Shopping slaves and pay piggies do your duty!

Shopping slaves and pay piggies do your duty!

hahaha! sissy tommikins had an awesome month!!  $3,700!  Still, after spending that much he texted ME to confess he was jealous that pantystain beat him to buying LadyCop’s gun holster.  hahaha!  I wonder what will happen to his poor little brain once he gets his box of precious sniffables!?!

pantystain bought HRC a shoulder holster for Her Glock 19.  What a nice surprise to wake up to!

Another “old flame of shame” has been shopping on MY amazon gift list.  I received 2  $50 boxes of kitty litter refills from him.  Yes, you haven’t shopped for a LONG time, tom.  Go hit MY wishlist again..I know you miss it terribly!

GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS! Shop My little piggy followers!
Framed art!  Push BUY IT FRAMED.  I have it framed how I want. Yay hurray! screwy stewy bought this!!

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