slave types

at by Anonymous

What type of Financial slave are you?

1. A true slave, disciple, worshipper of Women and Female Supremacist.
These are MY favorite of minions.  They genuinely get satisfaction, joy and even sexual arousal from making a Woman happy. They feel a sense of pride and worth for suffering for their Lady. They put their Queen on a pedestal and worship Her like the Goddess She is.  I discuss this type of chivalrous slave in MY writings about slavery in the tradition of courtly love.  This is MY ideal type slave and the type of slave you should aspire to be.  These men tend to be very loyal and serve for many years.  They pay religiously and there is no need to rape them dry because they sacrifice to spoil ME and their tribute is as steady and reliable as they are.  These slaves are given a living allowance in accordance to their earnings.  They are isolated and live simple lives.  They are cut off from friends and family so that they have all their free time and resources to dedicate solely to Me. They are allowed to use some of earnings (specified by ME) for the necessities to live– food, roof over their head, transportation, bills, etc. I know when and what they are spending their earnings on and they pay their tribute to ME as regularly as any man would pay his mortgage or car payment. This man is  a true slave and loyal puppy.  The pedigree breed of slave.   This is about the only type of man that I have even the smallest semblance of respect for.  It’s not that I necessarily respect them as human beings, but I respect the fact that they, unlike most most male pigs, have RECOGNIZED and ACCEPTED the fact that they are inferior and less, lower and of little significance and have donated their lives to a higher cause…ME.  These are the men I consider “good men.”  A man living up to his fullest potential, the only type of male I will have in My personal life or put an iota of trust in.  When I tell a slave that “I trust him”, this  is pretty much the ultimate compliment and is like entering the pearly gates of true servitude for the Princess.  Trust is probably the kindest emotion I am capable of having for a man and when you have earned MY trust you have earned the highest level of worth any man could be granted because I give it to VERY VERY few.

Both slave and Princess are happy in this arrangement.  This is completely healthy slavery because the man has found his place in the world.  No longer a lost mongrel, this pup has found his home…at My feet, living as MY obedient pet.  No  longer fighting and struggling, no more pretending, no more inner strife and denial– just sweet submission.  he has learned that the ONLY way for him to truly find happiness is by making ME happy.  This is the only way he can be whole and I am THE ONLY ONE who can make him feel whole.

2.  The binger/purger. Guilt-laden Princess Sierra addict and crackhead.

Not really a devout slave, these guys are more like deranged little dope-fiends. Unlike the true disciple, these guys haven’t accepted their plight in life. They are continually struggling with trying to keep up the facade that they are strong, independent men with self-control.  men were not destined to control anybody, including themselves.  They are here to be CONTROLLED like any other type of livestock.
These men come out, do MY bidding, perform disgusting acts of depravity, drop their money at My feet and run away again, hoping to forget what they just did.  Unlike a  “true slave“, these guys haven’t embraced their true position and life and continually try to “stop” the need to serve ME, vowing it will be “the last time.”  Shutting down credit cards, changing phone numbers, closing down their computers, attending church, praying to Jesus and going to therapy NEVER cures them.  Like heroine addicts, these strung-out freaks will continue to have SIERRA flashbacks for the rest of their lives!  Pull up your sleeves and show ME your track marks!  Yes, you’ve been looking at MY photos again and now your wallet’s empty!  HAHA! Oh yes, junkyboy!  There is no 12-step program to help out your sorry ass!  you’ll be back for your next hit. There ain’t no Sierra-detox for you!  No Princess patch to curb your cravings. you’ll come back again and again!  Over and over!  Binge and purge.  you’ll fall off the wagon again, like you have a thousands times before.  I’ll be there when you fall, emptying your pockets, stomping you in the dirt and rubbing your face in it.

The constant flux of the freak.  They all seem to have some sort of cycle of stupidity as sure and steady as the tides.  They wash in, bringing forth treasure and pretty shiny shells for ME, then disappear back into the dark, stormy sea, swallowed up by their own guilt, shame and regret.  The “last time” comes again and again and each time I take more and more, push them harder and harder, make them sink deeper and deeper–take them farther from home.  After I’ve had My fun with them and had MY fill, I sometimes allow them to toss their “semen” overboard, then they drift off  back to sea, and I am there on the shore..  Sierra the Siren, piles of curls whipping in the wind, waving them good-bye, playing with My new trinkets, counting their lost gold, laughing at their loss, savoring their tears as they  float off on a piece of slimy driftwood ,  tossed back to their pathetic little lives.
“Until next time, boy.. and it will come sooner than the last time.”‘

