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Contribute or drop dead, male scum wanking voyeurs of the internet!

I tweeted this shot but thought I’d post it for those who don’t do the Twitter thing.  Oh how I love Fall!  My Fall/Winter wardrobe wishes just never seem to end!  I just wanted to brag about the AWESOME boots pantystain just bought ME!  $400 Frye Tall Lug Boots in Black!  Aren’t they Divine?!  I’m crossing My fingers they will fit well  because they are gorgeous!

$500 just now from speedy dick!  screwy louey sent a piddly $100 donation to celebrate his Bday. lol!  shitpig also dropped $100.  shitpig is pretty dull now.  he used to send so much money and do crazy stunts on cam.  Now he’s poor and dried out like a worthless scab.  So boring! Then he wanted to talk about Me making him hang himself.  you pay $100 and now you want to pretend you are going to commit suicide?   you certainly are trying to get your money’s worth aren’t you?  umm…FUCK OFF!  Get another job you fucking WORTHLESS heap!  you are 37 years old and single.  There is NO excuse as to why you can’t pay Me or earn money. you are a man with no dependents.  WORK you lazy sack of shit.  you are male..you were designed to work.  This is why you exist.   If you don’t work…don’t produce then you really are of NO use and should drop dead..but do it on your own time….mmmmkay?

amsterdam ham sent $500 and twinkie did $200

Spent the weekend relaxing, fishing,  hiking and watching football.  All My favorite slaveboys got candid photos of Me enjoying the outdoors and a few were gifted pics of HRC showing off prezzies from hairlip. The rest of you got jackshit — which is what the rest of you deserve.  Seriously, assholes, for those of you reading this and not contributing…FUCK OFF or get shopping!  Oh and doomed brit..don’t you fucking ever call ME again until you send $400!  you said you would send something and didn’t!  So I raised your rent, FUCKER!

Feel Free to order ME a New Ipad Air 2.  I will donate MY AirPad to a sister or niece.  Silver, 64 gb
Blurred Cardigan size Tall L Deep Eggplant  hairlip
Sweater Nordic size S  hairlip
Cardigan Sweater in Htr Oatmeal size S  hairlip
Luna Twist Cardigan Ivory size S  hairlip

NORTH FACE JACKET **really want!  Size L in Burnt Olive Princess fan

Hat for HRC hairlip

BASSPRO (lol-so sexy)
Patch Elbow Hoodie size S in December Sky  hairlip!
Natural Hoodie Cardigan for HRC size S in Olive hairlip!
Flannel for HRC Sale!  size Small in Burnt Ochre hairlip!

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit! I received your $300 today.  That’s nice and all but I know you have more money!   Follow the link I emailed you today and send $1,000!  Have your booze out and your cam ready to make stupid videos.  Buy a blow up doll, big marshmallows, a funny hat, and a LOT of alcohol. you are a fucking piece of shit and that money belongs to ME!  If you do not obey, you will be ignored.  p.s.  I hate you! 🙂

slave d the guy who pays the $500 monthly recurring payments popped up and sent a surprise $500 after seeing the pictures I recently posted of MY radiant smile.  Yay!

crunk spent his day on the phone with ME and a big bottle of hooch!  he sent $500 and cried big crocodile tears on his webcam.  lol he’s one of those sad drunks!   hahaha!

slavey davey, panty stain and hairlip have all been doing a great job with MY amazon wishlist.  Item after item has been quickly disappearing!  Good job, boys!

Cold Shoulder Top size L  promptly purchased by slavey davey
Printed Cold Shoulder Top size L slavey davey
Another cold shoulder top size L in white slavey davey

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$5,400 Cash Donation!!

findom awesome
Hurray!!! It’s here $5,400 from hairlip!  he overnight mailed it to Me!  Cold hard cash to cover lesbian vacations!!!  We haven’t decided if we want an Olivia Alaska Cruise or a more tropical cruise.  So excited!   Doing the Happy Dance all day! I love getting bundles of actual green cash in the mail!  It just makes the experience of taking your money MORE real and tangible.  I get to play with it, smell it and count it and pose with it with HUGE smiles!!!

Oh and another win for Princess!  The guy who pays $500 monthly recurring charges with no contact, texted Me to say he still wanted to remain distant but would continue his monthly charges.  he also sent $1,000 apology.   🙂

Everyone should be sending Princess big bundles of cash!  Join in the fun, assholes!

doomed brit, don’t contact Me until the money is ready to transfer.  I have no use for you until then.  Nobody does.  your life has no value when you aren’t making yourself useful to ME.

Dreamhost  My hosting for My blog is getting more expensive.  So send Me a big hosting gift certificate.

Eddie Bauer (there is currently a sale on shorts at Eddie Bauer)
Horizon Rugged Skort size 12Tall in Black  slavey davey
Shorts for Me size 12 in Drk Smoke (get regular length since they run long)
Shorts for HRC size 4Petite in Bark

Floral Dress  hamster butt
Black and White Dress ***  yay slavey davey!
Navy Top

Hudson Jeans in Wonderlust 31 yay slavey davey!

