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Almost $6,000 Cash in the Mail Today!!

Update Saturday night: I just got a $500 Amazon Gift Card from Zippy!  I’m grinning ear to ear!   Yay yay yay!!  Where you go, Zippy!?

Woot Woot!! I got a SLEW of envelopes in the mailbox today! 13 envelopes crammed with $5,920 cash from lezzys’toy!   I couldn’t even properly FAN MY cash for the photo because My hand was cramping trying to hold it all!  But that’s $6,000 in My Holy Hand!  Here’s a link of MY money spread!   ( Putting all the pics of the cash directly on MY blog was making My site load super slow.)  BEHOLD!  The envelopes before I opened them.   The cash spread of the money inside!  (One of the envelopes actually came from slavey davey and contained a Netflix Gift Card which I promptly redeemed.
I have a few more photos of ME with todays bundle of cash..I’ll be sending a few more pics to lezzystoy and texting them to MY favorite slaves.  lezzystoy you have email!

CASH CASH and MORE CASH –  saving for Our Mountain Dream Home

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Had a Blast!

Stayed in several cities and hotels in California and really had a wonderful time!  We especially enjoyed Our time in Coronado.   hairlip picked up every single tab We had!  What pampered Princesses We are!!    Here I am relaxing My swollen little feeties after an awesome night of fine seafood and wine with a wonderful ocean view.  Here’s one slightly different.

Here I am smiling on the Coronado beach!
Where shall We go next!?

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Getting Ready for Summer!

Getting Ready for Summer!

We are starting up another diet and getting Our bikini bods ready for travel and fun! Time to get us MORE workout gear for spring/summer.  ** denotes priority items

I like to get Mine custom made. This place has all MY measurements and I just send them MY order.  I haven’t decided if i want this print or just all purple.   Pango Pango Swimsuit.  I know I want the drape bottom (without the shirred ass), a halter top and a matching cover-up.  Send $200 to cover it, since I have to order Myself.  screwy stewy

I need some raised beds for the patio to grow vegetables.   I’m thinking about getting these. Send at least $200 gift cards!  ***
Running top size S, plum heather
Bikini Top size S Matching Bottom in S
Presto Shorts size L Black  terrance
Straight Up Pant size L twinkie
Bettona Pant slavey davey
Long Shorts in Black size L  terrance
Striped Headband Heather twinkie
Short Bettona Short for HerRoyalCopness in S black  lezhag
Skort size Tall L in Black   lezhag
Headband in Green  lezhag

Shorts size 4 in Brown lezhag


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Living Goddess to Love and Worship

Update on YouTube:  See Me Diffuse My Royal Curls

Hi man-turds!  Let’s see.  We had a very nice weekend and spent most of it outdoors enjoying the nice weather.  We got a real workout volunteering at an old-folks home taking a little old lady on a nature walk.   We pushed Her 4 miles up a steep trail on this rickety old wheel chair, then fed Her wine and sandwiches in the park after.  Good times!

$200 from screwy stewy, $300 from amsterdam ham, some shopping from pantystain and slavey davey.  I also woke up to $175 from some brand new guy who claims to be 18 years old.  you little fucks need to do your part!  This was not the most lucrative weekend!  What the fuck!!?  Wasn’t it Palm Sunday or something!?  All ya fuckers had your dicks in your palms looking at MY beautiful photos!!  Time to fucking TITHE your monthly paycheck, ya frickin’ heathens!!   If you are sitting there reading this and haven’t tributed lately, it’s fucking HIGH TIME.  Bad things happen to those who disappoint or cross Me.  The universe doesn’t appreciate those who do not sufficiently appreciate their GODDESS!  Show your appreciation before it’s too late!!

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Hey Boys! Let’s bring in 2014 with a BANG! (to your wallet)

Hey Boys! Let's bring in 2014 with a BANG! (to your wallet)

Well, MY  Mom and Sisters were elated this Christmas!  pigsnot spread the Holiday cheer this Christmas with lots of Mac Love!!  3 Mac Book Computers, 2 Apple TVs, 1 Apple Air Pad and a fucking partridge in  a pear tree!!    he even did a bit more after-Christmas shopping and picked up more accessories, 3 pairs of boots, Uggs and Sorel slippers and a few other goodies!  There’s a slew of other items he bought during the shopping spree!  What a dumb pig-cunt he is!  We LOVE it!!!  My new Ipad Air is I-Fabulous!! The Retina looks so great and it’s so light.   pigsnot, you made 2013 Da Bomb!!  I expect 2014 will even be more fun with  lots of pigsnot shopping sprees!!  Yaaaaaaay!

I received a $300 donation from a sub in India today!  Wow.  Indian subs are generally the biggest ass munches on the planet.  Most are big time wasters  and passive aggressive perverts but this new sub seemed quite polite and sent his tribute before introducing himself.  hairlip has been paying his $30 a daily tributes religiously for 2 months now. 🙂  Also today, pantystain got a robe off MY wishlist and slavey davey bought $100 Southwest Airline GC.

twinkie bought the Drop Cam off My wishlist and I love it SO much I want at least 2 more!  Thing is great!  We can monitor the house on Our Iphones when We are traveling, yell at Her dogs and get alerts if there are strange sounds or motions in the house.  For $10 a month you can have the video stored for a week at a time.    Buy more Drop Cams and Southwest Airline tickets off My Amazon wishlist NOW!

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