A Poem…written by Princess

at by Anonymous

Water on the Brain
by Princess Sierra

I want to be the one that hurts you the most
the voice you hear in the creaking of water pipes
the face that ripples in your wine glass, your shot glass
the tear in your beer
that pain
the one that makes you cry under your blankets
babbling for mercy in your soggy pillow.

I might say I never think of you
or dream of you.
But that isn’t true.
Sometimes I dream of holding you in My hand
wringing you out like a rag
or picking you apart like fresh meat of a cactus
bruising you with my fingers as I watch in wonder
as the liquid that makes you forms and flows
through My cruel and curious hands
how such a parched looking man
could be made of so much clear liquid
that I can spill so freely.

I could be the one to tap that life water of yours
and pour it on the ground.
Splash My dirty feet there,
play in the puddle of you.
For men are but MY bath-water
that I regularly dip MY toes in
Washing them away of all their resources
I smile as I pull the plug and watch them disappear down the drain.
The cycle of shame and addiction
always carries them back to MY shores.

But you are somewhat special.
you weren’t as tepid,
your waters darker,
more troubled.
With you I leisurely soaked.
And when you weren’t looking
I peed in your pool.

The life I tainted.
Would you blush if I told you,
that destroying you meant a lot to ME?

I am the One
who drowns you in selfdoubt and hopelessness
That nagging drip drip sound
from your faulty faucet.
I am the bead of sweat that forms on your agitated brow,
find Me in the dampness in your palms when you shake the hands of stranger
who could find out what flows
in the deep, dark
well of you.
The water I contaminated with My words and beauty.
Girlfriends and lovers can wind up poisoned canaries
dangling from ropes if you let them too close
to that sewer I made you.
you will not taste pure water again.

you have been given
a Sierra brain douche..
Listen as the man you were
trickles away.

Sickly prick teems with MY toxin,
fluid slowly building in your brain.
Look up at the surface as you sink
I will be there
admiring My reflection
in the fluttering waters,
cooled by the mist of your struggles.