These guys often develop jekyll  and hyde type personalities, constantly struggling between the “spoof” man  they pretend to be and the groveling pigslave they truly are.  They become almost 2 different personalities. The man he is when I’m not influencing him and the man he is when he’s either horny or under My influence.  These men are always at war and  both despise the other.  Certainly not the beaming example of a true slave, however these guys are loads of fun.  you can really mess with their pea-sized brains and send them into bouts of deep depression, self loathing, confusion and self-destructive behavior.  They are like wind-up toys. I tightly wind them up and send them off in all kinds of directions. Because I can not truly  depend on this type of pig, he is of no particular value to ME and sometimes I toy, manipulate and trick these sorry excuses of men and perform different type of “experiments” on their jelly-soft brains.  There is an unlimited supply of these type of junkies  and many I make into lab rats of sorts.  I shoot them up with different combinations of sometime “lethal” injections just to see what happens and how they will react. They are easily drawn into capture with an assorted type of man-bait.

Like hamsters on a wheel, they continually chase what they can never have while I pump them full of toxins and potions and work them into a lather. These are the guys I wind up having giant wallet-raping sessions with, or the ones I force  to imbibe on huge amounts of liquor and exploit them when they are inebriated and drunken with desire.  Sometimes, I run these little rats so hard that they just fall and keel over from mental exhaustion and financial bankruptcy. I run these rats hard because their hearts aren’t in it for the right reason. They don’t serve because they are TRUE Worshippers..they serve because they are weak and horny little bastards.   For that, they deserve all the torture and devious manipulation, suffering and anxiety I bestow upon them.  They are lowly sewage rats who I can chose to trap and enslave and play with or simply exterminate at MY whim.  For each rat I stamp out, financially ruin, and emotionally cripple there are 10 more to replace them.  These silly animals migrate in cycles and the ones I let escape for a week, month or sometimes a few months, I know without a doubt will cycle back to ME…PRINCESS SIERRA…the BIG CHEESE they can never resist. The trap is set and they will be caught by their tails once again.

3.  The humiliation freakazoid
This wacko jacko just loves to be humiliated and  can often be very entertaining.  I especially enjoy the ones who really know how to put on a good production and are asinine with artistry.  humiliation freakazoid brains are especially malleable and even if he doesn’t come to ME with a financial fetish type personality, most can be easily “tweaked” into learning how to eroticize it.  What’s more humiliating than being humiliated and having to pay for it??  These morons also get soo fucking turned on  making a sick spectacle of themselves that  I can literally get them to do just about anything when their 5 inches of  freakmeat is saluting ME, including emptying their pockets and their checking accounts.  Now, some humiliation freakazoids are purely selfish fuckups who are more into doing dirty tricks then making a Woman laugh.  I learned long ago how to spot the type of humiliation freakazoid that will  most likely be easy to pickpocket.  These are the guys who seem most affected by MY reaction and laughter, rather than the sick act they are performing. It’s all about ME and it’s the guys who are about ME that I click with and enjoy and are most easily enticed into the world of financial exploitation.

4. The glutton for punishment
These guys just like being dicked over and are forever smitten with the Woman who treats them like the biggest, stinkiest pile of  shit.  These guys aren’t  loyal out of a sense of duty and devotion. They just stick around because I hurt them the worse, I’m the wickedest, the brightest and baddest and have no qualms and guilt issues with fucking them up to the extreme. And why would I?  They are useless men. Fuck em hard, use them up, shit on their lives and let them try to pick up the pieces.  Does a man who serve for selfish reasons instead for the privilege of basking in the warmth of MY smile and laughter deserve ANYTHING better????
I think not.

5. Mutant Trophy slave
These are guys that I am almost addicted to dissecting and inflicting suffering and mental torment upon. I am fiercely protective of these slaves and have stated MY claim on their lives.  These are slaves I have molded, brainwashed, zombified and SHRUNK their brains.  Generally they come to me somewhat “sensible” normal men but with expert brain-scrubbing, reconditioning and the breaking down of their self-esteem, by isolating them from others and constant reprogramming, demoralization and humiliation, these men metamorphous into the creature I have formed them into. They are RE-MADE by ME.  These guys become part of MY special collection of freakshow mutations. Like deformed 2-headed calves and siamese twin dwarf giraffes with hairlips, displayed on a shelf floating around in fluid in a giant pickle jar for the world to ogle with amazement and disgust, this is MY collection of freakshow mutants! I made them! I have all rights to them and I would rather shoot one in head then let the monster I ANIMATED fall in the hands of another.

