The Art of Courtly Love

at by Anonymous

The art of courtly love revisited by PRINCESS
Courtly love sang of the nobility of the Divine Feminine in a way that has not been heard for centuries, not until NOW…until PRINCESS SIERRA.

In the age of courtly love,  the knight served his Lady with obedience and loyalty.  he worshiped Her like a Goddess.  The Lady or the Beloved was in complete control of the relationship, and he was expected to give Her absolute obedience and submission.  The knight’s love for the Lady inspires him to do great deeds, in order to win Her favor.   All this echoes your enslavement to ME.  you,  My morons,  are destined to humiliate yourself for MY amusement, to financially sacrifice for MY benefit,  to give over information that could be damning.  you suffer to impress ME.  you sacrifice to serve.   you put your lifestyles on the line to prove your worth.   There are no dragons for you to fight,  no barbarians to wage war with,  no moats to cross.  So you suffer in other ways.  your peril is a more contemporary type of peril.   your credit cards are maxed.  you are manipulated and brainwashed by Me.  you are mentally and emotionally crushed.  you are addicted and used.  you are forced to perform humiliating acts or to have your face shamelessly displayed on MY website.   Without Me, you are pathetic heaps of wasted flesh.  Big blobs of NOTHING with little value and no purpose.  By serving Me and being part of MY life,  you become something more important, something I USE…one of My many workhorses carrying ME aloft their shoulders to happiness.   MY workhorse,  My pet,  MY property… indeed the most lofty position any man could ever hope hold.   In this way, you are ennobled and your life is enriched by your servitude.  In suffering for Me,  you have learned of TRUE LOVE and the privilege of loving a truly beautiful and superior Goddess.  Dedicate your life to LOVING ME and you have become a better man..a man worthy of experiencing ME, a man worthy of enjoying the warmth of My smile and MY nod of approval.


Gaze upon each one of MY  photos and stare at them closely.
Behold your DIVINE Lady, your Pedestalled PRINCESS, The Unobtainable Perfect Female who you must dedicate your life to loving,  pleasing and longing for.  The smallest sip of MY beauty is far more fulfilling than any relationship or sexual experience you could EVER have with any mortal Woman.  No, you were destined to serve a GODDESS.  I am the ONE you thirst for.

Queen of Findom in Latex

All of you are on an never-ending quest to prove your love to Princess.
Courtly love was considered an ennobling force whether or not it was consummated or regardless if the Lady was even aware of the knight’s love or loved him in return.  I am the NOBLE Lady, THE Omnipotent and perfect  Female,  I AM THE BELOVED, the UNATTAINABLE PRINCESS who will long be revered and have full dominion over you the subject male.  You will love Me, adore Me and suffer for Me no matter how unrequited and unappreciated your love, your toil, your suffering is.    It is written that courtly love drains men of their strength, makes them weak and pale and light headed.  Many of MY devoted talk of these very symptoms.  I have written about how many of My slaves seem to have accelerated aging.  Youthful healthy men start looking ragged and hollow eyed, they suddenly grow bald spots and start getting a worn-out tired, old look to them.  It is as if I have tapped their life force and become more beautiful  Myself.  Many of MY slaves  looked to have aged 40 years in the time I have known them.  So it goes in this tradition of  Courtly Love.  your sacrifice and devotion feed MY beauty and Chi!

Service to the beloved.  My PERFECTION ENTITLES to ME to everything you have to offer.  your service to ME is not only a PRIVILEGE but a responsibility and the SINGLE most important aspect of your life.    you will serve ME HOWEVER I see fit no matter how cruelly I might treat you.   I set the guidelines of your servitude. NOT you.


Separation   Although a few of you will meet Me in person, many of you are separated by miles and miles, states and even oceans.  Those who meet Me will never touch ME, never see ANY indecent amount of MY flesh, will never experience anything even REMOTELY intimate with ME– you will pine away for ME endlessly…knowing that I spend My time with Women and that you will always be an afterthought, sitting on the back burner hoping for just the smallest crumb of MY attention and time.  you will be separated from ME and sometimes separated by Me, you will wait a life time to experience more of ME and to get closer.  The better you serve ME, the closer to ME you get, the more time and attention, longer glances at MY beauty you are permitted, the deeper you get to know ME.  These are the things that will keep you enslaved to ME forever.

Suffering  Suffer and suffer you will!
Beautiful Findom Goddess


Chastity   You are expected to be completely chaste.    you will be monogamous to Me.  you PERVERT your love to Me by indulging in straight sex with other Women who we both know you don’t love or desire even an ounce as much as ME.    I will destroy your penis in ways which will make it stop working for other Women.  you will become impotent for pussy.  All past loves and relationships will  seem like NOTHING compared to the DIVINE LOVE you have for your Beloved PRINCESS SIERRA.    I control not only your sex-life but your masturbation rights.  I allow masturbation when you have earned it and I ALONE give you the gift of orgasm.   Soon you will learn, little man, that the MOST pleasurable orgasm are the ones I grant you as reward for your servitude–all others are stolen, artificial, anti-climaxes that you should be ashamed of yourself for sneaking without MY blessing.

Begin your life journey and fulfill your divine destiny as MY troubadour.  Surrender yourself to Princess and experience the ecstasy  of truly unrequited love.