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Phone Training :   Send Me a generous donation and contact ME to experience a phone chat or email exchange with ME. Generally, guys send at least $200 – $300 as an introduction.  If you have any questions contact Me by Yahoo Messenger, Aim or Email. Do not waste MY time until you are ready to send your first introductory donation. Contribute or be ignored.  There are far too many generous and willing piggies out there who are committed to providing for ME and pleasing ME for Me to waste time and energy on the broke, cheap, half-hearted and worthless.  you MUST PLEASE ME, PAY ME, OBEY ME to EXPERIENCE ME! I interact by phone, text and I.M. regularly with My good and loyal minions. Be one of the lucky boys who get to be part of MY world.  If you haven’t the means of intentions to contribute–go elsewhere!  I removed My direct phone number from MY website.   If you are a regular, email ME and I will provide you with it.  Everybody else will have to earn it.

I do NOT do interviews for any form of media.

On occasion (and sometimes by request) I might turn on this phone line. This is for guys who want to remain anonymous.

Note to BabyDommes and Findom Wannabees: No doubt you stumbled upon some Twitter hashtag that inspired you to join the world of Findom in hopes of quick and easy money. You quickly did a google search and found My website.  In any case, I wish you well, but DO NOT contact ME begging for “tips” or mentorship.  I HAVE NO INTEREST IN MENTORING you.