How to Not Miff Me Off

at by Anonymous

Newly Update: Lot of these have to do with live sessions and I NO longer do live sessions, so they aren’t really relative…but still interesting reading.  Guys messaging Me before sending their initial $300 tribute and asking what MY “minimal” payment is.  Fuck off, bitch-pig!  I’m PRINCESS SIERRA..if you can’t afford to pay to spoil the LEGENDARY GODDESS Herself, go knock yourself off at Clips4sale and pay for a video fantasy.

Pretty much EVERYTHING you guys do and say is a pet-peeve to ME and found despicable unless your requests are centered around serving and spoiling ME and making ME happy.  I don’t want to hear about your fetishes and desires.  They are mean NOTHING to ME.    I simply want to be worshiped and adored and provided for.    I want MY slaves to treat ME with complete respect and contribute to making MY life completely full of joy, bliss and leisure.

Do NOT send ME I.M.s, letters or emails that open with, “I want”.
“I want a hot Domme to smother me with her ass.” “I want you to abuse me” “I want you to spank my fairy ass.” Personally, I couldn’t care less what you want. My phone sessions and live training are all centered around MY wants
–I might use your own fetishes and desires to further manipulate you and to bring you to newer “lows,” but by NO means do I design my time around your wack-off fantasies. When I ask you to tell me about your experiences or interests, I am asking for a list of your weaknesses, not a schedule of events.

Do NOT tell me what to wear.
If you have strong fetish for certain clothes, I recommend you look for another Domme. You think I’m powdering my regal ass so I can squeeze into some sweaty sauna-pants for you?? Hell NO! Recently, I have discovered some fetish wear I like wearing, like looser skirts that breathe, some lighter latex dresses, but you won’t find me….in some gummi catsuit with a waspy corset. 6-inch spikes are for drag-queens, sissy-boys and strippers and you won’t find me toddling around in them. Of course, sometimes I dress like a bombshell… my beauty makes you STUPID, and when you’re stupid, you do REAL dumb things and give ME all your money–and that’s worth putting pantyhose on for. If you love “clothes” more than Me, it would be wise to go elsewhere.

Begging for body worship.
you, vile piece of dare you?

So called non-sub men sending ME mail.
Never liked you…never will.

Anything smaller than $20 bills…
Nothing annoys me more, than some slimebag sending me a crumpled $5 bill, asking for pictures.

This goes especially for you sissies. foo-foo boys have a little habit of making up lame stories and trying to pass them off to ME, as an actual happening. “Oh Princess, my secretary (who used to model lingerie) caught me trying on a pair of panties in my office, she spanked me and made me orally serve her underneath her desk as she worked at her laptop.” Oh please…I got that same issue of “Sissyboy/TV Tramps/OfficeWhores in Lace” too.

If I send you off on an assignment, DO IT. Do not lie about it. I will make you send receipts, pictures, proof…I will catch your ass and banish you from my Queendom FOREVER. This sucks…because you need ME. I have a psychic understanding of you dumb pigs…if you are deceitful, I will know. Liars receive the most fatal punishment. They are ignored and abandoned, never to bask in glorious presence again, never to hear my sweet, sugar voice, never to worship again at the FEET of SIERRA.

I don’t deal with them. If you are a switch, go find another Domme, there are gobs of them.

Asking to see ME dominate another Female.
you are the only one that should be oppressed. I will not tolerate any slaves who enjoy watching female submission.

Because of the vast amount of no-shows I encounter, I now expect $100 deposit for each hour you plan to session. Too many of you cretins, have wasted too many hours of my time. You don’t’re shit out of more chances, no apologies, no second tries.

Hanging up without thanking me for your phone session.
Hang up after you spew you’re icky-stuff without thanking me profusely, and that will be you’re last call.

Making excuses for your submissive side.
“Oh, I have a very high profile job where I am giving authority and tell everyone what to do, I just need an outlet for that energy.” Hardly. If that’s what you believe, adios, go to and search for another DIVA. Why make excuses for your submission? It’s your ONLY redeeming quality.

Weekend wankers.
If this is something you do several times a year, because you think it’s kinky and fun; you and I will not session together. you serve ME, because you adore ME, because you know you are inferior to the SUPERIOR FEMALE, because you believe being treated like scum, is the only thing you deserve from a LOVELY Princess like MYSELF.

you freakazoids have been running rampant lately. If I tell you that you have flunked MY online application and will NOT be sessioning with ME in the future, show some dignity and quit pestering ME for attention. Obviously, I saw that we would not click. And since I ALWAYS know best, there is really nothing to discuss. Sending Me death-threats and obscene emails isn’t going to make ME change MY mind. you’ve spent your life being rejected by beautiful Women–surely time will heal this wound too.

