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$5,000 wire transfer from a drunk ass idiot!

pigsnot! you need to come out of hiding and buy My Wife a new ipad. Her’s is running slow! Something is wrong with it!  Fuck you, pigsnot!  Some total stranger bought it for Her instead!  Too slow, you slimey pig-titted freak!  I wonder who this “alex” is??  I think he should send cash next!

My shopping cart on financialdomination.com is temporarily down, but I’ve added some new third-party pay options.  I’ll get it back up, the bank is changing gateways and making changes. Most of you who donate regularly have the link to My other private shopping cart. CONTINUE TO USE THAT LINK.  If you are new and need to donate right now use Circle Pay! Send to girlydom@aol.com I believe Circle pay is available to Canada, Australia and most countries in Europe. It’s anonymous and has no fees! you can use their website or the app. I prefer the app! you can also email for other options until I get the cart back running.

mysterypig! you are LATE! How could you ever resist this smile?

$5,000 wire transfer from a drunken binge addict pig!  he immediately blocked Me and is probably licking his wounds and crying his eyes out.  HAHA! Fuck you! Got your cash!

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wankalot reemerges ! $20 thousand Reaped!

Good news!! wankalot unblocked MY messenger and poked his head out of his hole like the world’s most psychotic ground hog! I made a new vow to MYself to NEVER show one ounce of mercy to wankalot. he’s dishonest. he will promise to do something and then refuse when he’s not in zone. he only wants to please when he’s in a state of cock shock. So when he appears I make sure I FUCK EVERY DIME OUT OF HIS WALLET! Now there’s nothing but dust in it! $20,000 over the course of a few hours.  he started mumbling about how much it was..and then he probably quietly spewed…he hung up without saying good bye!!  Then he immediately blocked MY messenger again. FUCKING PATHETIC!!  This is why wankalot can’t have nice things!! HHAHAHA because he is a rude ass sack of shit who pays and sprays..then dashes!  THIS MAKES ME WANT TO GUT him and his wallet every time I hear from him!!!   Oh and I did a search on one of MY merchant accounts and found that he did 250 transactions since 2006. This doesn’t include MY other merchant account that I am sure I did more transactions on…(but recently I switched it so I can’t search very far on that one). I’m sure there are double as many transactions on that old one! you would think after that many transactions this idiot would get it through his thick British brain that he CAN’T EVER RESIST, RETIRE OR RECOVER from being MY pay pig!!  My wallets don’t retire..they only die.

note to wankalot..I never got the $3,000 of Amazon gift cards that were sent.  $20,000 was RAD but I would still like MY gift cards.  Send them!

I’m bragging all over twitter about it because I am in the spazzy happy phase that follows EPIC WALLET RAPES! Skipping around in pink shoes and feeling so happy!! YAY ME! FUCK you!!

$300 from doomed brityou fat fat, I told you to send another $200.  Where is it??  Send it, doomed brit!!   $300 from from mrobot, $300 from hairlip! I got hairlip all twitterpated and zoned out staring at MY photos and vines! I just made him promise to send ME a big fan of $100 bills. hairlip always keeps his promises! Weeeeeee!  Oh and looky.  A tiny $50 donation from donald.  awwww. how cute, donald.  (Not really)  Go send another donation!

mystery pig?? Didn’t you see MY Vine I made for you??  you better go look at it.  Watch it loop a bunch of times.  I’ll be waiting for that payment! 🙂

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