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On your knees! Worship the Flannel Goddess!

Update: mystery pig sent  $700 $1,100!!

Ahem, mystery pig.. yesterday was your Official Pay Princess Day!  you are a day late! Get your invisible ass in gear!  I’ll let it slide because you have been sending so many bonuses in between and yesterday was a holiday and maybe you were busy grilling bratwursts or something.  I’ll be looking forward to receiving MY mystery cash!  Do it as SOON as you read this or MY instructions on twitter!

Princess Hair Trimmed
So here I am the day after I got MY hair cut.  It’s shorter than I am used to but She did a great job on the cut.  MY ponytail is pretty short and puffy now though, but it does grows super fast and it’s so humid right now it’s nice to have it away from MY neck when I wear it up.

Check out MY new voice clips I shared on SoundCloud!


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Worker bees Serve your QUEEN!

Oh My! So much FUN! We are trying to get as much camping in as possible.  We have a bunch of weekend camping planned for October.  We have SO much new awesome gear!  lesbian power shopper continues to marathon shop and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  his recent gifts include: a $500 Husqvarna chain saw, $160 cardigan, $90 Pendleton throw, $80 Frye cosmetic bag (love it!), $250 Pendleton blanket,  camping cot, hatchet, axe, $70 knife, $100 backpacking chair, $250 4man tent for car camping, $70 camp stove, $330 Frye purse (LOVE!), $400 gift card for prescription sunglasses,  $200 green puffy jacket for backpacking and a bunch of less expensive stuff I didn’t mention.   Sometimes surprise gifts show up that I have no idea that he got!  To top it all off he bought HRC a $450 Rifle Optic (went on sale for $425 after he bought it).  She was bouncing off the walls in glee!  lesbian power shopper has also been religiously sending $100 every single day and paying Our phone bill! This is how it should be done!! 

So! speedy dick came out of his “recovery” and got fucked out of $500.  he begged ME to take less cash because he couldn’t afford it..but I said “fuck that, bitch” and collected MY usual $500 from him!  Immediately after I screamed in ecstasy when his Paypal chimed My phone, he said he was giving this a break. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  ..but he says that like every 2 weeks.  That’s pretty much the schedule of the wank-a-wagon he continues to fall off.  ALL ABOARD, bitches!  CHOO! CHOO!  Coming through.  Time to fall off the wagon, again!

So I decided to give a british slave who has popped up a lot lately his very own nickname.  the wank bank.  The wank bank sent $600 a few days ago.  I expect to do many more easy withdraws in the future!

Oh and just yesterday I tweeted to mystery pig.

Less than an hour later I received $500 payment from him!! I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING how this little bitch boy sends fat ass donations right on cue!!

$400 from toe jam jam, $200 from baby schwein, $400 from the mormon, $350 from twinkie, $400 from shawn who sounds like a gay uncle and of course other random donations that I have long forgotten about.  Keep that cash flowing in boys!  I have some annoying repairs to do on the house.  I just found out MY drain pipes are collapsed and need replaced and I need to put in new gutters and gutter covers.  I probably should take down this huge tree in MY backyard too. I really didn’t want to put any more money into this house before I move.  Pooper!  Anyway,  I have been in an incredible mood this last month.  Keep working hard for ME boys!  That’s what you were designed for.  This is what I created you for.



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Spring Has Sprung and most likely you have too. ick.

Enjoying beers in the back of the pickup truck after a long hike with MY favorite Ladies.

$1,000 from the ukraine tonight. Yay!   I can barely make out a word this guy says but I totally dig taking his cash!! Saw him on cam this evening.  I’m sure I will have disturbing dreams tonight.

$300 came in from sharon the binger girl-slave but she hasn’t contacted Me yet.  How weird.  sharon, $300 is NOT enough of your blubby hubby’s cash.  Send another $300 and make it snappy!