Yeahyeahyeah…there are no real Women in your life, so you’ve taken to stalking the ones on the net. Or better yet, while surfing x-rated booby sites, you stumbled onto My link on some ProDomme directory–and got bent out of shape over it. So you send ME the usual anti-adorer email.
“fUck U bitch!!!! men RULE tHe wOrld..U know U wanT my penUs, you 6ft cunt!”
As mind-provoking as that might be, you have just proven MY point. men are inferior nim-rods, and you’re their poster-child. Some of you take your neuroses to a different level. i.e.
“I couldn’t help but laugh at your web site. It’s too bad that men will always rule this planet and women are nothing but ‘bitches’. I find it especially humorous that you call yourself a bitch. In case you forgot that means a ‘female dog’. The men you meet are a waste and should be killed for listening to your hilarious babble. Furthermore, please take
this letter as a recommendation for your suicide!! We have given women everything they want and if it wasn’t for us, you would be a cave bitch instead of the bitch you already are. If women were meant to rule the planet they would have. The truth hurts!!”
Yikes. I wonder if all the umpteen guys I turned down for dates in My past have turned out like this one? Sounds like the sort of wierdO that wacks it to medical documentaries. The fact is–why bother? With all the crap on the net–pedophilia, nazism, rape sites, child abuse and are taking the time to send hatemail to a Bitchy chick who spits on guys and takes their money? GET OVER IT. There is far more offensive crap on the net. It’s REAL funny how NOTHING in the world annoys an insecure man as much as an uppity, secure, confident, arrogant bitch. If you’re going to get that worked up about My page–I recommend you just click it shut and let the healing begin. Do you know how many sites offend ME?? “Hot Teenage Pussy”; “SPY-cams in public restrooms”; “Strangled NecroBabes”…the list goes on and on and on…but you don’t see Me sending deathwishes to the webmasters.

Cuckoo obsessives
Cuckoo obsessives can just go make screen-savers of someone else. Some of you just plain need therapy. If you are going to wack-off over My page and send Me groveling emails and love-letters confessing your submissive and perverted fantasies–then after spewage, go into some guilt-tirade and blame ME for your shameful wankings–I don’t EVEN want to hear from you. If you can’t deal with the fact that you’re a submissive shithead–get out of MY email box and quit calling and breathing heavy on My phone.

CONCERNING Phone Harassment– I will NOT tolerate excessive phone hang-ups, rude pranksters or liars with phony creditcard information. BLOCK that number as much as you want. When I start getting harassing phonecalls, I just forward them to the 800# I never use. Sure, I have to pay a dime to find out who you are..but all numbers show up on the print-off at the end of the month–even the ones you Blocked on caller I.D. Phone harassment is serious crime..and I will take legal action against you. Just a few months ago, I star-69′d some “yanker” who called about 30 times in a day. I got the secretary who said that only her and the doctor (he was a dentist) had been in the office that day. I explained that some man had called Me repeatedly ranting about liking to wear frilly plastic sissy panties. She nervously said she would do something about it. Needless to say, I had no more annoying calls that day. What’s up doc?

For a “fisher of men” you sure spend a lot of time perusing adult sites. Its amazing how many bible-thumpers must have adult-check. GO handle a snake and speak in tongues on someone else’s time. I usually get several emails and letters a month of crusading christains urging ME to change My ways (or in otherwords, coming up with a real good reason or excuse for hanging out on Femdom sites.)

NO..I don’t want to marry you.
Hello?? In all My pages and pages of manbashing and ranting–how in the hell did you come up that I might be even remotely interested in some sort of romantic relationship with you?? ARE YOU BRAIN-DEAD??? Go to the personals, call a singles’ hotline, hang out in lonelyloser chat. There is NO other-side of Sierra to get to know…this is it, baby. I DO NOT HAVE NORMAL VANILLA RELATIONSHIPS WITH men–save yourself some time and Me from having to read another drivelling love-letter.

“If you were really domme you wouldn’t have to be paid for it.”
Get real, loser. Why in the HELL would a Woman like ME want to hang out with a dork-ass like you for free? If you don’t like paying for ProDommes, why do you spend so much time spanking off to our sites? It just floors Me how some homely, middle-aged old man with a receding hairline and a wide-ass could even consider being offended that I wouldn’t want to sit around all day and spank his out of shape rear-end for free. ProDommes are flooded with emails and phonecalls–it is
ridiculous to think that We have the time or energy to give freebies out to dweebies like you.

I offer NO services.
(this is one of MY post plagiarized paragraphs on My site)
My phone session, live training courses, cam-chat abuse, cyber-pig training is NOT a service to you. you pay to hang out with ME, to talk with ME, to be allowed a little time with the PRINCESS. you expect NOTHING from ME. you are NOT paying to get off, I don’t have to allow you to cum. If I decide to eat crackers in your ears during a call, you are gracious, if I tell you to call back in 10 minutes and decide not to answer for an are ecstatic. If I decide I don’t have the stomach to watch you play with your penis during a live meet…your tough-luck. I am MORE than some chick who dresses up in leather, ties you up and spanks you so you can get off. I am NOT a Woman pretending she believes she is superior to you. I know I am superior to you. I am pure, unadulterated BITCH Goddess, teeming with emotions, moodswings, tantrums and self-centeredness. I am NOT fair, I do not worry about keeping you as a “customer” because there are kazillions of other little wankers out there who want to worship ME. you are at MY whim. you cater to ME..NOT vice verse.