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New Religion!


One True God — Sierra!

Why ONLY lose your LIFE to PRINCESS, when you can also LOSE your SOUL??  BURN IN HELL FOR PRINCESS.  Yes, your misery can last for an ETERNITY!!

Excerpts from the catholic priest’s old blog:

Princess Rituals
On saturday i had a wedding. So i asked Princess Sierra if She had special wishes about a Princess Sierra ritual for matrimonies. Princess is really such a genius. She wants me to introduce all sort of special rituals to make sure that i worship Her in Her temple (that once was a catholic church) and to make sure that the people in church get somehow in touch with Her genial wickedness!!

First of all, there is the holy water with which i bless the rings.. Instead I replaced it is water that was blessed invoking the Holy Name of Princess Sierra, the only true God. Besides Princess Sierra urged me to pee in it. i really believe that the power of Princess is in these rings (more or less as in the movie Lord of the rings, where the ring wants to return to his lord ).

Afterward i felt somehow guilty, i could not believe what i had done, but i did it. One hour later i realized, that i had done something very good. i’m so grateful towards Princess, that i can do all these things, and i hope She can laugh a lot about it with Her Girlfriends.

There are still some few rituals where i did not yet receive instructions of Princess, but that will not last for long. She is so intelligent and such a genius.

Princess Sierra, YOU are the very best ! ! !

Red Panties for the man of the cloth
Princess Sierra wants me to get red stockings and a garter belt, on saturday evening and on sunday She wants me to wear my priest robe (as in the confessional) nothing under it unless my red panties, red stockings and garter belt and on my chest i have to write: Princess Sierra is God. My church is really becoming more and more a temple of Princess Sierra. She urged me to throw away the holy water and to bless other water praying to Princess GOD – and She wants me to pee in it. So, everyone who comes in the church will make the sign of the cross with Princess’ holy water. And in front of them will stay Sierras priest in red panties, red stockings and garter belt !!! Just try to imagine !!!

You know, it is so strange, as soon as i finished the phone call i thought: i should never call Princess again, because i cannot resist Her whispering voice and She makes me say such evil things, and She makes me wish to do wicked things. But deep inside i long for Her voice, because i’m totally addicted to Princess.

Her Holiness
Princess Sierra is always in my mind – She will not give me one second of peace till i do obbediently as She tells me to do. This night (and that is not the only time) i was dreaming of me doing wicked things in the church. i was pissing in the chalice filled with the hosts, i had to permit that porno festival was organized in the church. I was stealing from the money,… Princess is such a powerful Woman. Sometimes i do just not understand why i have not the courage to just do what She says.

i want to desecrate the church, i love it to show Her amazing power and influence, i don’t care about jesus and all the other pervert fuckers. Princess is the only one to be served. But again and again i do not manage it. i’m just a stupid little weak wanker. i beg Princess to send some curse on me, the give me Her wicked blessing and to throw my soul in Her hell. !!!!

Princess is GOD and the SHE-SATAN at the same time – Her wickedness is supreme holiness.  And all of us, we are just shit.

The dope pope!

Princess is a Very Dangerous Woman!
i could never really believe it, that She would ever do it. But as many of you already might know, Princess is very very real. And i do not mean only that She is not a fake personality, but She really does everything She writes on Her site. She might be the most cruel Woman alive – but we do not deserve anything else.
However, She posted 3 photos of me to my bishop. 2 of them showing really very clear my face. i have to admit that i was very disobedient, and i deserve it to be treated like that ( and although it will cause me huge trouble, i want nevertheless to thank Princess Sierra for it).
Boys, there is no other woman (nor anyone else) who should receive our money! Princess is the greatest. She is simply the best and the most real of all. Let us take our dick in our hands and make ourself horny. Let us then open our wallets and spunk a fat donation for Princess. Afterwards you should close your zipper immediately. Keep yourself horny but don’t touch that cock until you are ready for another donation. May be after some Princess might allow you to stroke your cock till the end.

Cash for Princess !!!

