Pay ME! Yay ME!

Yes, My world famous beanie strikes again!  Took this shot before I took My hike with HRC yesterday.  Wearing a brand new Under Armour hoodie which I LOVE!   Omg why didn’t I find these blue frames earlier!?

Let’s see.. $200 from hairlip, $400 from slavey davey, $500 from speedy dick, $100 from lou-zerAunty pigsnot strikes again!  This pig bitch can’t get enough!  I think he was fucked to the tune of $600 today! As usual, many LOLs at his expense!! $500 from tommikins, $300 from mystery pig, $100 from pantystain, $100 from a joe.   twinkie did some shopping including a raised garden bed kit.  I’m gonna have a bigger garden this year than last year!  hairlip has also been also sending his 3-daily $10 tributes and doing some shopping for HRC.  She sent a picture of Herself flexing Her mighty bicep.  his brain is totally pickled right now!

I know I’m missing tributes but these are the ones I remember from Tweets!

western union man!  you liar!  you said you would go get a prepaid Visa and didn’t!  FUCK you!  I’m SO over guys who can’t keep their promises.  Fuck off FOREVER!

How can you resist that smile!?  you CAN’T, so Go making a fucking donation!

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