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Be My Pay Puppy!

Look at the Awesome The North Face winter coat I got from Princess fan!  It’s too warm to wear now but I will rock it this winter!  Princess fan also got Me some tall brown Frye boots, and this Frye purse I wanted in black!  (I already have it in Whiskey!)     hairlip just spent $600 at Eddie Bauer buying ME all kinds of cozy stuff for the cold season!  So excited about these items!!  These are the kinds of prezzies I love most!!

Feel Free to order ME a NEW IPAD AIR 2. ***  I will donate MY older model IPad Air to My sister or niece.  Silver, 64 GB  hairlip bought this!!
Flannel Top for Me get size Tall L in Blossom hairlip
Downlight Jacket in Black size L Tall  hairlip!
Funnel Neck Sweater size Tall L in Navy hairlip
Shasta Sweater L Tall Charcoal hairlip
Mockneck Sweater size Tall L Concord hairlip
Eddie Bauer Tee Light Heather Grey size Tall L hairlip

Coat for HRC get size M **  hairlip

NorthFace Tonnerro Jacket size L Taupe hairlip

Lucky Brand Peasant  Top size L **  hairlip

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Princess fan in the Bone Zone!

Princess fan in the Bone Zone!

Soo I ordered that $700 Canada Goose coat using Princess fan’s $700 GC.  I actually got the short version.  I hope it fits cute.  If not, I might send it back and exchange for the long one.I was having such a hard time deciding between the two parkas!  Since Princess fan was whipped into a frenzy, I took advantage of it and suckered him out of this $225  fur aviator hat also from Canada Goose.   Almost a $1,000 day for him.  Not too bad!

Mac Makeup Studio Fix get color NW20***

Expensive Giorgio Armani Foundation Get in 5

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Keep Me Warm! Shopping and spending your $$$$ is HOT!


Just colored My hair again, pantystain!  Pretty huh!? Thought I’d snap a quick one before I went out tonight.  Another frigid night!  Coat by Princess fan.  I think the Uggs wool headband was by hairlip.


Iphone shot of Me and HRC’s new boots by pigsnot! (I’m on the right and I still have the tag on the boot)  I absolutely LOVE HRC’s pair and want the same ones!  Amazon doesn’t have them in MY size.  They are SO adorable! I really want.  They run small and don’t carry 10.5 in Womens so I’m going to go with a man’s 9.  GET THEM NOW!

Downlight Jacket get size L Tall in Purple.

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Falling in Love

Princess  has gotten inside my mind, heart and soul.  She is the woman I desire and I’ll do anything to be in her world.  I have tried to not talk to her and go away but found life empty and meaningless.  I crave talking to her.  Begging to do anything to make her life better.  I feel most satisfied after going on a spending spree.  I then call her and beg to do more and thank for allowing me to do so.  She changed me.  I can hear the pride in her voice as she tells me I am doomed and that she has me wrapped around her finger!  I used to be against her but she seduced me and now I no longer resist her.  I am an addict.  I can admit it.  I love Princess Sierra and will do anything for her.

I can’t stop serving Princess.  I am afraid that she has given me a brain scrub that has changed me forever into her obedient slave.  She is all I think about.  What can I buy her today?  I love shopping for Princess.  I have fallen madly in love with her.  I must do anything for her.  I just bought her a new dress, heels, art for her home, a winter hoodie and controller for her Playstation 3.  I have gone deeper than I thought and she says there is room to go deeper yet.  I constantly seek her out and need to in her world.  I am excited at the thought of serving her more

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No Escape

I tried to hold out.  I thought I could escape.  A little here and there but I’d never end up as an addicted follower.  That is how I started out.  I gave a little money and left.  Came back a few months later and did the same.  Each time I swore I’d never come back.  But more and more it was too hard to stay away.  I needed that rush, that feeling of serving  Princess.    Princess Sierra slowly seduced me every time I came back until eventually I was converted to the dark side.  I began to seek HER out.  I needed and had to buy her something or I was miserable.   Cash, clothes, luggage, art, and more!  I have bought so much stuff I can’t recall.  She is all I want and think about.  In fact I know beg her to spend my money on her.  I never thought I’d do that but now it is a rush that I must have.  Addiction has taken over.  Her beauty is unmatched.  

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