $10 three times a day on top of everything else!  🙂

Oh and a brand new guy from Ohio named david sent $200 cash in the mail and I expect to receive cash from him every pay day!

wankalot blocked Me again.  I guess he wants ME to fuck him extra hard next time he shows Me his pathetic bi-polar ass.  Oh and I will.  Last time he promised again to turn over a new leaf.  Well that lasted a week.  Fuck that! I will NEVER show restraint fucking his wallet again!  I will always GO for the jugular!  I will GET IT all and as FAST AS I CAN!  I will BLEED him dry and leave him rotting on the side of the road!

Oh and remember lezzy’s toy????  he’s that guy who out of the blue started sending ME envelopes full of delicious hundred dollar bills?!!  I think he sent around $25,000 or something in just a short time.  It was GLORIOUS!  Well, he poofed too!  lezzystoys!  Get those envelopes coming again.  you are TOTALLY slacking in your responsibilities to the LESBIAN NATION!!

Capris for HRC size S in Navy
Metro Slouch size Tall L in Black

HRC wants a vanilla based perfume.  Get Alien Essence Absolu for Her

For HRC Pants size Regular Short size 4 in Chrome  hairlip
 Fleece Jacket size TALL L in Kiwi hairlip

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Open your hearts and wallets to PRINCESS

I had an awesome week!  sir wankalot sent $2,000 the other night!  I was so pleased!  he is getting more regular and his “hiding” is getting shorter and shorter.  Soon he will stop hiding because his servitude will become “the norm”.    Serving Me IS NORMAL.  Resisting Me is ABNORMAL.  Open your heart, mind and wallet to Princess and NEVER look back!

sharon the binger/purger female slave popped up and spent $1,100 of Her husband’s hard earned money on Me.  I made Her pack up all his favorite golf clothes and shoes and take them to a charity and I watched Her do it all on Face Time!  Good times!  After her trip to donate his manly treasures, She went home and celebrated by peeing in his mouthwash.  Always fun to play tricks on unsuspecting idiot males!  Now Sharon is back to playing a stepford wife and dreaming about being a lesbian. She sent ME another text today, swearing Me off…AGAIN! HAHA!  sharon, I can’t wait to get more of your husband’s CASH!   All the hot yoga, lattes and red wine in the world is NOT going to get ME out of your brain.  you have been trying for YEARS!  I just looked it up and you stumbled upon ME December of 2004!!  Buahahahahahahaha!

pedro has been all inspired by mrobot and his life as a living paybot.  pedro is now constantly saying “bip bip” (The Portuguese version of beep) and begging to have Me upload programming to his wee brain. hahaha!  he has sent another $400 in the last few days.

mrobot is broke until payday.  So I threw him back in his virtual cell until his next pay period.  Every now and then I send him a text saying I am peeping into his cell through the peephole.  When paybots aren’t PAYING..paybots are working and earning.  These are the ONLY functions of paybots.

slavey davey has been a great little fugpuppy!  he sent $300 cash,  $200 Etsy gift cards, $150 Prada eyeglass frames$200 restaurant gift cards are here too!  he also just bought this lovely small Frye phone wallet that Princess fan was suppose to get!  (yes Princess fan — you fucking SUCK SO HARDCORE!)  Did I miss anything from the last few days, davey?  I know your prezzy dispenser just CAN’T STOP!!

terrance also bought Me a pair of Prada eyeglass frames but I had to return them because they were too small.  I will spend the gift card on something else.

A new guy signed up for $100 weekly recurring donations.  Hopefully he will continue to pay them for a long, long time!

Princess fan (who has been a jerk) sent $350 Etsy Gift cards, but I’m not done punishing him and his puny wallet! you know what you are buying next, ya dickhole!  Procrastinating only gets your stupid ass in trouble!

mystery pig! How about more of dat mystery cash!?? I LOVE IT!!  Oh and he sent $300  some time after MY last blog.  🙂

pigsnot!  Send that money for the phones!  your LEZZY MASTERS are waiting!  Oh and pigsnot sent a $175 GC that I never blogged about.  he sends so many, it sometimes gets confusing!

lezzys’toy!  What gives?  Email Me immediately!  The FEMGOD Dynamic Duo is NOT pleased with your absence!

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WEEEEEE!! Yay for Me!

I am SO happy!  Today I received $4,000 from lezzys’toy!  $500 penalty for the 8 days he did not keep in contact with Me!    Once again he sent envelopes in the mail full of glorious green cash!  Here’s a photo of them before I opened them!   Here’s a shot of MY cash all spread out.
lezzystoy: contact ME asap before you collect more penalties for not emailing in a timely manner.  The creature needs to check in with his maker because we need to discuss it’s future. 🙂

Probably not the most enchanting photo of ME but I so LOVE getting that CASH in the mail! $ELFIE$!
See that smile on MY face, lezzystoy!?  This is your oxygen!  your lifeline!  your soul food!   MY happiness and beaming smile are the only things you need!  your life’s work is now insuring that you are making Me and My future Bride’s lives as pleasant as you possibly can!   So many long to know the meaning to life.  you have found it!

$500 from MY ever-devoted tommikins.

