mystery pig deserves to SUFFER for his SINS!

UPDATE:  The day after I posted this entry mystery pig coughed up $2,000! MUAHAHAHA!
FUCK you!  FUCK you RIGHT IN THE WALLET you horny, craptastic little sow!

mystery pig! you lowly filthy lump of pig meat! you stinking blob of living, breathing excrement! you have not made ME smile for WEEKS! I DEMAND MY CASH NOW!


Winter is here in Montana ! Who wants to buy more winter wardrobe for Me!? #findom

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you get sprung when I get PAID!

mystery pig!  I know you read this religiously and spring wood the minute I mention you!  I WANT MY MONEY TODAY!  And you want to give it to ME!  Just pretend I just sprayed you in the face with bear mace and demanded you hand over $1,000!!  I know you’d get sprung and I’d get $2,000!!

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Stupid shits will pay what they owe!

UPDATE: HAHAHAHA! soon as mystery pig read this post he sent another $1,200!  I own your ass so bad!  you might be too scared shitless to ever speak directly to ME, but you know I got you so brainwashed!! I LOVE IT!

Today I got $700 from some gross old dude I saw on cam for a second and $200 from vincent.  Who’s next? 

Stupid mystery pig sent $3000!  he attempted to send $4000 but for some reason the last one didn’t go through.  When you make an attempt, you officially OWE ME that amount..I don’t care what the fuck you have to do to get it to ME..but PAY UP, ya little shit!

RX Sunglasses Really Want!! Send $200 to cover!

Sundance Catalogue
Femme Floral Top
Beauty Top
Always Tunic
Karly Top barf sandwich

Back country
Nano Vest Smolder Blue slavey dave


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“r” ship to the Montana address!

Whoever “r” is who is sending ME prezzies–the items are going to Ohio. I am getting them forwarded to ME but send them to MY new Amazon wish list hidden address here out West!  This is the wish list everybody should be using.  (Some guys got MY “TOP secret list”.  They know to use that one instead.)   Send more prezzies, “r”!!!  More Eddie Bauer gift cards too.

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