Run Shorts for HRC size Small Black
Run Shorts for Me size Large Black
Free Range Short size 12 in Carbon
Boulder Capri in carbon size 12
Hike Capri in latte size 4 for HRC

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Valentine’s Treats for your Sweety!

Valentine's Treats for your Sweety!

We wanna go to this restaurant called The Pearl.  Get Us gift cards for it!

Update:  $1,000 from sissy tommikins!! The pictures I sent of Us on hockey night were just too amazing!  he caved and immediately paid!  yaaaay!!

screwy stewy  I sent you the email for the email I want you to send the cash to.  That other email is no longer active, so make sure not to send to it.

screwy stewy: My framed art showed up today! LOVE IT!  I also decided to send back 2 of the 3 cast iron candle holders you got Me.  They were WAY bigger than I imagined.  Hopefully Amazon will give ME the credit.  This return was a bit different, because it was such a big box.  Keep an eye on your credit card statement and if you get any amazon refunds let ME know, so you can quickly compensate Me!

Make My Heart Beat Faster with COLD HARD CASH for Valentine’s Day!  Since I started totally ignoring My birthdays, this is now MY Holiday.  My sweety took the day off and we will be spending it together. Wining, dining..and other ing words you are not even allowed to think about.  you will all stay close to your computers sending Me your cash or shopping MY wishlist and fulfilling MY every heart’s desire.  Feel free to fuel your desire for Me with liquor as you click pay buttons and max your credit cards!  **Pinky wave!**

fagarina! Did you buy your new wig yet, you flaming fairy berry?

I can’t get enough of Etsy and it’s one-of-kind items.  Also.I try to choose items made from Females.  So your money goes to an artistic Woman and I get the item I want!
Infinite Beauty Knick-knack
Mermaid Box
Magic Knick-knack


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shitenstein gets his wallet raped for $1500!

shitenstein gets his wallet raped for $1500!

I made strudel with his noodle and took off with $1500!  you might remember shitenstein from older journal entries.  I have photos of when I made him shave a vertical path right down the middle of his head then super glue pennies to the bald part!  I’ve made him do all kinds of outrageous stunts on his webcam in the past.  Tonight he got drunk and I forced him to shave his eyebrows off!  he looks like some crazy alien now!  Good lord! What a freak of nature!  Truly one of the oddest goons I have dealt with.

UPS delivered a shitpile of prezzies today!  We had a blast tearing through the boxes!

fatmac I have a nail appointment tomorrow.  Send manicure funds.  I will be getting 2 manicures this month.  I will probably do again the day before I leave on MY vacation! Lucky you!  Also, we will send you the Buckle shopping list tomorrow. Got side-tracked tonight!

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pigsnot! Shopping slave addict makes contact!

pigsnot!  Shopping slave addict makes contact!

Guess who just called?  pigsnot!  he said he can’t shop right now..but he will do his best to start again!  I’m adding some big $$ items to My wishlist because the longer he stares at them..sitting there..waiting for him.his name written next to the items.”pigsnot shop!”..the stiffer his grisly old man dick gets and the faster he starts popping those credit cards out!  I think I’m going to add a $200 juicer to MY wishlist..Stevie has Me talked into trying juicin’.  Such a gross term though.  Start dipping into your savings and your retirement!! It all really belongs to US, pigsnot!  The Bitch Queens are ready to ride your credit card like a platinum pony!  Yeeeehaw MothaFuckas!  We want to spend all your Buckarooooooos! I am convinced that Me and Stevie magically conjured up pigsnot last night by discussing whether or not he would be back for more shopping..and if so.whatever would we add to our wishlists now?? hahaha!  Very next day..he’s sniffing around like a desperate little doggy. Oh..stewy just sent $50 donation.  Pinch Me.  Yeah, that was exciting. Condoms with teeth I hope they start selling these to chicks in the US! I’m sure all your wives wish they had one for your pin dicks  . Speaking of teeth..I got My teeth Zoomed yesterday.  Holy Fuckoly!!  I have gotten other teeth whitening in the past..but they were kinda like Zoom.but like in the mall.  I thought they were the same as Zoom.but they certainly aren’t quite the same.  This was the $600 Zoom at your dentist..(but I got it cheaper with a coupon–look at Me be frugal for once!).  Anyway..My teeth are Krazy with a K WHITE!! The whitest white on the chart now. But it fucking was surreal how sensitive MY teeth were for hours afterwards.  It still gives Me shocks from ice drinks or hot drinks!  OWWWWW!!  It would be sweet to force one of you bastards to go through 2 full sessions of Zoom, one right after another.  It would be the cruelest torture EVER.  I can’t imagine going through EIGHT 15 minute sessions of that shit in a row!!

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