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Beauty and Her beasts!

Beauty and Her beasts!

$500 from sissy tommikins today!  he also sucked one dick tonight, but wasn’t very excited about it because it was a puny one.  tommikins is a total size-queen now!  I’m sending him out in the next day or two to suck a few more cum-filled long-dongs!  $100 from pantystain, $200 from slavey davey, $400 from terrance, $500 from moomoo suckaroo, $200 from doomed brit.  Good gawd, he’s vile!!  doomed brit! Send another $100, you fat fuck!

doomed brit — gag!

Lots of athletic wear ordered by fatmac and slavey davey!  HRC got a new jacket and an ammo pouch from pantystain and work-out pants and shorts from fatmac.  Lots of other stuff has been disappearing off My amazon wishlist!! Keep up the shopping.

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My boys make My life so easy!

My boys make My life so easy!

tom the turd sent $200 amazon GC for the Boho Chic bedspread and pillow shams!  It’s about time you came out of hiding and started doing your turdly duties, tom turd!  Keep it coming!

$500 from sissy tommikins!  HA!  he drove by the adult bookstore and there were a few police cruisers parked in no dick today for tommikins.  Total frownie face!

Received $100 cash from pantystain in the mail. Received $100 from fratboy slave.who is no longer a fratboy.he’s just a cheap fat boy.

The other day we went to Home Depot so fatmac quickly sent an Home Dept E-certificate to cover some of Our purchases.  After Our shopping, we went out for dinner and sent him another picture of Our tab and he quickly covered that! fatmac is so fucking under MY pretty thumb!

On another re-decorating rampage. Re-painted the laundry room and re-did a dresser in there.  Having My local boy install white bead-board wainscoting to cover up some brick in the laundry room.  Yay!  Accepting HomeDepot and Lowes gift certificates.  I know most of you have a Home Depot credit card.  Get your ass to H.D. and buy gift cards if you want to use your store credit because they won’t let you buy H.D. gift cards with H.D. credit cards for some reason.

Buy Me HomeDepot E-gift cards!

MORE ETSY GIFT CARDS!  I am so addicted to Etsy! Art, decor, jewelry, oils!

Why is the Boho Chic bedding still on My Amazon Wishlist, you skanky hoes?! fulfilled by tom the turd

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sissy tommikins’ dick log

sissy tommikins' dick log

My favorite cocksuckatomatic, sissy tommikins sucked 3 juicy cocks tonight.   he has swallowed countless cocks for Me.  We have no record so we can’t really estimate the exact number, so I decided he needed to start keeping a log from now on. he also sent $500!  What a good boy he has been the last few years.  you should all be very jealous of him!

$200 from pantystain plus several items from My amazon wishlist. 🙂   The dutiful screwystewy also has purchased a few wishlist items as well. terrance sent $700 and purchased several hundred dollars worth of items I wanted.  (framed art and decor)

Clean it out, you little bitches!

ETSY GIFTCARDS Tons of pretties on Etsy I want.

-Natori Josie Shimmy size L

Black and White Chevron Top size Large toiletbrush
Space-Dye Stripe Sweater size Large   toiletbrush
BlackHardware Top size Large   toiletbrush
Square neck striped dress Large   toiletbrush

-More Etsy Jewelry
Colorful Stacking Rings size 6.5
Silver hoops with smokey quartz
Silver spotted hoops
Dimpled silver earrings

-Danier Leather
This place is difficult to shop at.  Hopefully they will get online shopping soon!  Canadians, Canucks!:  Locate a Danier store by you and go get Me this item in size Large.  Red Leather Jacket  The rest of you have to call them and place your order by phone.

Whoever bought Me this black dress, send Me the order#. I need to exchange. It’s made of terrible material.  I think it was a guy from france. Amazon has been really shitty lately about including receipts in all their shipments!  I only have a few more weeks to do an exchange so hurry the fuck up and send ME the info!

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Prettiness Pays!

Prettiness Pays!

