Food Chain

at by Anonymous

It’s nature’s way.

Is a lion evil because it  stalks its prey, rips it to shreds, chooses the weak and lame runt zebras and antelopes to devour?  Is the mighty Great White shark “bad” or “wicked” because it circles for blood and descends on its natural prey, survives on the flesh of weaker, smaller creatures?  It’s Natural selection, sweetie.

I am man’s natural predator. you were born to be My victim, My bounty, My game, My lunch.  you were put on this earth to feed MY great ego, keep Me fast, lean and juicy, make MY life easy, relaxed and luxurious.  I am the KING of jungle and you, My little baboons, have  stumbled right into My lair.  you get caught in My web, snared in MY nest, stunned, paralyzed and left for the “psychological” and “financial”  kill. But look at MY angel eyes and heaven-begotten smile.  How can something that natural, that beautiful  and REAL be Bad????   ME.. destroying and using you up is nature’s way.  you have heard ME say it before, “and babe,  you’re on  the bottom of the food chain.”  As soon as you learn to accept THAT REALITY, you might find some sort of peace and worth in your life.  you are just a man…a little nothing…shit with a cock…you should be soo grateful to contribute to something so much greater and more beautiful then yourself.  Reach out and in your own simple way, TOUCH GOD.  Find your true worth reflected in the twinkle of MY lovely eyes.  And if you get hurt in the process, suffer or lose, get bit or chewed up or shit out in MY blessed commode–think of it as a true pleasure and privilege.  Because in a way, all of you love struck, addicted little freaks have made ME  blossom even MORE into the self-centered power-hungry BEAST I am today.  For that you should be proud