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As Princess Wishes

As Princess Wishes

$300 from slavey davey, $300 from ludgerella, $400 from terrance and $100 from pantystain. slavey davey also got Me that orange floral Natori Nighty and the purple Nike visor and screwy stewy got that Opal ring I had been wanting for a few weeks! ūüôā¬† What good boys I have.

New answers posted on the  new Ask God A Question thingy.

New Shopping
I love these tees and I want one in every color.  Gap Work-out Tees  size L in white, fucshia, grey, aqua and pink pop.
HRC loves them too.  She would like XS in white, grey and periwinkle

Gap Market Tee size Tall L in navy

I am cleaning out MY dressers and throwing away all old tee shirts that I don’t wear anymore, have shrunk, fit funny or are too short.¬† (too short is usually the problem)¬† I will offer a couple to you Collectors of Princess’ Cast-offs.¬† I have a black Under Armor¬† work-out shirt that I don’t care for because the sleeves flare out hella stupid.¬† I also have a black tshirt that has a horse on the front that says STUD.¬† I know I have worn the Stud teeshirt it in a picture that’s on MY website somewhere, but I can’t find it.I think Stevie was in the photo with Me.¬† I also have this Rolls Royce tee I wore in this old picture.¬†¬† Send in your offers if you are interested in buying a very old, very worn old tshirt.



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The Gift of Art

The Gift of Art

$500 from toiletbrush.¬† $500 from twinkie.¬† $200 from toe jamjam. That¬† framed art that I wanted arrived today.¬† LOVE IT!!!¬† I have one more piece I want.¬† I’ll post it soon.

Mom’s here for a week.¬† I probably will be turning off MY main phone line.¬†¬† I don’t need pervs ringing in the middle of the night and waking her.¬† If you want to spoil message ME or text if you have MY cell phone!¬† I will still be answering those like usual.


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Mystery Meat!

Mystery Meat!

Update: Another $100 Netflix received from some mystery meat who posted the Netflix code on My journal and signed it “a male”.¬† Oh exciting!¬† I hereby dub thee “mystery meat“.¬† haha!!¬† How about some Verizons GC’s too now!?¬† Woohoo!¬† Don’t be shy.¬† Reveal yourself and shop again!

So, between the $200 Netflix GC’s between pantystain and mystery meat, we now have enough Netflix credit.¬† Start working on Our joint Verizon bill!

I forgot, I still need Netflix GC’s . Get off your lily white, flabby asses and get Me a year subscription!¬† pantystain sent $100 Netflix!¬† Still want another gift certificate for MY gf’s house since we watch movies at both.

***Pay Our Verizon bills***!  We all use Verizon. Send copious amounts of Verizon gift cards and pay our phone bill!

ETSY GIFTCARDS Tons of pretties on Etsy I want.

Sapphire Tee twinkie
Braided Sleeve Tee twinkie
Square neck striped dress large

-More Etsy Jewelry
Beautiful Topaz and Opal Stacking Ring set $200 and purchased by fatmac
Colorful Stacking Rings size 6.5
Silver hoops with smokey quartz
Silver spotted hoops
Dimpled silver earrings

-Danier Leather
This place is difficult to shop at.  Hopefully they will get online shopping soon!  Canadians, Canucks!:  Locate a Danier store by you and go get Me this item in size Large.  Red Leather Jacket  The rest of you have to call them and place your order by phone.

More News!
screwystewy spent around $470.  ring, printer, tops and necklace  fagarella just sent his last $73.  lame

sissy tommikins not only bought the new Ipod but the Bose SoundDock to go with it.  I love when My minions get to fulfilling MY wishes as soon as they are posted!

$400 from toe jam jam

toiletbrush it’s times to send your money again! I’ll be ready for your begging phone call.

It snowed a bunch last night so I’m totally staying in for the next few days and maxing cards, snatching cash and fucking lives over!¬† Join in the Winter fun!¬† We had a great Christmas!¬† Gifts were stacked high and the majority were all from Cyber Santa Perverts!!¬† Which mean YOU!

I already tore down that annoying, pine needle molting Christmas tree.  Worst tree ever!  Half the needles fell off and they were so sharp.  Never again!  Bring in the New Year right!  Make a Resolution to serve your Princess, Lord and Master even better than the year before!



