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Valentine’s Treats for your Sweety!

Valentine's Treats for your Sweety!

We wanna go to this restaurant called The Pearl.  Get Us gift cards for it!

Update:  $1,000 from sissy tommikins!! The pictures I sent of Us on hockey night were just too amazing!  he caved and immediately paid!  yaaaay!!

screwy stewy  I sent you the email for the email I want you to send the cash to.  That other email is no longer active, so make sure not to send to it.

screwy stewy: My framed art showed up today! LOVE IT!  I also decided to send back 2 of the 3 cast iron candle holders you got Me.  They were WAY bigger than I imagined.  Hopefully Amazon will give ME the credit.  This return was a bit different, because it was such a big box.  Keep an eye on your credit card statement and if you get any amazon refunds let ME know, so you can quickly compensate Me!

Make My Heart Beat Faster with COLD HARD CASH for Valentine’s Day!  Since I started totally ignoring My birthdays, this is now MY Holiday.  My sweety took the day off and we will be spending it together. Wining, dining..and other ing words you are not even allowed to think about.  you will all stay close to your computers sending Me your cash or shopping MY wishlist and fulfilling MY every heart’s desire.  Feel free to fuel your desire for Me with liquor as you click pay buttons and max your credit cards!  **Pinky wave!**

fagarina! Did you buy your new wig yet, you flaming fairy berry?

I can’t get enough of Etsy and it’s one-of-kind items.  Also.I try to choose items made from Females.  So your money goes to an artistic Woman and I get the item I want!
Infinite Beauty Knick-knack
Mermaid Box
Magic Knick-knack


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Shopping slaves and pay piggies do your duty!

Shopping slaves and pay piggies do your duty!

hahaha! sissy tommikins had an awesome month!!  $3,700!  Still, after spending that much he texted ME to confess he was jealous that pantystain beat him to buying LadyCop’s gun holster.  hahaha!  I wonder what will happen to his poor little brain once he gets his box of precious sniffables!?!

pantystain bought HRC a shoulder holster for Her Glock 19.  What a nice surprise to wake up to!

Another surprise..an “old flame of shame” has been shopping on MY amazon gift list.  I received 2  $50 boxes of kitty litter refills from him.  Yes, you haven’t shopped for a LONG time, tom.  Go hit MY wishlist again..I know you miss it terribly!

GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS! Shop My little piggy followers!
Framed art!  Push BUY IT FRAMED.  I have it framed how I want. Yay hurray! screwy stewy bought this!!

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Adventures with mcslutsy continue

Adventures with mcslutsy continue

Update:  $500 from gayson right on demand.    Didn’t even have to hear his gayish voice, just exchanged a few messages and he sent!  Just like a good boy!  $100 from wimpdick

silly ass dan is driving around cashing checks and buying Reloadable Visa cards which I run through MY merchant account.   he is wearing a rugby shirt and bright red lipstick.  If the bank gives him another $1,000 I am going to let him buy a bottle of hootch and some bright blue Wet n Wild eye shadow.  If the bank won’t give him the money (it’s in some joint account with his parents–to try to keep it safe from his wicked ways) our fun will be done and I’ll just hang-up on his ass.  Right now, I can watch him run his errands on Skype?

I am still looking for more volunteers for the The Sissies Around The World photo fun!  Overseas guys: represent your country with a sissy costume of MY choice.  Email to volunteer!

Update:  Guess some sort of wishlist bandit was hitting lots of Domme’s sites doing this.  I added items back to the wishlist and will # them by priority.

Who made the huge order on amazon?  None of that shit has arrived yet.  What a fucking flake!    Wishlist still says fulfilled but I am positive it will start reappearing soon, because some stuff should have came in by now.   How lame.  Who ever it did it, I’ll be putting major bad juju on you when it reappears.  Don’t be surprised if someone keels over or you find out you have a tumor or something.

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