6.  The scaredy cat and skittish man-telope.
These guys have been given a lobotomy by constant viewing of My photos, writings and videos.  They generally have a low budget, a shitload of kids and a wife who keeps a close check on the handbook so they are afraid to keep much contact or give much information about themselves.  They continually fixate on ME, MY beauty, My site and everything else that is PRINCESS SIERRA. Sometimes this goes on for years.  They are faithful readers of MY page and hang on MY every word.  They can friggin QUOTE MY scripture!  Some of these guys can recite word for word something I posted or a story I told 3 years before!   They continue to pay “safely” or anonymously, send cash by mail, or through amazon gc’s and MY amazon wishlist. Although they keep interaction with ME at very  minimum, they never can stay away.  These guys avoid doing stuff like webcam shows for ME, sticking oranges up their asses or talking to ME on the phone in hopes of maintaining a “safe perimeter” between ME and their family and “other” life. They continue to think about Me constantly and financially spoil Me at very regular intervals without really interacting with Me up close and personal. Unbeknownst to them, these men have become cyber brainwashed by MY vast wisdom and staggering beauty and charismatic dominant personality.   Once the spry gazelle, this jumpy critter slowly evolve into more of a “maimed wildebeest” who starts lagging behind further in further in his “other” life.  he starts  spending more time in PRINCESS TERRITORY, engulfed in thoughts ME.  Interstingly enough, he as discovered that his hairy little beast between his thighs no longer operates correctly when its time to perform his husbandly duties.  he wonders how that has happened.  he starts to find it hard to concentrate on his daily responsibilities and starts to get that deer trapped in the headlights glaze in the eyes. At first, these “at-arm’s-length” slaves financially serve with long intervals in between but as time passes their “off seasons” become shorter and shorter.  It becomes relatively easy for ME to communicate with these dazed and confused creatures through subliminal messages in MY journal and photos, a quick email or picture sent to these boys most always result in a gift.  They continually find themselves at the watering hole, doing MY bidding and maxing out their credit cards but don’t quite know why they continue to do it or what exactly is driving them.  What they don’t know is…. that they can NOT stop doing MY bidding and will probably continue for the rest of their lives.  What they fail to realize is, I didn’t set the regular booby trap for them. You know, the type with the little carrot, and the box that drops from above? I built it AROUND them while they foolishly thought they were safe in their own little environment.

These specie of submissive male are very fragile type men, petrified of losing themselves and their families.  For the most part, they are decent guys who keep their distance more for their family’s sake than their own selfish reasons.  If these guys were single, they would probably all be inclined to be full-on true blue disciples.  These shy, timid beasts are easily startled by the use of force to get their information,  sudden outbursts of rage, or too persistent of prodding.    Since they are low maintenance and expect absolutely nothing and are very grateful for any morsel they are given, do not cost Me any time,  tie up MY phone lines or bother Me when they haven’t got money to spend on ME , I sometimes try to cohabitate peacefully with them without letting them know that I see them constantly peeking at ME through the foliage and following the trail of bread crumbs I throw to them.  They think they are serving and paying for Me on their own accord. Silly little man-telope! he has no idea that he is doing exactly what I want and is  continually being lured to come back again and pay with his own hide.  These guys are generally fairly devoted and pay for years and will continue to pay forever as long as they feel they are in their own natural habitat.  Unbeknownst to them, they have are really quite trapped in MY man-zoo and are being carefully controlled, conditioned and observed by ME.
amazon addict, yes you are one of these
7.  Communal paypig
These guys don’t really care too much who they give their money to.  They’ve given it to chicks on Niteflirt with phony pics, camgirls, Dominas, trashy tit flashers, and probably guys incognito too. The act of “losing” their money to “a Female” is more of a thrill then a Female “enjoying their money.”  These guys give a little to a lot of different women.  They jump from lily pad to lily pad.  These guys generally do $25-75 and and want to talk about how they are going to  empty their nonexistent savings account on you.   These guys pick up all kinds of nasty habits from the 800# girls they talk to and sometime evolve into broke bullshitters, crank-wankers and neurotic moneyslave crooks.  Communal paypigs are worthless bastards and should avoid Me. The only one type of communal paypig I can tolerate is the 30-second or less disappearing communal paypig.  This is rare breed of communal paypig  who makes his donation and manages to yank off and disappear all  in 30 seconds or less.

8.  The covetous Sierra-maniac
This type  doesn’t necessarily serve any purpose for ME but they are just as addicted and compulsively obsessed with Me  as many of you submissive finks are.  Since there are so many wannabees, anti-fans and  Sierra-maniacs who follow My site as religiously as the most fervent of submissive spankies, I think they have earned their own category here.  Even though they aren’t paying Me, they are just as addicted and infatuated with ME and recognize ME as their true superior and the far off dream of what they wish they could be–further deifying ME.  They are just as awestricken as they are envious  of Me and  MY art.  Generally this sort of  fan reads MY site on a daily basis and instead of feeling warm and fuzzy they just get P.O.’ed cuz I so rock and I get so much damned LOOT.   This category usually takes form of a female failed findom, hostile girlfriend or wife of a paying piggy, spurned time-wasters and religious zealots who fit in this category.