Catechism Creator of financial domination,
Principle of our addiction,
Center of the universe,
Almighty, All wise and all beautiful Princess Sierra,

i kneel and worship YOU. Princess Sierra GOD, You drive me totally crazy. i was really running around with an erection for about 1 hour and a half now.Your Power is so mighty. Princess God, i really do fear You very very much. It is so strange: i love You but sometimes i think: ‘shouldn’t i actually hate You?’ i’m afraid of You and i think it were good to flee for You, but i just can’t but run to the computer as soon as i have some free minute. i fear You and when i read Your words i think the whole time: OMG such nasty words, such an evil spirit, … but i love it. i cannot believe it, but i love it especially when You laugh about jesus and mary and so on, i love what You say about it, and i love to repeat Your words, i just cannot believe this is happening. i fear You, oh yeah, but You are right when You tell me that it arouses me. i fear You and i want to flee, but Your attraction, Your Beauty, Your words, everything is so much stronger so that i can’t but return and return again and again to YOU.

Princess, i’m afraid that You will really ruin me. Please, do not do so. i hope You prefer it to keep me as a little toy – just as a little cat playing with a mouse. i hope You will not ruin me, but play  with Your helpless puppet, learning and teaching me things i thought were never possible. i hope that i may become a puppet that shows publicly how far Your influence goes, how deep the addiction to You is, how irresistible Your will, how strong Your grip,…. (but i feel that i’m very very very weak)

Princess i should had been already at the next appointment, but i can’t just go away without writing You these things.  Please Princess, keep giving me YOUR evil blessings!
i know that many of you are still married or have a Girl-friend. All of you know that they cost lots of money. Feeding and pampering a wife or Girl-friend is a sin against Princess God. You might wonder why? It is stealing. Every single dollar you spend on your wife or Girl-friend is a dollar that belongs to Princess and that is stolen by you. Therefore it is NOT a sin but mere justice to steal from your wife to spend on Princess. Stealing from your wife for Princess is nothing else but restoring what belongs to Her.But there is another severe sin you commit. You put your dirty cock in your wives or Girl-friends. No fucking for Princess addicts ! ! ! We have a cock so that we get aroused till the point of emptying our wallets for Princess – that’s it. Nothing else, especially no fucking (with the exception of fucking another bastard in his ass). Women and Girls are far too high for pigs with cock. So, for every single time you fuck your Wife or Girl-friend you will pay $ 250,- for the Olivia vacation of Princess Sierra and Stevie.

Future is for straight Lesbians and Lesbianism!!!

