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Broke Dick Mountain

Red vest gifted from uncle paypig.

Guess who’s back!?!? aunty pigsnot!!  he sent $2,000 of Amazon gift cards that were used to buy a new MacBook Pro.  Will snap photo of computer when it gets here…some of the gift cards are posted on MY tumblr. he sent 4 but I think only 3 were posted. $490, $490$500, $500. he also bought some other items off MY wishlist–I’m guessing which might total around $500-$600 🙂  Oh Me and HRC were LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF!  he’s bought Her 2 computers and an Ipad already!  he was going through Amazon and found at least 16 computers he has bought MY Posse through the years.  This isn’t counting Ipads and Iphones!  Oh, I bet that fat old pig was rolling around in his slimy sow sauce.  The FUN doesn’t have to stop now!  We will add more stuff to Our list just for you!  Put on your wife’s panties and get to CLICKING, you potbellied, semen-gargling panty piggy!!

Remember stocking top slave?   I haven’t heard from his ass since 2006 I think!  he’s 72 years old now and still as fucking freaky strange as he used to be. I got him for $975!  On our phonecall he kept saying “wank wank wank wank” and drunkenly muttering about stocking legs (which is pretty funny with how I dress of late).   he started sending crazy drunk emails that made no sense and most likely passed out.

I totally have a bunch of old men serving ME!  The british wank bank is 75 years old!  I have been JACK HAMMERING him in the wallet non-stop for some weeks!  Yep, I pull those old grandpa pants down to his ankles, bend gramps over and go to town on that old fart’s pocket book!!   he loves to be talked to like a total bitch and completely used and abused!  he gets bummed out when I’m not cussing and reaming him out. HAHAHA!   I have him right by the shriveled nutsack!  he’s been doing LOTS of shopping!!  This is a LOW estimate of what he has sent since MY last update.  ( I shouldn’t have waited so long because it gets confusing to keep track! )  $400 Whole Foods Gift card, a printer, a top, $100 Eddie Bauer Gift card, $360 Etsy gift cards, $100 LLBean gift cards, $200 worth of beauty cream,  $800 cash and a SHIT TON of Amazon goodies.  I am going to have him add up exactly how many cash donations he made, but I guess it’s well over $800..that’s just what I see scanning My Tweets.

mystery pig continues to DEEEELIGHT Me by never reaching out to contact ME but immediately sending Me payments when I demand them on Twitter.  I  Tweeted that I wanted $500 cash from him and an hour later the cash rolled in!  A few days later he even sent $200 cash surprise!!

$600 from latexlover!  he’s old too and I hadn’t heard from him in years since I stopped dressing in latex.   bitchboys, get over your useless, silly fetishes.  They mean nothing.  MAKING ME happy should be your ONE OBSESSION.  This smile! Yes, that smile RIGHT THERE.  That’s what really matters in the UNIVERSE, isn’t it!?

Speaking of making ME happy, lesbian’s power shopper continues to that daily with his morning tributes deposited directly into MY checking account.

So I was using square cash and having random guys on Twitter send ME small tributes.  $10 or $25 pay requests but many times.   The dozen and dozens of transactions must of flagged the account.   slave d sent $800 worth of little tributes that would get slightly higher $ each transaction.  Well actually he sent more than $800 because some of them made it through the system but I forget how much made it through but $800 was returned to him. This guy had paid ME in the past so I wasn’t too worried.  he promptly paid the $800 Square cash rejected.  Good boy.  Honest boys please ME.  (I think I will drop him an email and see if I can lure him into sending some more!) So anyway, I think I can still use square cash for some transactions but will have to do normal sized transactions, not a string of small ones.

doomed brit sent $300.  I still hate his ass.  he can send another $300 and I will still hate his ass..and that will probably give him wood.  WHAT A FREAK.  doomed brit, DRINK MORE BEER!  Everyone hates you sober!

$200 baby schwein, $300 terrance ,  some nice gifts from tommikins, $120 surprise earrings from pantystain, $50 Whole Foods from wimpdick.  wimp dick has been out of chastity because of his medical dicknballs problems.  he went right back to being a stupid penis slug.    he was such a sweet generous sub when his dick was locked up but now that his crippled cock is free he has been stingy and non-attentive.  he been all boring and lame and only texts about his surgery he has to get for his hernia.  “blahblahblah wah wah wah.  my dick hurts.  i have a hernia from chastity.  i’m depressed.” BOOOOOOOOOORING.

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mystery pig!! ENDLESS amusement!!

