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Spring Has Sprung and most likely you have too. ick.

Enjoying beers in the back of the pickup truck after a long hike with MY favorite Ladies.

$1,000 from the ukraine tonight. Yay!   I can barely make out a word this guy says but I totally dig taking his cash!! Saw him on cam this evening.  I’m sure I will have disturbing dreams tonight.

$300 came in from sharon the binger girl-slave but she hasn’t contacted Me yet.  How weird.  sharon, $300 is NOT enough of your blubby hubby’s cash.  Send another $300 and make it snappy!

$1000 cash from hairlip this week, $500 cash for HRC PLUS a ton of shopping!  hairlip has been paying $30 daily tributes for 500 consecutive, uninterrupted days!  That’s $15,000!  But keep in mind, that’s only his base line.  he showers Us with gifts and cash on top of that!  That’s pretty friggin awesome! Me and HRC laugh about him and devise plans to squeeze cash out of him on almost a daily basis!  Wouldn’t the rest of you LOVE to have Us plotting about you that often!??! HAHAHA!  Seriously!!  More of you assholes should show daily dedication. Serving Me should be 24-7!  We don’t run on your worthless dick’s standard time!  Anyway, hairlip is So helplessly trapped in the Lesbian Sandwich of Awesome!!  Between MY luscious hair, beautiful face and wicked mind and HRC’s bulging biceps and gun-toting tough girl Hotness, he is ONE SCREWED DUDE!  WE SOOOOOOOO OWN you, hairlip!!

Two Australians popped up this week and both got quiet soon after being fleeced.  Why are all the “down under” dingbats such elusive freaks??  Always popping up and disappearing right away.  Australian #1 sent $150 Amazon GC  and $250 cash.  Australian #2 sent $220 cash and $80 shopping.

$100 from louzer, $300 from mystery pig just as I demanded, kenny bought $200 jeans and sent $200 cash. slavey davey also shopped this week.  he bought a bird bath set, an expensive Athleta hoodie, tops and other goodies.  pantystain bought some more Salomon shoes, some Niche perfume and sent Me a special box of Metaphysical goodies. Some guy keeps buying Us Omaha steaks!  Love it!  I know I’m missing other donations.  If I didn’t mention you here, you obviously didn’t send enough..so send MORE!!

mystery pig.  It’s time to send another!  Squeeeeee!

dave ansar  you were a HUGE disappointment.  See you closed all your accounts like a fucking flake!  Fine. What EVER, I can totally skip communicating with your lame ass but I still expect those $100 bills in the mail!  Put your money in the mail and go back being a big ZERO.

Jo Malone Body Cream hairlip

Metro Slouch capri get size Tall L in Black (have these in navy and love them!) hairlip
Chi Top Grey size L
Techie Hoodie size Tall L in Navy Heather
Striped Hoodie in Red slavey davey
Eddie Bauer Soft Shell in Crocus Purple size Tall L slavey davey
Gate Check Tshirt size Tall L in Clematis
Sleeveless Tee for HRC size S in Violet hairlip
Maxi Dress size L in cranberry
Atlas Jacket size Tall L in Orange
Infinity Tee size Tall L Charcoal, Dusty Orange from slavey davey and Crocus twinkie

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Todays Goodies! SCORE!

2 brand new MacBook Air from pigsnot!

Awsome smelling leather Born boots and a pair of Hudson jeans from slavey davey.  A pair of Athleta work out pants came too, but I had put them in the washer so they missed the photo op.
fulfilled work-out items
Capri  Tall L, Black fatmac
Shorts for HRC  get S fatmac
Chaturanga pants  L in Tall in Black fatmac
Bermuda Short size L in Black slavey davey
Shorts for HRC size XS fatmac
Bra Top size L Tall in black heather slavey davey
Velocity Top purple slavey davey
KickBooty pants slavey davey

I mailed MY shoes today, tommikins and pantystain!  Keep a look-out!


