pigsnot’s World Class moneyslave tirade continues!

pigsnot.I still haven’t had the AppleCare protection plan for the big Mac delivered.  Check your amazon and see if it ever shipped.  It really should have been here by now.

So far between yesterday and today, pigsnot has gotten $160 boots, $75 boots, $330 boots, hedge trimmer, make-up, $300 jacket, $550 grill, car stereo, $280 lamp, sheets, make-up, cords and other smaller items!  (This doesn’t include the loot Stevie got!)  Oh and he isn’t DONE shopping!!!  hmm I know I want the Squeezebox, the second dish set.  I had to add a more expensive elliptical because reviews by tall people said the cheaper one didn’t accommodate tall legs. Boo.  I think I might have you get the elliptical too!  you should all be very jealous of pigsnot because he has made us SOOooo happy.  he’s the luckiest snot covered, pin-dick jerking, perverted, piglet in all the land!

However, he’s still freaked out about shopping outside Amazon..so you other turds are going to have to get to MY Hudson jeans.  Hop to it, assholes!!

Hudson has a coupon!  They never have sales..so take advantage of it while you can! Coupon Code FRIENDS2011  .  I have them in the order I want them purchased. HURRY!

Hudson Jeans have a new color!!  Get these in size 31!
Get these black Hudsons in size 31.
Get these skinny Hudson in size 31.
These Hudson Jeans run way smaller for some reason.get size 32.

My websites been down most of the day.  Hosting was having problems. Updated My amazon, pigsnot! you owe ME LOTS$$$!

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3 thoughts on “pigsnot’s World Class moneyslave tirade continues!

  1. avatarscrewystewy

    Your magnificent ongoing destruction of pigsnot is almost unbearable to the still vaguely human part of me and yet is the also the most enticingly erotic episode that has ever been witnessed by the overwhelmingly predominant Princess-worshipping part of me.



    Princess Reply:

    How very poetically put, stewy. Now go buy Me some friggin designer jeans!


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