Hi asswipes!  Been in a very good mood lately.  lesbian’s power shopper has been spoiling Me DAILY!  he has spent at least $100 every day since he started serving again.  All you bitchboys should be doing this!  Usually he spends more than $100 a day!  I am so pleased!  We received this awesome lightweight backpacking tent this week. It’s really nice!  he also sent $100 Ancestry tree gift card which I’ve been enjoying.  I’ve been working on that obsessively since I got My subscription.

mystery pig has been upping his secret tributes!  he has sent another $1000 of cash!  he still has NEVER replied to ME. I sent him an email instructing him to use another payment system and he followed MY directions..but he never emailed back. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  he’s been sending fat donations so regularly lately that when I look at MY phone and scream “Yahoooo! Mothafucka!!” My GF says, “mystery pig??!”  mystery pig, I have a confession to make.  I THINK I AM IN LOVE with your CASH!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

$400 just came in from toejam.  he is begging to buy the dust from MY electric Amopé  footfile.  $500 foot dust Clearance sale!  It’s like a BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL or something!  Send $500 for it before I change MY mind.

Another $200 from lou-zer 🙂  $150 from baby schwein
We actually had to wear long sleeves shirts on Our bike ride today.  Time for FALL SHOPPING!  Ya know how I love Fall!  Leather jackets, boots, vests and beanies!!    Will be updating MY shopping list here.


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Can’t Keep Track of All The Cash and Prizes!!

Update : I got zippy to send a $500 Amazon gift card too!  he also bought Me this Helly Hansen jacket.

Update:  Just got a surprise $500 from an old lame flame!  I can’t remember the nickname I used to call him.  I’m gonna email him and ask. lol!  — (it was slave zippy!)

Wow! Been some time since I updated MY blog!!  I can’t really remember everything I looted since My last entry but I’ll share some of the latest.
Blue Tory Burch Eyeglasses which I TOTALLY Love.  twinkie bought them along with the prescription lense as well. So I could start wearing the the minute they arrived. Yay!  Totally make MY eyes twinkle blue, twinkie.  lol

$350 from loopy for legs who was snorting coke again.  What a Fucking FREAK!  $300 from mystery pig.  he still has never contacted Me, but the cash keeps coming!

Last night $350 Amazon GC from Auntie pigsnot!   I used that gift card to buy My niece some boots and a purple Under Armour jacket. he also bought Me these Frye boots which were totally on sale! I love the lug heel!  Auntie didn’t stop there!  The pantied Auntie also got 2 bottles of perfume Dior J’Adore L’Absolu and Sisley Soir de Lune which came to about $240.  It also bought $200 worth of Sephora gift cards!  Woohoo!!! Oh yeh and also ordered these Prada eyeglass frames sometime last week.

I’ve been on a big perfume rampage!  We decided We totally wanted to update Our perfume collection.  We wanted more sophisticated, grown up, high end perfumes.  I tossed all MY cheaper celebrity fragrances and the girly fruity, lighter stuff I wore when I was younger.  I’m ready for grown up perfumes now.   hairlip bought MY GF a $132 bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau Premier which She will wear for work.  She is totally giddy over it!   he also got Me a $120 of Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume.  LOVE it!

I’ve had slavey davey’s prezzy dispenser’s pedal to the metal for weeks!! he just can’t stop himself!  So many awesome gifts!  Jimmy Choo’s perfume, $200 restaurant gift cards, a $120 big bottle of Dior Pure Poison, $200 Etsy GC, $60 Netflix GC, he also got ME this $164 turquoise necklace that I totally love wearing.  he sent around $700 CASH this month including the Valentine’s cash I mention further down this blog.

pantystain bought Me one of My favorite Versace perfumes.  The Eau de Parfum is being discontinued I think, so I made him buy Me a big bottle.  he also got ME a bottle of Coach Perfume.  kenneth got ME this Prada Perfume gift set and this beautiful Bvlgari Rose perfume.

We were SO spoiled for Valentine’s week.  slavey davey sent $300 to help Us enjoy it and hairlip sent $400 and $200 for HRC’s Valentine’s dinner.  I got a slew of Valentine’s donations this year.  Good boys!!  mrobot sent $200, $500 from twinkie, $200 from terrance, $200 from deerslayer, $300 from pedrobot, $100 from screwy stewy, 300 from toejamjam.  Shit!  I really can’t remember all the shit I have gotten since VDay!!   I totally lose track when this much time goes by.   I have been very pleased with My stable of piggies’ performance in February.

hairlip has now paid Our Verizon phone bill three months in a row and has also dutifully been sending $10 three times a day on top of everything else!  🙂

Oh and a brand new guy from Ohio named david sent $200 cash in the mail and I expect to receive cash from him every pay day!

wankalot blocked Me again.  I guess he wants ME to fuck him extra hard next time he shows Me his pathetic bi-polar ass.  Oh and I will.  Last time he promised again to turn over a new leaf.  Well that lasted a week.  Fuck that! I will NEVER show restraint fucking his wallet again!  I will always GO for the jugular!  I will GET IT all and as FAST AS I CAN!  I will BLEED him dry and leave him rotting on the side of the road!

