doomed brit can’t quit!

Upate:  $500 more from fagarella

doomed brit just sent $1,200!  I’m smiling ear to ear!   brit…keep drinking and send another $500!  And stop throwing  out your ridiculous photo props!  you know you can’t quit ME but for a few weeks!  I’ve been dicking you over half your fucking life, asshole!!   Lucky little hairlip has been getting his wallet wrung out so hard!  Not only has he been sending his 3xday small tributes, he has been buying MY GF lunch during the week day, paying for our dinners on the weekend and buying the HOLY TRINITY goodies constantly!

Macys  (use code  if sale still running)
Macy’s Tie-Dye top get L slavey davey
Lucky Brand Top size L
Lucky  Tasseled Top size L
Top on Sale size L in Blue

Hippie Earrings
Cross Necklace get 16 and request adjustable clasp in notes hairlip
Wing and Bar Necklace  hairlip

FAR Hair Gel  get 2

Soft Surroundings
Bedding get coverlet in Queen Pomegranate and 2 matching Shams

Black Jumpsuit get L

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4 thoughts on “doomed brit can’t quit!

  1. avatarfagarella

    Princess, not just doomed brit addicted to You. i am too and very badly. i go into Your site everyday. i dream about You every night. i can’t help staying away from You even at work. You are so beautiful Princess!


  2. avatarDoomed

    You are all F*****.
    If you are reading Princess’s journal it is only a matter of time until you are hooked.


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