Oh and let’s not forget the ever elusive mystery pig!  he sent $300 again, which I quite enjoyed!  I think he might have sent another $500 that I forgot to mention on My blog. Anyway, I found out that he DEFINITELY is a twitter follower.  I tweeted the this last week.  To My delight he quickly answered by silently sending a $200 donation within minutes of MY tweet.  LOLOLOOLOL  We laughed Our asses off!

I tweeted this today.  Let’s see if he answers!

My fun never ends!

For My loyal minions and regular contributing slaves ONLY:  Since I never update My old BitchyBeauty members area, I will give passwords to those of you who want to peruse the old content.  Email Me  for a pw.

40% off Vest!  Size Tall L in Moss
For HRC size S Regular in Black
For HRC Pants size Regular Short size S in Chrome ***
Long-sleeve shirt size Tall L in Dusty Coral  ***
Flannel Top on Sale for HRC! size S in Heather Olive  ***
Clearance top!  Size Tall L in Loden and Pink  ***
Clearance Henley size Tall L in Scarlet

Cups 2
Set 4 Dinner plates (send GC so I can give Her My customizations)

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Toes for hoes

toejamjam coughed up $500 today for a 60 second peek of My tootsies on cam.  twinkie bought Me the greeny beanie and I love it!  slavey davey recently bought Me the same beanie in blue which is being custom made for Me.  I tossed in one last photo to the collage of Me posing with some of lezzys’toys cash!  Speaking of lezzys’toy, another $1,000 came in today!  Haven’t gotten an email from him for a few days.  Guess he couldn’t make it to the library! LOL!  Me and My sweety are saving up all this cash for something very special!

hairlip completely buckled when he saw a new photo of The Blonde Goddess of Hotness!  She graciously made a custom photo posing with a new Bose Mini SoundLink pigsnot surprised Her with!   One look at that pic and hairlip was frantically wallet-humping My Amazon wishlist! HAHAHA  he slapped a $300 Tory Burch leather tote bag for Her right into his shopping cart before the second photo had even loaded!  pantystain also bought Her a pair of Salomon trail running shoes which She loves!  slavey davey sent $100 plus did about $200 of shopping for Me and let’s not forget the ridiculous wimpdick who has shopped MY amazon wishlist every day this week as he minced around in his leotard and drink piss out of the commode.  Here he is dining on oatmeal boiled in piss.

Gifts that came today.  Prana top from hairlip, Eddie Bauer goodies from slavey davey, The North Face jacket from twinkie and I can’t remember who bought the Merrells but I love them!

$300 from mystery pig came through this afternoon!  Still not one peep from this guy!  hahahaha!   My buys have been making ME so happy!!  Keep up the good, work Mah Minions!  To the rest of you!
SEND CASH CASH and MORE CASH –  saving for Our Mountain Dream Home

Oh if you are a regular and want a membership to the old BitchyBeauty site send Me an email for the password.  I ‘m not updating it, but I’ll give passes to all those who are loyal and useful to Me.

Verizon gift cards.  you can buy them at Verizon stores or online.  Pay Our shared plan!
Home Depot Gift e-cards or cash!  New washer and dryer **

Handmade Dish Set $520 **
Custom set of plates  These will be MY fancy guest dishes.  Send ME  an Etsy Gift Card for them.  If I Love them, I will add bowls to the set!

Packable Shirt  Tall L in Dusty Coral
Twill Pants Tall 12 in Sprig
Tank in Jade Tall L
Stayshape Pants for HRC Petite 2 in Driftwood

Send a E GiftCard so I can buy these Hudson Jeans

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$5,400 Cash Donation!!

findom awesome
Hurray!!! It’s here $5,400 from hairlip!  he overnight mailed it to Me!  Cold hard cash to cover lesbian vacations!!!  We haven’t decided if we want an Olivia Alaska Cruise or a more tropical cruise.  So excited!   Doing the Happy Dance all day! I love getting bundles of actual green cash in the mail!  It just makes the experience of taking your money MORE real and tangible.  I get to play with it, smell it and count it and pose with it with HUGE smiles!!!

Oh and another win for Princess!  The guy who pays $500 monthly recurring charges with no contact, texted Me to say he still wanted to remain distant but would continue his monthly charges.  he also sent $1,000 apology.   🙂

Everyone should be sending Princess big bundles of cash!  Join in the fun, assholes!

doomed brit, don’t contact Me until the money is ready to transfer.  I have no use for you until then.  Nobody does.  your life has no value when you aren’t making yourself useful to ME.

Dreamhost  My hosting for My blog is getting more expensive.  So send Me a big hosting gift certificate.

Eddie Bauer (there is currently a sale on shorts at Eddie Bauer)
Horizon Rugged Skort size 12Tall in Black  slavey davey
Shorts for Me size 12 in Drk Smoke (get regular length since they run long)
Shorts for HRC size 4Petite in Bark

Floral Dress  hamster butt
Black and White Dress ***  yay slavey davey!
Navy Top

Hudson Jeans in Wonderlust 31 yay slavey davey!

Run Shorts for HRC size Small Black
Run Shorts for Me size Large Black
Free Range Short size 12 in Carbon
Boulder Capri in carbon size 12
Hike Capri in latte size 4 for HRC

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