They recognize the fact that I am superior to them and instead of warmly embracing that truth, they turn a covetous eye upon the one they too can’t help but worship.  Yes, here I am, a Divine Being far more beautiful and gifted than you with powers over others that you can only imagine.   I  wrap these countless minions around MY ittybitty finger with such ease and continue to reap the rewards of MY constant cruelty and abuse of them and worse of all, it’s so friggin evident that I am enjoying it!  How unfair that must seem to you, poor little mortal.

Some of you even try to imitate the Living Goddess you so worship and desire to be….but alas, your little attempts failed, your fulfilled wishlists remained empty, your ideas stale, your heart not in to it, and you couldn’t stop yourself turning to  MY site for “inspiration” EVEN when you tried NOT to! It’s because I am your inspiration, your one true desire.  you wish to be like the GODS, like PRINCESS SIERRA.   That is why you are only mortal and I  remain the GOD.

9. The working girl
This filthy little whore turns into quite the cash-slut when dressed like a tramp. he’s sort of like like a slot machine. you feed him dick and he spits out  cash and prizes!  Now he also is quite fascinated with the prospect of being forced into donning trashy ho attire to walk the streets and earn big bucks for ME by sucking dick and blowing tricks.  What he doesn’t realize is that he usually is too fat, old and ugly to manage to find someone hard up enough to actually pay him for his services.  Oh well, although it would be a marvelous plan the fact remains that he bald and overweight and all the pretty gay fags get the guys who pay.  In the meantime he can dress like a whore, act like a whore and suck cock like a whore… but for free.  he will still have to pay ME for every dick he sucks. Only it will just have to come out of his own pocket.  Some guys don’t actually have the balls to go out and get the dick. So I condition them to completely FIXATE on cock.This sometimes works almost as well as the real thing.  Through this conditioning and subtle mind control, I also make sure to curb their heterosexual cravings and disable their dick to function properly for straight sexual activity.  This creates a lot of anxiety and guilt in this type of slave and swiftly puts him where I want him…in his “dark place”.  Self loathing, guilt and anxiety is the secret recipe for making a the less than willing man dependent on you and most susceptible to your manipulation.  Sometimes I think of it like breaking somebody’s bone and resetting it to grow the way you want it to or even cutting off branches of a tree and grafting them differently to change the tree.

One must “break it” to “re-make it.”

10.  The paying pansy
This guy is kind of an off-shoot of the working girl, except his focus isn’t homosexual activity and whoredom, it’s more a de-machofication and emasculation process.  These guys usually come to Me with these sissy-type urges. At first their interests are usually centered around sissy clothing and embarrassingly feminine behavior, but they are too often easily honed into pink and ponytailed  piggybanks.  Being girlie makes them all squishy inside and they lose will-power when powdered and frocked.  So I keep them in a state of girlish confusion and constant arousal,  it becomes quite easy to dip into their little purses.

11. bronco billy
This little bastard is fucking high-strung and wily eyed!  he might make his donation but right as you’re trying to put the saddle an the fucking asshole, he starts putting up a fight.  he wants to be wild and free and come and go at his own leisure.  When you try to take total control, he begins to buck and kick up his heels and escape out of the arena. Wooooah nelly! There is no gentle way to tame THIS beast.  Now most of these guys aren’t worth the hassle and sweat it is to break them, because these nags are a heap of work and hard to lasso. But if he has something I want bad enough or if there is something about him that is either amusing enough or profitable enough for Me to want to keep him bridled and harnessed and trapped in the corral and if I put My mind to it.. I WILL MOUNT THAT BITCH.   Generally this guy has to be pretty loaded to make him worth the effort and has given Me a lot in the past to really motivate ME and get  My greedy vein pulsing. There is only one way to get a smooth ride out of this little pony.  You got to beat the leaving shit out him, use the branding iron, get his information, photographs and videos of him doing despicable acts, you got to DIG your heels in, use those spurs,  keep a tight reign on him, don’t just crack the whip–USE IT and do whatever it takes to BREAK and BEND his will.  you must be smart, you must be cruel and you never make idle threats you don’t intend to carry out.  Generally these men must be BURNT a few times before  they stop fighting the bit.  you have to whip out the big guns and do them in a few times, put a couple rounds of buckshot in their rear and make them FEAR you.

Sometimes unfortunately decent behaving slaves will try turning bronco billy for some reason or another.  If they’ve been My property for a long time they can bet their happy asses whether or not they like it, I will go all RODEO on their butt. They’ll have the saddlesores for the rest of their lives to prove it.