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Keep Me Warm! Shopping and spending your $$$$ is HOT!


Just colored My hair again, pantystain!  Pretty huh!? Thought I’d snap a quick one before I went out tonight.  Another frigid night!  Coat by Princess fan.  I think the Uggs wool headband was by hairlip.


Iphone shot of Me and HRC’s new boots by pigsnot! (I’m on the right and I still have the tag on the boot)  I absolutely LOVE HRC’s pair and want the same ones!  Amazon doesn’t have them in MY size.  They are SO adorable! I really want.  They run small and don’t carry 10.5 in Womens so I’m going to go with a man’s 9.  GET THEM NOW!

Downlight Jacket get size L Tall in Purple.

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pigsnot retired for 6 minutes today

Update:  Boo!! pigsnot!  I think they canceled your Ipad!    pigsnot doesn’t cancel I’m sure it was Amazon.  I notice that it’s no longer available Amazon Prime it might have been a stock problem.  Email ME, pigsnot! We need to fix this asap!  you stupid little piss-pig! you should be on top of this! pigsnot contacted ME, Amazon froze his account, waiting to see if they open it.  Annoying! Now it won’t get here by Christmas!

hairlip has been buying lots of awesome goodies!  Opal earrings from Etsy, boots, winter accessories and much more!  he’s also been faithful at sending his daily tributes $10 three times a day. 🙂 slavey davey got Me yet another pair of Hudson jeans and terrance bought a pair of Hudson’s that were on sale!

Yeh, pigsnot said he “quit” again.  But then 6 minutes later I had him squealing like the little cunt-piggy he is!!  he continued shopping!  Since most of his shopping lately has been for MY Sisters, I had him get ME a few things!   he also got MY Sisters’ both Apple TVs.  pigsnot called Me on the phone and started drinking and begged ME to have VTG add more things to Her wishlist, then the little fucker disappeared!  What the hell?  you piece of soft, stinking shit!  I wasn’t done yet!  I hadn’t completely FUBAR’ed you yet!  Get your ass back here pigsnot and spread those cheeks for further fucking!

Oh, My newest slave is turning out to be slightly amusing.   I haven’t named him yet.  he’s going to be clipping coupons like June Booboo to save money!  I sent him out with his grocery list for the week.  he went to Aldi’s to get some generic food.   We will see how far we can stretch  $8.58!  Personally I think he can get TWO weeks out of this!    The less he spends on himself — The more he spends on Me!    So here’s  a shot of his grocery trip.



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Best Time!



Totally freezing up here, but wow it is BEAUTIFUL!  Having an awesome time!  you have SO much to be Thankful for!  A Goddess to love and adore!    Coat bought by pigsnot last winter.

Items have been disappearing off My amazon wishlist!  Hoover Vacuum, awesome pair of Sorel Boots, Slippers, Pj’s, Fleece Jacket, Thermo Running Tights for HRC, a few Eddie Bauer sweater items.  I keep updating it, so keep at it!  Today you might find some sales if you are lucky!

hairlip has been making daily $10 tributes 3 times a day plus doing some shopping.  he  also just sent $200 to spend towards My favorite Curly Hair Salon!

Athleta has a sale 20% off Today Only (Friday)  Get to shopping.  They rarely have sales.

The frigid weather has inspired ME to start looking for more cold weather gear.  Added a shitload of Winter snow boots to My Amazon wishlist.  Get to cracking, boys!  Make your donations at MY new updated DONATION page.

One Diffuser  My stylist recommended this get it now!

Pasasana Sweater L in plum
Tana Top in L Grey
Pants for HRC size small black
Warm pants for HRC size 4 in black
Echo Stripey Hat Grey Heather
Cable Headband in cobblestone
Fairisle gloves in chocolate heather
Echo Matching Gloves  Grey Heather

Cashmere sweater L Grenadine
Striped zip jacket ***L in Rouge
Billabong Sweater S in Dune
Rinah Sweater S

FireSkyResort Gift Cards in Scottsdale AZ about 240/night  buy at least $500 at a time.

Other Stuff
Hair Salon Gift Certificates  both ME and HRC get Our hair done here.

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Pay Day Alerts!

Pay Day Alerts!

wankalot’s inheritance has been completely drained.  No more to get there.

However, all money he spends on Me now is from his normal salary.  This morning he sent $300 cash tributes and cleaned out My entire Sundance catalog wishlist for  $742.000 worth of shopping. 🙂

Note to paypiggies:  If you pay ME, email or text Me your pay schedule.  I am going to set notifications to MY phone alerting ME to each of your paydays so I know what day to bombast you the most.

