Buy Us a New Automobile!

Buy Us a New Automobile!

Update:  $1,000 from loopy4legs!

We are thinking about purchasing a brand new SUV.  If you want to pay for it, drop Me an email!  It would absolutely THRILL your FemGods to have one of you minions swoop down and pay for Our new auto in cash!  We haven’t decided on exactly what model yet…still comparing.  This is something we really want!  Make it happen!

So!  As you know I sent wimpdick out to suck a cock.  I think this is his second cock but I intend to send him out periodically for more.  The guy he hooked up was so gross!  he was a fat slob who enjoyed seeing wimpdick all dressed up in drag. he provided clothing and makeup for wimpdick to wear. haha!  Anyway,  I received a photo of wimpdick with this vile dick in his mouth.  Poor little wimpdick caked in makeup, looking pathetically into the camera with a filthy looking peen in his mouth.  But the best part, the icky dick had a big zit on it… I’m thinking possibly a herpes sore.  hahahahaha!  OMG!  Can’t get better than that! wimpdick was very shamed and teary-eyed after, but I let him buy Me a few small gifts to cheer himself up. 🙂

fagarella sent another $500 as I briefly mentioned in MY previous post.  hairlip has bought HRC a $200 pair of of sport sunglasses and a new necklace and for Me a lovely personalized necklace engraved with Me and MY GF’s intitials.  Awww how romantic.

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3 thoughts on “Buy Us a New Automobile!

  1. avatarTurdscum

    “wimpdick was very shamed and teary-eyed after, but I let him buy Me a few small gifts to cheer himself up.”

    What a simply awesome statement. Princess you are magnificent.


  2. avatarpantystain

    peter, how could it possibly be Princess’ fault if wimpdick fails to follow safe practices? Princess has done an educational public service by holding up his poor practices as an example of unsafe behavior. I’m sure wimpdick would agree.


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