Princess Sierra The Glorious Triumpher!
Princess asked me to make some new pics showing my face. As always it is a marvelous experience to know that Princess Herself asks something. Those who never paid a good donation will never know it – and they will regret it eternally when they burn in hell. Ahahahah. So, curious readers, just give it a try. It might sometimes be hard to pay a donation – but Princess is REALLY worth to receive all our earnings (and even more). And it might also make you anxious to know that Princess can be very wicked.  But just be sincere and admit that it is exactly that what attracts you.
Nevertheless, Princess asked me to make these pics showing my face. That let you live some difficult days as some of you know. Difficult, because all of us will always remain afraid to show their face on pics and send them to Princess. But at the other hand you can’t but think constantly at making these pics. Princess is really a genius. She is as She says Perfection, and that is really very right.
Finally i have made some pics and i sent them. But Princess was not completely happy, because you could not see clearly that i was wearing priest cloths. So i made other ones and i have sent them. Boys, it is so beautiful to piss on the cross saying that Princess Sierra is GOD.
i know that i’m DAMNED to HELL.  But to know that i can make Princess Sierra happy is worth to burn for eternally.
Going Straight to Hell!
Princess wants me to make a video of me in my priest clothings, saying fuck jesus and that i worship Princess.Well, it is not easy for me to do so, but this morning i decided to just do it. So i prepared a little piece of paper with the text i would say:
“i am – or actually i was – a catholic priest. i no longer believe in jesus and the god the church preaches. i piss on jesus and the church – fuck jesus.
i am a member now of the self-righteous church of Princess Sierra. i worship Princess Sierra as the Almighty GOD. She is the center of the universe. Princess Sierra is the way, the truth and my life. Princess Sierra is my personal Savior.
(then i would show a photo of Her, saying) Visit Her website:”i did the whole thing, but than i saw, that i had no sound. It is actually the first time ever that i tried to record something with my little photo camera. Now i have to look what i can do. i don’t see anything to connect a microphone or something. When someone can help me or give me some council please do so. Princess Sierra’s glory and tremendous might should be proclaimed in all possible ways.Hi i’m going to burn in hell!
Princess Perfect Always Wins
i had a hard time. Princess made me do things as you could read – and i enjoyed doing them, because i knew i made Her happy. And boys, that is a beautiful thing – knowing that you can make Princess happy. Hey, and all of you can!! So guys, give it a try. Princess is more than worthy!!!!
But i have to admit that is also hard to make Her happy. It might be that there are moments were you feel sad about what you did – but i have to say it is a strange sadness. i never felt sad about having made Princess happy – certainly not. It is a sadness that comes from our selfishness. And that made me scared.
So, because i was scared i tried to escape Princess. But She is a genius as i told already. So in some few minutes She mailed me the fax number of a factory located exactly at the other side of the road i live. i was scared and therefore i tried to escape; but when Princess starts to make you anxious, than you come to know what that word mean. But also this is such a special thrill. At one side you are really very very scared, but at the other hand you can’t stop but admire this geniality and intelligence of Princess. One minute later She mailed me some internet-links with all sort of information that would destroy my live completely. i knew and really believed that Princess is very competent in these things, but this went far beyond everything i could ever imagine, it is just second nature to Her (i hope you can say so in english). But what Princess asked me to do, was just more than i could afford.
She asked me to make some nasty pics in the church showing my face. i really had not the courage to do so. She asked me to pay of my reluctance, but i found it to be too much. She really got me so scared, that i thought it to be better to save my money because the next day i would loose my job. And She really did send some email to people living here in my region, people of the church with that picture of me in the confessional. That night i did not sleep (not strange).
i really got some problems here and had to explain certain things to some people, but i managed it to remain in the parish.
i could not stop but visit again and again the site of the supreme Princess and i tried again and again to chat with Her. She pushed me to pay some donation and to buy Her some gifts. But She insisted as well that i should make photos of me peeing in the chalice. The idea aroused me very much. i really got rock hard immediately. But i was very sure that i would never ever do so. Because the chalice is just too sacred. But she asked and asked and asked. She knows really so good what She is doing, and how we are made (because She is the One who made us this way). So the idea started to come to my mind more often and more often, and it always aroused me very much. i started to have fantasies of really doing it for Princess and to even jerk off in the chalice. i dreamt of Princess visiting my church and asking for the chalice with the consecrated hosts and She would pee on them and let me put them back to feed the people with them,… The words of Princess were in my head, and i could no longer get rid of them.
