Who’s Really Guilty of Crimes of the Heart?

at by Anonymous

HIYA dummies!  Ready for PRINCESS to mentally mug you?

I bet you already feel like handing over your wallet.  I’ll take your heart hostage but after you pay the ransom, you know you still won’t want to go.  you love ME how I am.  How I can’t resist inflicting pain on you.  How I take away everything from you.  How I break you, financially drain you.  I kidnap your resistance, rob you of your pride, sneak up on you and leave you defenseless.

But really…if you didn’t like it so much, why do you keep hanging out in the dangerous alleys?  Why do you keep driving on this side of the town?  Leaving your doors unlocked, hiding your key under the welcome mat??
Could it be you seek out MY abuse?
Pay for My rejection?
Yearn for MY ridicule?
Or do you just settle for any crumb you can get?  Crumbs are better than no Princess at all.  Either way, I guess the reasons don’t really matter.  As long as you get to hear MY voice, watch ME smile, peek into My world, touch MY life, experience ME in even the smallest way.

Yet, can you truly rob a man who has nothing?  Nothing–that’s exactly what you had before you found ME.  So by stripping you of your finances, ego and free choice–I am actually filling that hollow, empty void place..called “you.”