$1000 cash from hairlip this week, $500 cash for HRC PLUS a ton of shopping!  hairlip has been paying $30 daily tributes for 500 consecutive, uninterrupted days!  That’s $15,000!  But keep in mind, that’s only his base line.  he showers Us with gifts and cash on top of that!  That’s pretty friggin awesome! Me and HRC laugh about him and devise plans to squeeze cash out of him on almost a daily basis!  Wouldn’t the rest of you LOVE to have Us plotting about you that often!??! HAHAHA!  Seriously!!  More of you assholes should show daily dedication. Serving Me should be 24-7!  We don’t run on your worthless dick’s standard time!  Anyway, hairlip is So helplessly trapped in the Lesbian Sandwich of Awesome!!  Between MY luscious hair, beautiful face and wicked mind and HRC’s bulging biceps and gun-toting tough girl Hotness, he is ONE SCREWED DUDE!  WE SOOOOOOOO OWN you, hairlip!!

Two Australians popped up this week and both got quiet soon after being fleeced.  Why are all the “down under” dingbats such elusive freaks??  Always popping up and disappearing right away.  Australian #1 sent $150 Amazon GC  and $250 cash.  Australian #2 sent $220 cash and $80 shopping.

$100 from louzer, $300 from mystery pig just as I demanded, kenny bought $200 jeans and sent $200 cash. slavey davey also shopped this week.  he bought a bird bath set, an expensive Athleta hoodie, tops and other goodies.  pantystain bought some more Salomon shoes, some Niche perfume and sent Me a special box of Metaphysical goodies. Some guy keeps buying Us Omaha steaks!  Love it!  I know I’m missing other donations.  If I didn’t mention you here, you obviously didn’t send send MORE!!

mystery pig.  It’s time to send another!  Squeeeeee!

dave ansar  you were a HUGE disappointment.  See you closed all your accounts like a fucking flake!  Fine. What EVER, I can totally skip communicating with your lame ass but I still expect those $100 bills in the mail!  Put your money in the mail and go back being a big ZERO.

Jo Malone Body Cream hairlip

Metro Slouch capri get size Tall L in Black (have these in navy and love them!) hairlip
Chi Top Grey size L
Techie Hoodie size Tall L in Navy Heather
Striped Hoodie in Red slavey davey
Eddie Bauer Soft Shell in Crocus Purple size Tall L slavey davey
Gate Check Tshirt size Tall L in Clematis
Sleeveless Tee for HRC size S in Violet hairlip
Maxi Dress size L in cranberry
Atlas Jacket size Tall L in Orange
Infinity Tee size Tall L Charcoal, Dusty Orange from slavey davey and Crocus twinkie

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Almost $6,000 Cash in the Mail Today!!

Update Saturday night: I just got a $500 Amazon Gift Card from Zippy!  I’m grinning ear to ear!   Yay yay yay!!  Where you go, Zippy!?

Woot Woot!! I got a SLEW of envelopes in the mailbox today! 13 envelopes crammed with $5,920 cash from lezzys’toy!   I couldn’t even properly FAN MY cash for the photo because My hand was cramping trying to hold it all!  But that’s $6,000 in My Holy Hand!  Here’s a link of MY money spread!   ( Putting all the pics of the cash directly on MY blog was making My site load super slow.)  BEHOLD!  The envelopes before I opened them.   The cash spread of the money inside!  (One of the envelopes actually came from slavey davey and contained a Netflix Gift Card which I promptly redeemed.
I have a few more photos of ME with todays bundle of cash..I’ll be sending a few more pics to lezzystoy and texting them to MY favorite slaves.  lezzystoy you have email!