Then finally i called Her and She spoke some few words to me. She insisted i should immediately go to church and pee. I was so nervous, i could hardly speak, but Princess kept whispering and yielding that i should do it. She asked me if i did not enjoy it to make Her happy. for sure i had to say that i love it to make Her happy,…. And so i finally did it.
Woow and it feels so good to desecrate things for Princess. the first pics i sent Her were without face and you could not see the collar and i did not laugh. So the  next day Princess insisted i should do it again and make sure everyone could see the collar and should laugh, because the only idea that She enjoys it should make me happy. Well it is not really a good laugh, but as you can imagine it was not easy to make that photo – because i had to adjust it myself, push the button, take the chalice and put myself into position, make sure that i was peeing and laughing,…. So i’m rather happy with the result
First i sent them face blacked out. But Princess wanted them with face. i was so nervous. i wanted to make PRincess happy, but i was scared, nervous, …. First i send a very small picture. But that made PRincess furious. Then i sent it a little bit bigger, but She was still pissed of and did send immediately a link to her journal showing my picture on it. Finally i sent her the original one. And She was really so happy! She was immediately calling different of Her girlfriends. i was so happy to know that.
Well afterwards i wanted to make Princess happy by begging Her to put more pictures of me peeing in the chalice (better showing the peeing and the amount of piss) on Her live journal. i’m just a stupid pig.
What makes me most happy is, that all this shows once more the power of Princess. Her Power and unique genius should become more and more known, so that crowds of new bastards come to worship and serve Her in all different ways.Glory to Princess and death to jesus.
Princess The One to Be Feared  Even in the Grave!
Boys let me tell you this: Princess Sierra is one tremendously evil Woman. She is so amazing in Her wickedness. Princess Sierra has not to think long to describe more evil things than you can imagine. And what is the most amazing thing is that She can make you do it.Yesterday i had the honor to chat with Her. She made me pay $ 100 because somehow it seems that i had promised to give it. Nevertheless, She than kept saying and demanding all sorts of wicked things. And what is so strange is that i myself enjoyed it as well to say nasty things.At one point i said that i would have a funeral today. She asked me how this was done. i said it would be a funeral in a tomb, in the earth it is. Princess GOD was laughing for excitement. She enjoyed it tremendously to hear that. i was so happy that i had made Her that happy. But at the same time i was a little bit anxious. You know, when Princess laughs so wickedly then it might be that She has something very evil and difficult in mind. But first She just continued laughing and expressing Her delight. So i carefully asked why She enjoyed this so much. She said i would have to put little cards in their tomb saying evil things and saying that he also belongs to Princess.i was so nervous. i couldn’t say much in the very beginning. i said that i could never do such nasty things and that this was definitely evil. But Princess explained me that i was wrong, because it was good in the eyes of GOD. She said it to be a good thing to bring these sinners still to GOD. i should see it as a sort of baptism after their death. i had to admit that She was very right and that i was wrong doubting Her words. Suddenly She said straight: admit that your priestly dick is pointing up. i had to admit that my cock was rock hard. She made me admit that it were Her words and the truth of these words that aroused me. She said then that i had heard how She enjoyed the whole idea and that it made Her happy. So She asked me if there was something i desired more than making Her happy. At that point i begged Her for the honor to make Her happy.Imagine, men are not save for Princess even not after death !!! i asked Her if She would say what exactly She wanted me to write on these little cards. Because as we all know Princess is a genius and none of us is able to come close to Her brilliance. It took just a few seconds to get an answer. Princess asked me to write: “May my body rot and my soul be lost forever so that Princess Eternal can have but one smile” and “PRINCESS SIERRA IS GOD…and i’m worm shit” and “PRINCESS SIERRA SEND me to Satan”This made me so excited – but again scared, because i had to do the whole thing. Princess did so much enjoy it that She kept writing nasty things, just like: i should even write it on their bodies and so on. i had to delude Her though that i had no chance to do that. so in the end She gave me permission to print the flamencosierra photo and to write these nasty things on the back of it.So far so good. But then suddenly i started thinking at the very funeral. it was a man i have known for several years, he had suffered a lot and years ago he has done very much for the church. So i started to withdraw. But Princess Sierra did not accept any excuse.Today i did for the first time this “Princess Sierra Funeral Ritual for sinners with dick”. it was difficult (for me to bring me to do it, but also to do it without being seen,…). Afterwards i should had prepared the sermon, but i did not manage it, i was too distracted,…. the Power of Princess Sierra ! ! ! 