Cozy Fall and Winter Wardrobe Wishes!
Athleta Workout Clothes
Denim Bettona (reviews say they run small so get Tall Xl in blue)
Straight Up Pant size Tall L in asphalt
Prevail Jacket in size L Black
Denim Bettona in green (will get these after the blue.after I know how they fit)

Fall/Winter Wardrobe
LL Bean Sweater Fleece size Large Dark Turquoise

The Lightning Dock  sir wankalot

Hudson Jeans
Straight Leg in Lux size 31

Camo Top for HRC XS
Leopard Tunic L
Denim Light Wash Top one is XS and one in L
Tunic Sweater L black
Express Perfume  We smelled this and liked it.  Buy!
Cocoon Sweater in Wine size L
Water Tiger sweater size L

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sir wankalot from jerkingham — EPIC findom shakedown!

sir wankalot from jerkingham -- EPIC findom shakedown!

pigsnot!  I hope your jealous that someone else has been all up in MY Amazon wishlist..showing ME a good time ever since you pulled another disappearing act!  you better come out of hiding and show Me and MY crew that you still gots what it takes to sassify Our never-ending greed!! hahahahaha!!  5 new Iphones might do it!

Update: 9:41 p.m.  I found out where sir wankalot has gotten all this money!!! his grandma died and left him a small inheritance!!   Correction, left ME a small inheritance!   I think we are up to around $34,000 right now!!!  My head is spinning!   So while he was as at dinner..I kept texting him, telling him how much fun we would have when he got home.   he was sitting there with wood all through dinner and texting Me how much  he wanted to run straight home to his shower ME with his money.  After much persistence I found out where this money came from.  And yes, MY little minions..I will enjoy spinning every last dime!  VICTORY POSE!! I AM THE MASTER, bitches!!!

sir wankalot had to go out for some dinner thing.  I told him I’d be here fluffing My wishlist for him.  Getting it warmed up for him..buttering it up, just for MY little sir wankalot! Yeh, when Princess says She’s getting Her wishlist “ready” for you–so She can ravage your wallet when you get back should make you feel like She’s putting Her sexiest red panties on JUST for you.

Update 3:08 p.m.  $19,000!!! For fucking REEEEAL!!!!!!!!!   you know what also rocks about sacking a sad shit for thousands of dollars!!?!  It’s 3 p.m..I’ve been up since 9 and I haven’t eaten a damned thing because I am so high on adrenalin and busy updating MY wishlist and looking for ways to squander his money!  I might wake up a lb skinnier tomorrow!  Bonus!

Update:  Total for today so far is $16,900.  he already started adding it I will post!  SQUeeeeeeee!

Oh Fucking Joy and Rapture!! I woke up today with $500 from sir wankalot!  I sent him an email encouraging him to send more and went back to sleep.  Woke up again to another $500 donation.but this one is monthly recurring. Followed by another $1,000 non recurring donation!  Yowza!  This totally perked ME up and I got out of bed! As I sipped MY coffee, more enormous donations and prezzies rolled in!  I don’t want to put up current tally because I don’t want him adding up everything he has done — because it might freak his ass out!     When he has been milked dry I will announce his tally!  Hell yah!!  ME and MY girlfriend were dancing around the laptop like two evil witches laughing Our asses off!  A big binger always puts a smile on MY face and makes ME feel all spazzy hyper happy!

pantystain bought Me a lovely orange nightgown and sent $100 tribute.  Those little arrow earrings came and they are perfect.  Love them!   twinkie sent $200 and spent a few hundred off MY amazon wishlist.

I am happy as a peach today!

