pigsnot buys Another Computer for Me!

Update: Another $300 Amazon from pigsnot!

Big pigsnot haul!!  Still need to tally up everything…but well over $3,000 including the latest and greatest Macbook Pro 15″ ($2,000+) for ME!!!  Yeehaw!!!   I will post pictures when the computer get here! I posted pics of the gift cards on tumblr when they were coming in.

I’m not quite exactly sure how much he spent so far because I often trick him along the way by having him send gift cards to cover Amazon items on My wishlist..then while he’s all confused and horny, I force him to buy the item as well. Plus he has a habit of accidentally buying double of things while he’s all dazed and confused! heeeheee!!  I’m still trying to shake the last few dollars out of him.  Let’s see if he has anymore $$$!! (he did! I confiscated!)

Some of the other Amazon loot for Me and My gang!
$100 Clarks shoes
$80 Nike Flex
$62 Keen sandals
Several Under Armour tops and shorts
$80 Under Armour tactical pants
$60 blowdryer
$200 sunglasses
$70 Clarks shoes
$60 Clarks
$280 Vizio Soundbar

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