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Pay While We Play

Pay While We Play

loopy4legs midnight update:  he spent $200 on a pair of Michael Kors shoes which are most likely going to be WAY too high for Me to ever want to wear in public.  So My plan is to take a few pics in them and sell them back to him for $1,000 the next time he buys coke.  he can snort it out of MY shoe which I’m sure will make it even more potent and kill even MORE brain cells!!   Hurray!!   he also sent another stray $100.  lame.

loopy4legs Update: $400 more cash and a Cache dress for $180.  Omg!  I lost track of all the cash he spent today!  My fun might be done for the night because his adult aged son just sent him a message warning him to “delete his phone” because mom is pissed at him for something!  HAHAHAHA  Greatest Day Eva!

Update: loopy4legs coked-up spend-binge!  $200 prepaid card, $300 prepaid card, $250 prepair card, $600 Cash, $300 Credit Card tribute, $250 BestBuy gift card!!  I already used the Best Buy to buy another DropCam.  I then sent him wired on coke to Macy’s and he spent $400 on this Michael Kors purse.  First we were looking at a cheaper purse, but I told the Macy’s woman on the phone to get the more expensive one instead.  he was pleasantly surprised when she rung him up.

loopy for legs popped out of recovery!  Coked up and ready to pay!    Time for him to start snorting and hitting CVS for rechargeable credit cards!  he’s buying the cards now…and saying “yes Boss” in front of the cashier.  lol  Fun with cokeheads!

slave d’s recurring $500 payment came through this weekend!!  speedy dick sent $500 as We drove home from the campground and terrance sent $400 last night while We watched TV.    Awww…nothing like getting cash whilst away from the computer. 🙂

We had a fun time this weekend.  Fishing sucked.  But We had a ball.  We broke  several of our fishing poles and I put a few more on My wishlist which were immediately purchased by wimpdick and slavey davey.  Good boys for answering the call of duty so quickly!  Lots of other items disappeared off My wishlist this weekend.  We are going to be heading out again early next week to camp again.  I want to hit this state park during the week because weekends are just too crowded.  We will probably do a lot of biking because this place is suppose to have several beautiful bike trails.

Remember wimpdick who sent his wedding ring to ME and who’s wife divorced him for catching him crossdressing in Her clothing?  I predicted his wife would divorce him well before it happened and that she would replace him with someone else.   She did of course and I am sure she is much happier now.  wimpdick will now be put on a strict cocksucking schedule.   Canadian sissies: shoot ME an email if you want to shoot down wimpdick’s throat.  he needs as much cocksucking practice as possible!

crunk go buy 2 more bottles of Vodka!  I want you drunk all week!


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Need re-programming? It’s time to erase your hard-drive!

Need re-programming?  It's time to erase your hard-drive!

mrobot had a little glitch for a few months and was not answering Me when I sent command files to him!  BAD ROBOT!  I am now re-tweaking him and wiping his old files and updating his systems!  mrobot is PROGRAMMED to pay!  mrobot is PROGRAMMED to obey!  I know you are reading this mrobot. hahaha!  I got $400 from him and he is now busily writing 500 sentences to help clear his brain of the thoughts of the man he once was.  john is dead and has been replaced with mrobot!  john has been completely PURGED from your system!

gayson the quickest wank in the West just called and dropped $500 at My feet.  he blew his load as soon as I ran his card for the amount.   What a fucking LOSER! muahahahaha!

BOOTS!! Motorcycle helmets and tough chick shoes!

