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Make My Wishes All Come True!

Love this new scarf that hairlip bought Me!

Update! $100 from louzer just came in.

mystery pig (b from Oregon)  has sent yet another $300 tribute last night!!  Keep it coming, mystery pig!!

hairlip got totally worked over by Princess and company!  With a few photos of each of Us, he was promptly put into the bone-zone…then We then pounced on him and raped his wallet — gangbang style!  The blonde bombshell scored $200 Ugg boots and another pair of Raybans.  One look at Her piercing blue eyes and he was paralyzed like a deer in headlights.  he found himself clicking buttons in a daze!   HRC bitchslapped him for a bright red Helly Hansen red stadium parka and about 3 pairs of pants!   We got $200 for a hair appointment!  Moonstone earrings for Me! Then he picked up Our dinner tab!  he shopped Eddie Bauer and even more items off Amazon! Our fun continued!  he was a 3-way wishbone!   We were so pleased with your performance this week, puppy!  Oh what a blessing!  What Joy and Bliss it is serving the most awesome Women on the planet!!

slavey davey sent $100 paypal, $100 Timberland boots and $25 Itunes gift card!  he’s going to do a little more shopping.  I will be picking out the items today. 🙂

Lots of shit on sale!!
Medina Cardigan get Tall L in Mushroom
Engage Hoodie size Tall L in Heather Gray ** slavey davey
Jacket in Peak Blue size Tall L
Cozy Sweater size Tall L in Anemone
Flannel PJ bottoms size Tall L in Bordeaux
Elysian Jeans size 12 Tall in Aged Blue **  slaveydavey
Gray Jeans size 12 regular  hairlip!
These are totally on sale! size 9 fossil slaveydavey

Hawk Totem Necklace slavey davey

Eddie Bauer for HRC
Echo Sweater in Scarlet size S hairlip!
Nordic Sweater size S in Nordic hairlip!
Twill pants Reg Short size 2 in Black hairlip!

Flannel Top size L slaveydavey

Burnout Moose Tee size L in pink!
Floral Fleece headband in Natural twinkie
Cute Legwarmers in Natural twinkie

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tom the turd has been a good little shopper boob and bought up the new suitcase and some other stuff off My wishlist! Keep going!  Max that card and DON’T look back!

Ok boys, I still need the scala headsets, photoshop for Mac and the white backdrop!

Oooh these sandals toiletbrush got Me are sooo cute!  Gonna wear them out this weekend!

Wishlist updated and moved up here!

I received one bottle of this but I need a 8ozer too!  BUY TWEEK for curly hair. ASAP!
Curl Junkie Curl Cream Stocking up on this again
Curl Custard Stocking up on this again! 8 and 16oz bottles wanted
WhiteHouseBlackMarket Top size L
Natori Nightgown size L senor doggy
Cache Dress
Cache Top XL
Another Top from Cache L in Black senor doggy
Cache Python Dress size L senor doggy
Etsy Necklace (The $150 one)

If you get this or anything from her shop,use code BRAZIL20 for 20% off.  Love this sellers stuff.
These arrived today.  Who got these earrings? Etsy Super long Earrings

Things from My amazon wishlist I need immediately!   (In order of importance). The 6pack of tampons, the 6pack of kitty litter refills, the suitcase in rose, PhotoShop for Mac, the Scala headset for motorcycles, Worship Me tanning lotion and white backdrop.

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