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Buckeye Beauties

Every time I go tailgating at a damned Buckeye game, I get recognized!    Me and Stevie at the game.  Pic is over exposed..but you get the jist of Our superior hotness!  I could care less about college football.but I tailgate once a year to remind Myself how annoying rabid sport fans are!

Sunglasses and My leather jacket courtesy of pigsnot! p.s. pigsnot.  I know you are snooping around MY blog and wishlist.  Get those boots!  you can NOT resist!

Had a little too much fun last night!  toiletbrush sent $300 to pay for the evening.  Just got another $200 from him plus $240 Victoria Secrets shopping! ūüôā  Keep the cash flowing today, boy-toys!

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Prizes and Surprises from My loyal piglets :)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   Looks likes some hacker got into MY aol email and sent strange spam to a BUNCH of you.  I did not send it.   DO NOT CLICK IT.  Changed password.  Everything is fine now.   Sorry about that!

Weird..photoshop won’t let you edit photos of cash anymore!.¬† Had to crop and resize this pic on iphoto.

$420 cash from twinkie arrived today!  I love envelopes of cash!

More loot from pigsnot!

$300 worth of Cabela’s Gift Cards for Lady Cop to use towards a gun or ammo or whatever gear She wants.

toiletbrush contact ME asap. I have some exchange and order issues with your last order from WHBM.  PLUS more shopping for you to do! senor doggy!  Send $500 on Venmo now!!  Rainy, grey boring day. Will be home tonight for chat and phonecalls with paying and generous slavie-poos!

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sissy tommikins get fiscally fucked!

sissy tommikins get fiscally fucked!

sissy tommikins¬† just can’t resist photos sent to him of Me and Her Royal Copness!¬† I just doubled up My pretty hand and rammed rammed rammed that wallet this week! ¬† After viewing our pictures he went straight to his computer and he dropped yet another $500!

pigsnot has picked up a few more items.¬† I’m hoping he will have a few drinks today and take another spin through MY amazon wishlist!

My toiletbrush got into the fun yesterday as well and spent around $300 shopping Express and White House Black Market!  I have more wardrobe desires, toiletbrush!  Get your ass back online and have that wallet out and waiting!


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pig with an 15 inch Apple in his mouth!

pig with an 15 inch Apple in his mouth!

Update:¬† pigsnot just bought 3 pairs of nice leather shoes, a dress and the latest Ipad!¬† he’s such a dreamy cream-filled pig pie!

pigsnot’s brand spanking new 15 inch MacBook Pro arrived today!¬† Do the rest of you dumbfucks understand how many Apple computers this guy has bought Me and MY clan??¬† I think this is like 6 or 7.¬† And he mighta bought Me a Toshiba once too.¬† HAHAHAHAHA!¬† he’s like a pig with an Apple in his mouth!¬† pigsnot supports the lesbian nation!!¬† he totally Macs for dykes!!¬† he should be driving around with that lesbian axe symbol bumper sticker on his car!

I think most of his goodies have been delivered!¬† Quite a good haul.¬† Now piggy, send ME the tracking for that jewelry box.I think that’s about the only thing I haven’t received yet.¬† Saturday I have plans.but Me and a few friends are planning to stay home and watch Eps of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix Friday night.¬† I’m sure we could all take out our laptops, iphones or ipods¬† (all purchased by you.Our pot-bellied pig) and look up more shit to pad My wishlist with!!¬† We could drink wine while scouring Amazon for more shit for you to buy.. you can drink yourself into oblivion and max your credit card again!¬† Lesbians salute you, pigsnot!¬† With our middle fingers, that is!


toiletbrush!  Stuff from WHBM showed up today!  I especially like the animal print top.  They added more stuff to their website!
Studded Jacket size L
Keyhole Top size L
Colored Jeans size 12
Multi Necklace

Cache has new stuff again!  If you buy a few things..I have a $25-50 off coupon code. Email Me before purchasing.
Block Sweater size L
Sequin top size L
Purple Python Dress size L
Multi-Stripe top size L

Hey..I still haven’t found out who bought ME those Vitadinni shoes!¬† I need to return them!¬† Email Me!

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