My New shots are already shrinking brains and wallets!  The goodies are coming in!  sissy tommikins bought Me the newest ipod.  So now both Me and Her Royal Copness have brand new ipods purchased by tommikins! $100 from pantystain, $500 from the ukraine,  $400 from the italian prisoner.  Goodies continue to disappear from My amazon wishlist!   Keep the cash flowing, boys!!

Pic of some of our latest gifts. (Love the red coat! So warm!)

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Stunning Goddess rapes your wallet & Rocks your world!

One look into MY eyes and sissy tommikins instantly lost $700! Then I sent a picture of wearing items he sent ..and of course he had to send even more!!  ANOTHER $500!!  And by the end of the call he sent one last $100. TOTAL $1300, several tops from The Express and a $70 Miss Me top.

Hey pigsnot! I have a few pics of Me “saluting” you.  Here’s one!  Email ME if you want a few more birdie shots! I was definitely thinking of you when I flashed that finger!  I like this pic..I look very Wonder Woman-esque!

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Hot Hot Hot! Paying Princess is even hotter!

Hot Hot Hot! Paying Princess is even hotter!

Hi boys!  Princess is on day 3 of the Paleo diet.  Let’s see how long til I get bored with this one.  So many crazy diets on the market these days!    Make your donations because grass fed meats are EXPENSIVE!  FEED ME!  Holy Fuckoly is it hot!  I don’t do well in the heat.  Princess has the AC cranked to the max 24/7!  Let’s see, got a bunch of boxes today.  A bunch of Paleo food cooking stuff..Coconut Oil, Almond flour, ect ect.  The freight place called and said My toolbox for the truck will be delivered tomorrow.  Items from Cache have been coming in and that modern looking ring I have been wanting. 🙂  Got My front porch stained this weekend so I had to walk  almost all the way to MY garage to get MY boxes in this heat!  Oh the humanity!  Hope to get the rest of the Deck stained in the next few weeks.

Items that still have not been purchased! Princess is not pleased!

More shopping opportunities! Hudson jeans, I just can’t get enough of them.
Hudson Beth Baby Boot Jeans size 30
Oceanside Boot Jeans size 30

Nightgown from Natori.get pink it’s on sale. size L

Tropical Top size L

New Bedding! Want to redo My bedroom decor.  Want this in natural.

toiletbrush $1,000 will solve all your problems.  Bitching, crying and being a dick..will just make you new ones.

you little fucks exist to make ME happy!  That’s the ONLY reason you exist!  When you cease to make Me cease to have a reason to exist.  Don’t ever forget it!

I’m very happy to accept Whole Foods Gift Cards.  Click and buy a big one to feed Me and My girl!

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fun-time sissy cock slut! you should be one too!

fun-time sissy cock slut! you should be one too!

sissyboys!  We are working on doing some new banners.  Send in your photos of you all dressed up.  No webcam shots. I need clear photos. Bright sissy outfit–not just pics of dicks! Nobody gives a shit about your pin-dick and nobody EVER wants to look at it.  Send them in and you  might be exposed on many sites for years to come on a official banner! Doesn’t that sound dreamy??

Speaking of sissyboys, guess who spent $450 last night? sissy tommikins, the fun-time sissy cock slut!  he’s a perfect specimen of dick-slurpin’ sissywimp panty-boy!  he pays EVERY month! Every fucking month and has for fucking YEEEEEARS!  And in return he gets to suck cock.  Loads of cock! Ooodles and cockdoodles of stinky-ass, cheesey, cream-filled erect penises!  he sucks more dick than a damned porn star!  he’s so special he gets to see more personal photos, gets personal texts from Me and got to chitchat with ME and hear MY laughter for at least an hour the other night!  hahaha!  Don’t you wish you were this special?  Well you ain’t!  Start paying ME big time and be a Supa Special sissy gimp!

Missed a bunch of texts the last few days because phone was being funky.  It’s fixed now.  If I did not reply to your text, it’s either because you annoy the Bjesus out of Me, I was busy, or maybe MY phone was fucked that day.

Oh ludger, you are pissing Me off.  Look what I found.


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