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Spoil Me Rotten!

Spoil Me Rotten!

Update: Just received $200 WholeFoods gc from some guy named david. 🙂 Yay, I love surprises from guys I don’t know! Good boy! Feel free to send more!  We will probably go grocery shopping tomorrow.

twinkie did some more shopping! Cache had some dresses I wanted on sale, so he got Me two–a pink one and a blue one. Perfect dresses for the summer!  sissy tommikins had quite the  slutty adventure last night.  Generally, he visits adult bookstores for his trysts with strange dick..but last night he visited one of those adult  movie theaters!  he got to suck mystery pricks with an audience!  he even got accosted by really bad trannies!  tommikins sent another $300 and will be writing a blog about his adventure.

Just received $300 from some guy named marc.  I always hate marc’s with a “c”.  Something is wrong with every single one of them!  This guy was the most boring call on the planet.  Thank Goddess it was a short call!  marc with a c,  you need to send another $300 for boring ME silly!  you were absolutely NOT amusing.

$500 from toejamjam. Pathetic little toejam lover.  he’s still fiending for female toejam.  I don’t know what type of skanky women’s feet he had to worship to find “toe jam”.

Survived the storm.  So many people are without electricity right now..the power company said it could be 5-7 days and people are FREAKING out.  Plus it’s INCREDIBLY hot so hotels are all filled and people are tweeking.  I think it was the worst wind storm I have ever experienced.   I still have electricity but I did lose a few shingles off the roof.

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cashcow pigsnot gets hardcore milking!

cashcow pigsnot gets hardcore milking!

Noticed that simon sent $200 a few days ago I didn’t notice until now.  Just got $400

pigsnot I put the wrong TV on MY list! boohoo!! If there is any way possible see if you can cancel it and get THIS ONE instead!  If not, I will exchange it for that one. 🙁 boo!  Send ME a message here and let Me know if you could cancel and re-order or not.  They better send ME a fucking packing slip!

pigsnot watch 12:04 a.m.  Looks like after the first shopping sprees and repurchases of items that didn’t come first try, he has now done another $6,000 worth of NEW shopping!  What have the rest of you numbnuts done for Me lately???  pigsnot!! you still out there, you liquored up loser?? I hope so! I also hope they are still letting you use your card!!  We are still managing to find things we don’t have already on amazon!  We are replenishing our wishlist!

pigsnot watch 10:35 p.m.  Software, Dyson Fan and Ipod Nano purchased!  I’ll tally up our spoils again!

pigsnot watch 10:20 p.m.  piggy’s emails keep getting more difficult to understand because he is sooo boozed up!  you still owe Me a Dyson fan, a few pair of shoes and the Dreamweaver software!!  We are keeping track, pussypig!

pigsnot watch 8:10 p.m He got My tv!!  he’s drinking!  Looks like we are DEFINITELY staying in for the evening!

pigsnot watch! Oooh somebody is online right this second, punching the the BUY button!  We might even stay in on a Friday night just so we can keep updating our greedy wishlists!  Are you going to be home alone and wimpified tonight, piggy snot boy??  Would you like to have a little Friday date-night with sweet Stevie and precious Princess??  Perhaps Me and Her will hang around in our jamjams, drinking wine at Her house, while perusing amazon on our two adorable matching Mac Baby Airbooks while you sit there far far away somewhere over the internet with your little pud pounding in your piggy panties, spending THOUSANDS of more dollars on Us??  Whatcha say, dumdum?

Update: Go pigsnot! Go!  Get the TV! Get the TV!  Stop skipping it over!  you know you will cave soon, anyway!  HA! Don’t stop shopping! yaay!  So far I think I see around $2,800 purchased between our two outrageous wishlists! We keep watching items disappearing and it’s making us drunk on our own AWESOMENESS!  hahahaha!


Got My Soundsticks III computer speakers set up!  They sound great! It’s soo easy to get everything working with My Macs.  Everything networked so effortlessly.

pigsnot is still buying occasional gifts!  Both of us updated our lists and expect those items to disappear!  Both of us are ready to SPANK dat wallet again!  I reeeally want that TV.  Make it happen!  I’ve added the Apple Protection to MY list and some software for MY new computers! We’ve added some matching items, as well.  Double your credit card debt, Double OUR FUN! Put your porky snout to the floor and start SQUEEEEEALING!

Cash to pay for Our matching Ipad 2’s can be sent to:
SIERRA HORIZONS 6478 Winchester Blvd #901 Canal Winchester OH  43110  Send $1400 just to be safe. 🙂  Stevie and I are planning another night out on the town next week.   This means photo opportunities!  Perhaps if we are inspired deeply by a thoroughly RAVAGED amazon wishlist, We will take some creative shots especially for our personal shopping sow!  Wouldn’t that be a treat for our lil porkchop?

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you need MY greed!

Leather Boots size 10
Another Leather Jacket (I love My other Michael Kors leather jacket) size L

Update again: Those of you buying Me apparel from whitehouseblackmarket,  I have a coupon that last til 12.26.1010
If you buy $125 of stuff get $25 off using code 9498.
Purchases of $200 or more get $50 of using code 9500

Truck needs new tires!  We’re looking at around $1500.  ya know how Princess loves Her pickup.  So step up and keep Me safe on the roads!  BUY MY TIRES! (if you decide you want to pay for them all by yourself.email Me for a payment link)

Updated the list a bit.  oliver gave another $500! hahaha! Now that’s the holiday spirit, faggot!


Black skirt size 13
Stripe Bustier size 12
Jacket size 14
Evening pants 14 Long hairlip
Embroidered Leather Skirt size 12 $$$pig
Haute and Naughty Mascara fatmac
Jeans from Alloy
size 13 / 35″ inseam fatmac
Get this lipstick in UNLIMITEDfatmac and hairlip
Stacking Rings from Etsy (will mix n match these with the stacking rings hairlip already got ME) size 6.5 hairlip
Sweater Dress size L twinkie
My favorite HealthWise Shakes (get 3 packs of 6)

Buckle Top
Krash and Burn Top
Daytrip Top

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