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Generous Goddess Takes your Cash!

I think this is the dress I will be sending pantystain.  Aren’t I the sweetest this week?  Now send your cash, assholes!

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Mystery Meat!

Mystery Meat!

Update: Another $100 Netflix received from some mystery meat who posted the Netflix code on My journal and signed it “a male”.  Oh exciting!  I hereby dub thee “mystery meat“.  haha!!  How about some Verizons GC’s too now!?  Woohoo!  Don’t be shy.  Reveal yourself and shop again!

So, between the $200 Netflix GC’s between pantystain and mystery meat, we now have enough Netflix credit.  Start working on Our joint Verizon bill!

I forgot, I still need Netflix GC’s . Get off your lily white, flabby asses and get Me a year subscription!  pantystain sent $100 Netflix!  Still want another gift certificate for MY gf’s house since we watch movies at both.

***Pay Our Verizon bills***!  We all use Verizon. Send copious amounts of Verizon gift cards and pay our phone bill!

ETSY GIFTCARDS Tons of pretties on Etsy I want.

Sapphire Tee twinkie
Braided Sleeve Tee twinkie
Square neck striped dress large

-More Etsy Jewelry
Beautiful Topaz and Opal Stacking Ring set $200 and purchased by fatmac
Colorful Stacking Rings size 6.5
Silver hoops with smokey quartz
Silver spotted hoops
Dimpled silver earrings

-Danier Leather
This place is difficult to shop at.  Hopefully they will get online shopping soon!  Canadians, Canucks!:  Locate a Danier store by you and go get Me this item in size Large.  Red Leather Jacket  The rest of you have to call them and place your order by phone.

More News!
screwystewy spent around $470.  ring, printer, tops and necklace  fagarella just sent his last $73.  lame

sissy tommikins not only bought the new Ipod but the Bose SoundDock to go with it.  I love when My minions get to fulfilling MY wishes as soon as they are posted!

$400 from toe jam jam

toiletbrush it’s times to send your money again! I’ll be ready for your begging phone call.

It snowed a bunch last night so I’m totally staying in for the next few days and maxing cards, snatching cash and fucking lives over!  Join in the Winter fun!  We had a great Christmas!  Gifts were stacked high and the majority were all from Cyber Santa Perverts!!  Which mean YOU!

I already tore down that annoying, pine needle molting Christmas tree.  Worst tree ever!  Half the needles fell off and they were so sharp.  Never again!  Bring in the New Year right!  Make a Resolution to serve your Princess, Lord and Master even better than the year before!



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Stunning Goddess rapes your wallet & Rocks your world!

One look into MY eyes and sissy tommikins instantly lost $700! Then I sent a picture of wearing items he sent ..and of course he had to send even more!!  ANOTHER $500!!  And by the end of the call he sent one last $100. TOTAL $1300, several tops from The Express and a $70 Miss Me top.

Hey pigsnot! I have a few pics of Me “saluting” you.  Here’s one!  Email ME if you want a few more birdie shots! I was definitely thinking of you when I flashed that finger!  I like this pic..I look very Wonder Woman-esque!

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fun-time sissy cock slut! you should be one too!

fun-time sissy cock slut! you should be one too!

sissyboys!  We are working on doing some new SissyShack.com banners.  Send in your photos of you all dressed up.  No webcam shots. I need clear photos. Bright sissy outfit–not just pics of dicks! Nobody gives a shit about your pin-dick and nobody EVER wants to look at it.  Send them in and you  might be exposed on many sites for years to come on a sissyshack.com official banner! Doesn’t that sound dreamy??

Speaking of sissyboys, guess who spent $450 last night? sissy tommikins, the fun-time sissy cock slut!  he’s a perfect specimen of dick-slurpin’ sissywimp panty-boy!  he pays EVERY month! Every fucking month and has for fucking YEEEEEARS!  And in return he gets to suck cock.  Loads of cock! Ooodles and cockdoodles of stinky-ass, cheesey, cream-filled erect penises!  he sucks more dick than a damned porn star!  he’s so special he gets to see more personal photos, gets personal texts from Me and got to chitchat with ME and hear MY laughter for at least an hour the other night!  hahaha!  Don’t you wish you were this special?  Well you ain’t!  Start paying ME big time and be a Supa Special sissy gimp!

Missed a bunch of texts the last few days because phone was being funky.  It’s fixed now.  If I did not reply to your text, it’s either because you annoy the Bjesus out of Me, I was busy, or maybe MY phone was fucked that day.

Oh ludger, you are pissing Me off.  Look what I found.


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