CASH CASH and MORE CASH –  saving for Our Mountain Dream Home

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doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit = doomed shit

doomed brit! I received your $300 today.  That’s nice and all but I know you have more money!   Follow the link I emailed you today and send $1,000!  Have your booze out and your cam ready to make stupid videos.  Buy a blow up doll, big marshmallows, a funny hat, and a LOT of alcohol. you are a fucking piece of shit and that money belongs to ME!  If you do not obey, you will be ignored.  p.s.  I hate you! 🙂

slave d the guy who pays the $500 monthly recurring payments popped up and sent a surprise $500 after seeing the pictures I recently posted of MY radiant smile.  Yay!

crunk spent his day on the phone with ME and a big bottle of hooch!  he sent $500 and cried big crocodile tears on his webcam.  lol he’s one of those sad drunks!   hahaha!

slavey davey, panty stain and hairlip have all been doing a great job with MY amazon wishlist.  Item after item has been quickly disappearing!  Good job, boys!

Cold Shoulder Top size L  promptly purchased by slavey davey
Printed Cold Shoulder Top size L slavey davey
Another cold shoulder top size L in white slavey davey

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Chores for My Whores

Chores for My Whores

My Netflix gift card is expiring in a few days! Somebody buy ME a new one quickly!  Get 12 months! pantystain

Guess who sent ME yet another $500 cash last night!!  sissy tommikins!!!  he also sucked another dick!

Who bought the green awning mat?  First I thought screwy stewy bought it, but he reviewed his orders and it’s not there.  However he sent ME $70 to cover it when he saw the note I posted! hahahaha!   If you bought the awning mat, email ME.  I want to return it.

screwy stewy, email ME the order # for the outdoor carpet you sent ME.  I’ve decided that I won’t need it .  Another slave bought ME a beautiful colorful one and I think I will only need it, not the huge green one.  Also send ME the order # for the flip-flops.  I need to exchange them for a size larger, they run small.


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Weekend Women Warriors

Weekend Women Warriors

Update: ludgerella from the sissy shire popped some Viagra and sent $400.  you’re not done spoiling ME, ludgerella!
My brake control for the RV showed up today. (from slavey davey)  Will have My local install it.  We actually are bringing home the trailer Friday!  Yay!

Phewww..what a weekend.  Spent it running across the state looking at damned RV’s.  We have been going in all kinds of directions..should we get a class C?  Should we get a Travel Trailer?  Class C We won’t have to hitch and unhitch it..but then we’d have to tow a smaller vehicle.  Class C lose their value quicker.  Travel trailer will take less gas. Travel trailers might be hard to tow. Fifth Wheels are easier to hitch up.  Class C would be easy to drive.  Where will we store it?   Class C,  5th Wheels, Travel Trailer.  Oh My!  Well, I think we have finally come to a decision.  We are going with the travel trailer and probably keep it around 27 ft.   We will probably just use for the weekend and week long jaunts.  Looking at RV’s in the summer is no fun!  Should have done this shit in fall!   Going in and out of all those un-airconditioned RV’s is miserable in this heat!   Have you seen the inside of some of those 5th Wheelers? Huge kitchen and bar and chandeliers and shit.  They are BIG!  I’ll get one when I’m an old lady.  Slap a big ol’ rainbow sticker on the back.   Take a slave to drive the beast around and make him sleep outside in a little pup tent.

My Amazon wishlist is looking kinda butch!  Generators and power jacks!  I’ll probably be hooking My Lamborghini hair-dryer to that generator because I’m sure I’ll blow a fuse diffusing MY friggin hair for an hour.  This is some serious business!! haha!  Get to shopping bitches.  We will be slapping up a lot of cheaper, smaller houseware items for the RV too.    I think we will probably get it this weekend.  Found a good deal in a nearby state, so will be on the road most of the weekend.  We are gonna be pissing Our pants driving that thing home the first day.  22 feet of truck plus almost 30 foot of trailer.  First time I’ve ever towed anything.

ludgerella.  Send ME that pic with the dildo in your yap and pop 3 Viagra.  We have shopping to do!

Anonymous way to send ME money! GIFT ROCKET  Those of you who want to do check debit and use Amex can use this as well.  NO MORE FUCKING EXCUSES!


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