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Adventures with mcslutsy continue

Adventures with mcslutsy continue

Update:  $500 from gayson right on demand.    Didn’t even have to hear his gayish voice, just exchanged a few messages and he sent!  Just like a good boy!  $100 from wimpdick

silly ass dan is driving around cashing checks and buying Reloadable Visa cards which I run through MY merchant account.   he is wearing a rugby shirt and bright red lipstick.  If the bank gives him another $1,000 I am going to let him buy a bottle of hootch and some bright blue Wet n Wild eye shadow.  If the bank won’t give him the money (it’s in some joint account with his parents–to try to keep it safe from his wicked ways) our fun will be done and I’ll just hang-up on his ass.  Right now, I can watch him run his errands on Skype?

I am still looking for more volunteers for the The Sissies Around The World photo fun!  Overseas guys: represent your country with a sissy costume of MY choice.  Email to volunteer!

Update:  Guess some sort of wishlist bandit was hitting lots of Domme’s sites doing this.  I added items back to the wishlist and will # them by priority.

Who made the huge order on amazon?  None of that shit has arrived yet.  What a fucking flake!    Wishlist still says fulfilled but I am positive it will start reappearing soon, because some stuff should have came in by now.   How lame.  Who ever it did it, I’ll be putting major bad juju on you when it reappears.  Don’t be surprised if someone keels over or you find out you have a tumor or something.

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pigsnot’s World Class moneyslave tirade continues!

pigsnot.I still haven’t had the AppleCare protection plan for the big Mac delivered.  Check your amazon and see if it ever shipped.  It really should have been here by now.

So far between yesterday and today, pigsnot has gotten $160 boots, $75 boots, $330 boots, hedge trimmer, make-up, $300 jacket, $550 grill, car stereo, $280 lamp, sheets, make-up, cords and other smaller items!  (This doesn’t include the loot Stevie got!)  Oh and he isn’t DONE shopping!!!  hmm I know I want the Squeezebox, the second dish set.  I had to add a more expensive elliptical because reviews by tall people said the cheaper one didn’t accommodate tall legs. Boo.  I think I might have you get the elliptical too!  you should all be very jealous of pigsnot because he has made us SOOooo happy.  he’s the luckiest snot covered, pin-dick jerking, perverted, piglet in all the land!

However, he’s still freaked out about shopping outside Amazon..so you other turds are going to have to get to MY Hudson jeans.  Hop to it, assholes!!

Hudson has a coupon!  They never have sales..so take advantage of it while you can! Coupon Code FRIENDS2011  .  I have them in the order I want them purchased. HURRY!

Hudson Jeans have a new color!!  Get these in size 31!
Get these black Hudsons in size 31.
Get these skinny Hudson in size 31.
These Hudson Jeans run way smaller for some reason.get size 32.

My websites been down most of the day.  Hosting was having problems. Updated My amazon, pigsnot! you owe ME LOTS$$$!

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pigsnot — moneyslave fucked for thousands!

pigsnot -- moneyslave fucked for thousands!

Update! Xbox arrived like pigsnot said it would.  Here’s a shot of just a fraction of pigsnot’s purchases.  There are other things I got that I already opened including the 2 computers, boots, clothing, apple accessories ect!  Remember,  he did this for BOTH of us! She’s got a big ass pile of stuff of Her own!  he got fucked to the tune of 15K!  he was even creative enough to name this last spree “The Labor Day Pig Roast!” hahahaha!

pigsnot the pighole!  We still have a few items that we need tracking # on.  Stevie sent you a notice about some tracking #’s She needs you to research for her!  READ IT and RESPOND!

My Xbox and Garmin (the cheaper one) haven’t arrived.    Whats the tracking on these items??  Also you still haven’t received the ORDER# for the blackberry I want to return.

toiletbrush!  Where’s the tracking on MY Paige jeans??? They should be here by now and UPS already came today!

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