See that back wall used to be unfinished.  The bead-board spruced it up.  The paint is actually crazy bright yellow.for some reason it looked orangey in the photo.  Still have to put one more coat of paint on the bead-board though.  This is My laundry-room/mud room/boot closet.  Keep in mind this is just My FAVORITE boots. I have scads of shelves and closets of lesser worn boots.  you can also see some of MY motorcycle helmets and MC walky-talky stuff in the photo. There’s 2 more shelves of boots on this wall that wouldnt fit in the photo. HAHA! There is a closet in this room chock full of leather jackets, chaps, coats and boots boot boots!  All purchased by YOU fucking freaks! Tall boots, short boots, brown boots, black boots, biker boots, dress boots, hiking boots.  I heart boots!  you are so lucky to serve such a Bad Ass Bitch! Do you see a pair of boots you bought Me in the photo?  Pinch yourself, loser!

Oh I am going to need 2 small framed prints/art for this wall.   Something super bright.  Will be posting them as soon as I spend sometime perusing art websites.

Oh and don’t forget!  I still want this piece for My living room!   Get it! For some reason it calls to Me!! Or you can Paypal Me $330 so I can ship it straight to My home.  Contact ME for the size, frame and matting I want.  I need it pretty large sized.



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you LOVE me long time!

you LOVE me long time!

$300 from a new guy..Friday after he sends $100 he will have earned his nickname.  This new one is turning out to be very easy to fuck with.  Very impressionable little mind! hahaha!   Another $100 from fatmac plus lots of shopping for Me and MY crew!  Victoria Secrets, Gap, Express. he also bought some items from amazon.  We hit all his store credit cards and re-maxed them.  I send him MY demands on his mobile while he’s at work.  I OWN that big blob — heart and soul! he feeds and wardrobes Me and all My Besties!   Princess fan spent $100 today and will be buying a few more items tonight. $700 from amsterdam ham!  he and I had fun getting him all inebriated.  he passed out on his webcam.  What a light-weight!  Expecting another $400 cash in the mail from fagarina sent tomorrow–pay day.

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Who is going to pay for Our night of fine dining?!  You know we like to get dressed up and hit some place elegant on V-day. So Romantic..so expensive.  Yes you love to keep the Sappho’s Sirens in the lap of luxury! Wealth, comfort and easy living for Me and all My Gal-pals! hahaha!  SEND DA LOVE ON VALENTINE’S DAY!

toiletbrush’s package from WhiteHouseBlackMarket showed up! Loved all the items and they fit beautifully!  Get back to Me for more shopping and blue pill dropping!

That stupid french asshole who bought that dress I wanted to exchange, cant find the order #..so I can’t exchange it.  I’ll be wearing the ugly thing around the house and giving it to the highest bidder.  Yes,  My naked flesh will be inside this chintzy,  see-thru dress for an entire day.  It’s too big and stretchy..so most of you will fit.  Well. besides fatmac.  Email Me if you want to buy it and how much it’s worth to you.

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More piggy prezzies porn!

More piggy prezzies porn!

So here we have 2 Express Jackets, 2 Tops from the Buckle, $99 Cowboyish Roar Top for Her Royal Copness, 1 Michael Kor Leather Jacket (sale $260), G Star Aviator Leather Jacket $600, $320 worth of kitchen knives and Nars Blush.  And We are expecting more goodies tomorrow!  Do you think We have enough leather jackets??? I don’t think so..that’s why I am going to add the Michael Kor in brown to MY list! haha! The GStar looks simply SUBLIME and this Michael Kor jacket fit to perfection! We love our prezzies, piggies!

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Goodies Galore!

Prezzy storms hits Ohio!  Stuff is still coming in!  Lots of soft supple leather too! Yummy!
Tempurpedic pillow also showed up today and some other stuff I didn’t bother photographing. More stuff is still expected! Shopping opportunities still available! Get them while it’s hot, bitchboys!

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Princess’ Shopping Demands

Princess' Shopping Demands

fatmac bought 6 tops at the Buckle today. heehee! he’s soo hooked! twinkie sent $400 towards Our trip.

Get this belted top from WHBM in size Large.  Order now, so I will have for My upcoming trip.
Get this top from WHBM in size Large

Get this top in RED in size L.  Boston Proper
Ruched Leopard top size L Boston Proper
Print top in large

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