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Nothing like a Holiday Wallet Rape!

rat bastard Christmas Special!  rat bastard cleaned out MY Wishlist yesterday!!  he bought over $550 worth of winter parkas! Parka #1  Parka #2 Over $500 worth of sweaters!!  $350 of Hotel gift cards!!  $100 Eddie Bauer Gift card! $60 Netflix Card!  Expensive long underwear! A $60 Honey Jar and a sauce pan!  On top of that he sent $600 cash!!!  HO HO HO! Merry Fucking Christmas to ME!  I’m sure he is licking his wounds right now..as I bask in post-shopping spree glow! p.s. Say hi to your lil pocket mouse!

$500 from amsterdam ham, $300 Holiday cash from twinkie! $850 from a very drunk senor doggy! $200 Christmas cash from slave pantystain plus some shopping! (Love the sweater!) $50 from the greek maggot, fred bought a $400 Luminox watch for HRC and it got here in time for Christmas!  If you haven’t sent your Christmas Cash yet, do it now!!! Anybody who doesn’t spoil ME for the Holidays is a selfish turd!  Don’t be a selfish fucking turd!

mystery pig!  GET ON IT!! mystery pig sent $700 after reading this today! Then I sent his ass back to MY pay page to send a late fee and he sent $500 more!!!

Ryan Michael
Southwest Sweater size XL

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Be My Pay Puppy!

Look at the Awesome The North Face winter coat I got from Princess fan!  It’s too warm to wear now but I will rock it this winter!  Princess fan also got Me some tall brown Frye boots, and this Frye purse I wanted in black!  (I already have it in Whiskey!)     hairlip just spent $600 at Eddie Bauer buying ME all kinds of cozy stuff for the cold season!  So excited about these items!!  These are the kinds of prezzies I love most!!

Feel Free to order ME a NEW IPAD AIR 2. ***  I will donate MY older model IPad Air to My sister or niece.  Silver, 64 GB  hairlip bought this!!
Flannel Top for Me get size Tall L in Blossom hairlip
Downlight Jacket in Black size L Tall  hairlip!
Funnel Neck Sweater size Tall L in Navy hairlip
Shasta Sweater L Tall Charcoal hairlip
Mockneck Sweater size Tall L Concord hairlip
Eddie Bauer Tee Light Heather Grey size Tall L hairlip

Coat for HRC get size M **  hairlip

NorthFace Tonnerro Jacket size L Taupe hairlip

Lucky Brand Peasant  Top size L **  hairlip

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