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Sacred Findomyou might have noticed that I have been very lazy and haven’t updated MY blog in a seriously long time.  I’m retired, deal with it!   Although I’m retired from providing content, photo shoots, staying up to all hours talking to pervs and listening to sickos and their twisted fetishes…I am NOT retired from effortlessly collecting your cash.  While I enjoy My life in MY own personal mountain paradise, you will continue to work and toil daily in order to consistently and generously pay ME.  I am still active on Twitter.  Follow ME on Twitter!  Twitter is the best way to catch glimpses into MY life. 

This is where I always planned for My Findom to lead ME — a stress-free life of comfort and beauty, love and stability, freedom and security, adventure and leisure!  Findom has enriched Me beyond My expectations but still, I will graciously accept your cash!
you will continue to pay ME until the day you leave this earth! 

For those of you who wish to send cash anonymously this processor is 100% anonymous.   I don’t see anything on the payments, not even your email address.  If you want Me to see your slave nickname or email address you must put it in the comment box. 
SPANK PAY, for wankers.



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Spoil Me Rotten!

Spoil Me Rotten!

Update: Just received $200 WholeFoods gc from some guy named david. 🙂 Yay, I love surprises from guys I don’t know! Good boy! Feel free to send more!  We will probably go grocery shopping tomorrow.

twinkie did some more shopping! Cache had some dresses I wanted on sale, so he got Me two–a pink one and a blue one. Perfect dresses for the summer!  sissy tommikins had quite the  slutty adventure last night.  Generally, he visits adult bookstores for his trysts with strange dick..but last night he visited one of those adult  movie theaters!  he got to suck mystery pricks with an audience!  he even got accosted by really bad trannies!  tommikins sent another $300 and will be writing a blog about his adventure.

Just received $300 from some guy named marc.  I always hate marc’s with a “c”.  Something is wrong with every single one of them!  This guy was the most boring call on the planet.  Thank Goddess it was a short call!  marc with a c,  you need to send another $300 for boring ME silly!  you were absolutely NOT amusing.

$500 from toejamjam. Pathetic little toejam lover.  he’s still fiending for female toejam.  I don’t know what type of skanky women’s feet he had to worship to find “toe jam”.

Survived the storm.  So many people are without electricity right now..the power company said it could be 5-7 days and people are FREAKING out.  Plus it’s INCREDIBLY hot so hotels are all filled and people are tweeking.  I think it was the worst wind storm I have ever experienced.   I still have electricity but I did lose a few shingles off the roof.

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