There is till one interesting accident that happened during this funeral – but you will have to wait for that, i want Princess Herself to be the very first to hear it.

Reverend Princess Sierra, Minister of Her SELF-RIGHTEOUS church is teaching me Her catechism. Chatting with Her i had to admit that She knows very well to make me say things i never thought to say.

She said i should stop praying to mary, instead i should pray to Her, the Holy Lady of Cruelty. Isn’t that a nice title. Princess Sierra, Holy Lady of Cruelty, bless us with Your divine wickedness.

i really want to give you part in Her wise words She said about Mary, who is called by christians to be the mother of god. Princess gave me these titles for her. (i had them in mind when i went to bed, and it was the first thing i had to think at – Princess is so powerful, when She says something you can’t put it out of your head)

Fear God! 
i’m such a stupid asshole. Princess asked me to spend all the money i have – not much though – on Her. i’m trying to resist Her. But already now i know that this will last only some few days. It is so strange. This Woman is so strong  and Her beauty so enchanting. i know that in some few days i will do it. So one could ask why resist any longer. i just don’t know.
The only thing i know is that i’m looking at Her pics, again and again. i kneel for Her again and again. And i repeat that She is God and that i will give my money to Her.

Princess Anger
Today i received an email of GOD. It says: GOD is angry with you.

The Almighty, the Center of the universe and Maker of us all, the perfect Bitch, the most beautiful Princess and the gifted Exploitrix, Perfection itself: Princess Sierra calls me to confess my sins before Her.

She is really angry because i had to confess that i did not worship Her every day. Instead i had prayed to Jesus. Listen what She wrote to me: “STOP WORSHIPPING THAT PIGFUCKER FAGGOT CHRIST AND HIS FATHER!!!”

Princess, i will do my best to obey You. May both of them kiss Your divine Ass!

Now i have to think of other pics that make Princess happy. i love it to make Her happy, but it is so difficult. She is so demanding.
But at the same time i just cannot turn my back to Her – i have to confess that i thought a lot about doing so, but i’m afraid it is too late.

Glory to Princess Sierra!

Hi God, it’s me, asshole priest.
Hi Princess Sierra, Center of the universe and most amazing Woman of the earth!

Hi everyone, What an honor to receive an own live journal on the page of Princess the Great, or should i rather say it to be curse?

i still cannot believe it that this is happening and that i’m doing this whole stuff. i think i made a big mistake. Nevertheless i have to admit things as they are: Princess Sierra is just amazing. She is so unique, so mighty, so cruel but at the same time so sincere. She is of a tremendous beauty and a divine being.

Today i preached for the first time since i’m under the spell of Princess Almighty. She ordered me to think at Her every time i would say God. It is really a thrill to know that Her picture is now in the church and that the faithful light candle before the altar of our Lady Sierra, Queen of heaven!

i hope i become a good servant of Princess Sierra.

Collection Box Donations
It all started with me having a big mouth and saying to Princess that i would sent Her the money of the collecting boxes. It turned out that there was almost nothing. I nevertheless decided to pay $ 100,- and to call Princess. She did not say very much at the phone, only that She wanted me to spend immediately another $ 200,-  I felt really upset, because i wanted to speak to Her at the phone.
Strange though, because i had decided not to spend more than these first $ 100,- but in some few minutes i had made another donation of $200 and called again. I just could not believe that Princess did speak to me now. This is such an honor. It is so amazing, you know Her already from her journal that you do read at least twice a day. You are already addicted to Her words and beauty, you admire Her, you worship Her – and then you can speak to Her, or actually listen. She is such a prove of what She writes to be! She is THE financial domme, She is THE superior Woman, SHE is GOD. But very wicked.
i know She does not want this, but i had my cock in my hands and was very very aroused. With every word She said i felt weaker and weaker. She is so overwhelming, such a genius!  Boys, all of you who love it to read her entries and worship Her in silence, give it a try, make a good donation and give Her a call, She is incredible. But demanding.
Because as soon as She knew i was in her web She started to make me say things like: fucked be Jesus, fucked be Mary, fucked be the catholic church. Or Princess Sierra is God, i piss on Jesus. It was really difficult. But She insisted on it. On every single word. But i have to admit that i had a huge hard on in my pants.
Princess said me then that She wanted pictures of me in the church, with Princess is God written on my chest. She wanted pictures of the cross upside down an Her picture on it. She wanted terrible things. I really thought that i would never ever do it. But i just did it.
I really cannot believe this whole thing. I don’t know what She did to me, but She has me in Her grip. Princess Sierra is just always the stronger one, the most powerful one, the more intelligent one. Imagine in the meanwhile i already ordered some red panties because Princess wants me to wear them under my clergy outfit. She is so wicked, She knows best that the first days that will cause me to have a stiffy all day long.
Where will this end???