Here’s MY new Macbook from pigsnot!  Get to clicking pay buttons and wishlist buy buttons!  That’s what you were designed for!

Been awhile since My last update so… off the top of MY head mystery pig sent another $300, twinkie sent $700 (yay!), $100 from slavey davey.   hairlip did $100 Verizon gift card for HRC , $150 for Our Verizon bill PLUS matching $100 bills for Me and HRC. 🙂  $200 more shopping from pigsnot,  $200 from wankalot, $400 from some 74 year old guy who was actually driving around his bedroom in a hover around!  Funniest shit ever!! Yes grand-daddies, send your retirement  $$ to Princess!! hahaha!  I received another $200 of cash in the mail from davidansar.  I made like $2,000 on NF because MY Girlfriend was out of town and I was bored and did calls and made silly ass vines all week.  Shopping from slavey davey, wimpdick and hairlip.  I know I am missing a few other tributes but nothing overly exciting this week.   This means you worthless dung beetles obviously need to work harder!!  And you hiders and bingers  better pull your heads out of your stinking asses and start doing your duty as a men!!

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