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$500 Amazon Gift Card from wankalot and $500 cash!  Picture of the GC.

$200 from b from Oregon.  he never says anything, just keeps sending little tributes.

doomed brit did $1,000 yesterday!!  That makes his maker very happy!  I was searching old blogs and doomed brit has been getting fucked over by Me on a regular basis for at least 12 years!  he’s one of those assholes who swear ME off after every binge.   Sooo lame!

VERIZON GIFT CARDS  Send $300 to upgrade MY phone to Iphone 6.    you can also send them to cover Our shared plan which is around $180 a month.  Another option is to march down to your local Verizon store and buy the GC’s and send them to Me!  Or if you are due an upgrade, get Iphone 6 (not the plus)  send it to ME and keep your old phone for yourself.

Down Vest size Tall L in Black  ** really want!  slavey davey

Slouch Pants size Tall L in Black
Half Zip Top size Tall L in Charcoal

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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