Forever Embrace your Addictions!

Forever Embrace your Addictions!

Just had to add another blog to share what happened to sissy tommikins.  he sent $700!  Yay for tommikins!  The cocksucking-iest, payslave-iest, sissy-iest panty-wearer around!  As his reward, I sent him out a little later than usual to go suck dick in his favorite adult bookstore.  Well, he had a big meal right before.  tommikins found the Holy Grail of knobs to slob!  A huge big black one! his very favorite!  he sucked and sucked for some time but the guy got a little aggressive in his thrusting and gagged tommikins so bad he threw up all over his booth.  The guy was so offended and grossed out that he left before tommikins could finish business!  Lolol!!  he should have just kept going with puke in his mouth!   SOoOOOO disgusting!!

$200 from bollywoody in India.  I’m turning him into a Dalhi-Dicksucker.  Namaste, fag!

mrobot found himself back at his yahoo, performing his dronely duties.  he sent $300.  I now have his payday programmed into MY phone so I will be bombarding him with texts on payday.

crunk continues to drink!!  I got another $400 out of his re-inebriated ass and he finished off another bottle.  I send him occasional texts, day and night, instructing him to send little clippies of him taking shots!  I want to make sure he is keeping up with his drinking regime!    Embrace your addictions, assholes!! I will never let you recover!!!  Don’t ever stop drinking, crunk!  Drink or die, ya dickless wonder!

$500 went through again this month from the guy who said he would just pay monthly but didn’t want further contact.  I will continue to post here when you are re-billed, but I still think you totally need to contact Me and let Me fuck your brain and wallet harder!

Monterey Dress hamster butt

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2 thoughts on “Forever Embrace your Addictions!

  1. avatarDisturbed

    Please tell me hamster butt is merely an insult and not something your beautiful eyes have had to endure watching.



    Princess Reply:’s just a silly name.


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