Oh and remember lezzy’s toy????  he’s that guy who out of the blue started sending ME envelopes full of delicious hundred dollar bills?!!  I think he sent around $25,000 or something in just a short time.  It was GLORIOUS!  Well, he poofed too!  lezzystoys!  Get those envelopes coming again.  you are TOTALLY slacking in your responsibilities to the LESBIAN NATION!!

Capris for HRC size S in Navy
Metro Slouch size Tall L in Black

HRC wants a vanilla based perfume.  Get Alien Essence Absolu for Her

For HRC Pants size Regular Short size 4 in Chrome  hairlip
 Fleece Jacket size TALL L in Kiwi hairlip

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pigsnot brings in the New Year with a BANG!

I’m wearing My newest Helly Hansen coat from wankalot, scarf from hairlip and the Canada Goose hat Princess fan bought ME last winter.

pigsnot started the year with a wallet bang!!  $790 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and $100 Itunes gift cards!   Oh pigsnot!  How about a little more FUN tonight!?  WE LOVE IT!

Like I mentioned in a quick update on My last entry, mrobot coughed up $800 dollars after getting completely mindfucked by Me on the phone!

$100 from pantystain   🙂  Oh and lezzys’ toy contacted Me and I can expect more cash in the mail this week!  I think around $1,500.  Can’t wait!

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Serving Me makes you whole

I’m totally gaga for this new Eddie Bauer flannel from hairlip and this hand-made hawk necklace purchased by slavey davey!  There’s another picture posted of ME wearing it on My Twitter.

screwy stewy did $100 this morning.  $500 Christmas cash sent from toejamjam this afternoon!

Haven’t sent Princess Her Christmas Dinero yet?!  It’s time to un-ass some holiday cash,  bitches!!

sir wankalot crawled out of hiding and did $900 of Amazon shopping!  I’ll list the items when they get here!  I know for certain these Frye boots have shipped!

Ok boys here is a list of the things We want for Christmas:
A few more $60 Netflix gift cards.  Netflix no longer offers gift subscriptions or sells gift cards online.  you have to physically go to gas station or Best Buy or someplace and buy them.  Also if you are a favey slavey..I could just put your card in and you pay the monthly subscription.  This offer is only available to favey slaveys I trust.

Verizon gift cards.  you can buy them at Verizon stores or online.  Pay Our shared plan!
Home Depot Gift e-cards or cash!  New washer and dryer
New couch!  Cash and lots of it!

Non Christmas shopping
Lots of shit on sale!!
Flannel Lined Jeans 12Tall for Me slavey davey
Jacket in Peak Blue size Tall L slavey davey
Flannel PJ bottoms size Tall L in Bordeaux *

NorthFace Jacket in Yellow size L

Burnout Moose Tee size L in pink!

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Blog is gonna look weird again

Blog is gonna look weird again

I totally have to get rid of the old template, unfortunately.  It doesn’t look so hot on phone browsers and it’s breaking because it’s so old.  Things are gonna look kinda funny for a bit and some things won’t work.

In other news, I got $500 recurring payment from a slave who is hiding out.  (you know who you are!  Resistance is futile!)  $250 moneypak from some random guy, $75 more from the arab sand flea, prezzies from hairlip and Princess fan.

The weather is warming up a bit! Oh winter, go away!! Oh and I TOTALLY love MY Canada Goose fur hat!

Note to slavey davey:  The Eddie Bauer sweater you ordered, never came!  Report back to duty to get ME something else.

MotherPucker in Nude and Clear hairlip
MotherPucker Gloss Get Clear, BabyDoll and Candy Gloss  I wear this daily! hairlip
Clear Powder .3 oz **asap hairlip
Foundation get Vanilla hairlip
Sephora Concealer brush  hairlip

Eddie Bauer
Vest on Clearance!  Get Tall L, in grey
Vest On Clearance! Get Tall L, in Teal toiletbrush

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Share the shame!


So HRC was looking at a dead body when I sent Her this message.  She said My view was more disturbing. hahahaha!    you probably can’t really see what it is..but it’s a picture of an IM sent of a picture of a picture of senor doggy attempting a headstand on his hotel bed.  (I spared Her the nude version of the headstand)  he sent $500 and was actually mildly amusing on Skype last night.  Yes boys, sometimes your pathetic texts and pictures are shared to MY friends to laugh (puke) at.  They often complain they can’t un-see the shit I send them. hahaha whoops!

mrobot activate!  you never answered My question about billing!

Someone bought My Ma some slippers off MY wishlist!  Good boys.  you can do some of MY Christmas shopping this year.  Check MY Amazon often to spread the Holiday Cheer!

We are replacing all Our slippers and auctioning off the icky old ones.  I will be getting a picture of HRC’s tonight.

Here’s Stevie’s well-worn fuzzy slippers.  Send Me an email and your highest bid!


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