Update: gayson FASTEST wank in the West!!!   No phone call or cam involved.  This is the entirety of gayson’s interaction with ME today!
gayson:  3:17 pm  Princess, I miss you
bitchybeauty:  3:18 pm  Miss MY donation page, asshole!  I’m on a fucking spree today and I’m ready to take your cash too!
gayson:  3:18 pm  paypal?
bitchybeauty:  3:18 pm  that what you usually use?
gayson:  3:19 pm  we change it up
bitchybeauty:  3:19 pm  paypal is great
bitchybeauty:  3:19 pm  500 smackaroos
gayson:  3:21 pm im press send , i love being your bitch
bitchybeauty:  3:22 pm  do it!
gayson:  3:22 pm nobody make my heart pound like u
(his name), you have sent $500.00 USD to (Princess’ name)
bitchybeauty:  3:23 pm  still waiting for paypal to let ME know!
gayson: 3:23 pm  may i cum princess?
bitchybeauty  3:24 pm I got it!  spooge all you want, sucker!
gayson:  3:25 pm  thank you princess
bitchybeauty  3:25 pm  hahahaha  omg I had the best day EVER!
I made 20,000 today plus your 500.  I so rock!
gayson:  3:25 pm  you are the only true princess..enjoy your day goddess
bitchybeauty  3:26 pm  you came?
no seriously!
gayson:  3:26 pm  yes, i need to shower.  i was stroking before i messaged you.
bitchybeauty 3:26 pm   I got to post this..this is your fastest wank yet

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Enslaved for LIFE!

Enslaved for LIFE!

Update: sissy tommikins sucked another dick tonight.for 3 friggin hours!  This time he went to the guys apartment.  he found him on the internet.  After being this guy’s cockslave for 3 hours he ran straight home and sent Me $500!!  A perfect day for a sissy! yay tommikins!

Update:  Guess who just did a bit more shopping after putting in his official “resignation” of pig shopping slavery?  Let Me give you a clue!  he’s old, fat, yellow bellied and covered with goo!  pigsnot!  It was only $113 worth of merchandise (sports bras and video games) but I’m sure there is more to come!  Wow pigsnot, “broke up” with Us for an entire 36 hours.   he was back before he even read MY rant about him being “done”.  hahahaha!  Never a dull moment with piggy-pervies!  As long as there is a wish in Our hearts, as long as there are new Apple product on the market, as long as there is a beer in your belly and a drop of sperm in your shriveled little will always be Our shopping pig!  XOXOXO, happy shopping pigsnot!

So many gifts piled on Me and My posse’s front porches this last week!  pigsnot did another $700 worth of shopping.  As usual, he told Me he was “done”. hahaha!  How many times has he said that??!!  10 computers and 9 ipads later he is still saying it!  pigsnot, you need a beer, a Viagra and a swift kick in the balls!  I own you!  We own you!  you’ve said you were done 2 dozen times before and guess what!?  you come back over and over!  Every corner of MY house reminds ME how weak you are!  My big screen TV, My huge Apple Desk top,  My printers, My ipods,  My shiny Nest Thermostat hanging on the wall, My boots, My leather jackets, the laptop in the bedroom, the laptop in the den, the laptop in the living room, the little tiny laptop I travel with.  I go over to HRC’s or Stevie’s and I am reminded again how weak you are!  Their big screen TVs, their phones, their computers, ipads, digital cameras, video games and gobs of gadgets..ALL PAID for by pigsnot!!!!  bitch, if it plugs in to the wall, you most likely bought it for US!  We got more Apples than the Apple store up in here!!  lol ! lol! lol!   We are updating Our wishlists and you will continue to shop–because that was what you were born to do!    Get to it, old man!


Ok, so ukraine sent $500 and bought Me $200 pair of jeans. 🙂  slavey davey sent $300 cash and a rocking pair of outdoorsy distressed Frye boots.  Very high quality pair of boots.  I am very pleased with them.  Sent tommikins our tab for today.had a few drinks at the Wing shop.  Of course he happily picked up the tab like the good little sissy wimp that he is.

screwy stewy picked up all the items we needed to pimp out the new white bike plus bought some more surprises!

$400 from some new guy with a thing for legs.

ludgerella! you fat pink german sissy!  Oh you deutschland dicklicker!!   Get your ass on your computer, I am compiling a HUGE shopping list just for you!


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Chores for My Whores

Chores for My Whores

My Netflix gift card is expiring in a few days! Somebody buy ME a new one quickly!  Get 12 months! pantystain

Guess who sent ME yet another $500 cash last night!!  sissy tommikins!!!  he also sucked another dick!

Who bought the green awning mat?  First I thought screwy stewy bought it, but he reviewed his orders and it’s not there.  However he sent ME $70 to cover it when he saw the note I posted! hahahaha!   If you bought the awning mat, email ME.  I want to return it.

screwy stewy, email ME the order # for the outdoor carpet you sent ME.  I’ve decided that I won’t need it .  Another slave bought ME a beautiful colorful one and I think I will only need it, not the huge green one.  Also send ME the order # for the flip-flops.  I need to exchange them for a size larger, they run small.


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