$2000 Binger from pigsnot!


auntie pigsnot is at it again!  So far $2,250 worth of Amazon gifts and gift cards for Me and My posse!  The Girls LOVE when auntie comes out to play!  Don’t you wish We were as excited to hear from you?!

I’m wearing a dress that came from twinkie.  Both pairs of denim shorts fit too and he bought Me an awesome Arrow necklace from Etsy.  Will post photo later!

sissy jason sent $300 last night.  hahaha! you are so DISGUSTING jason!  jason likes to call and squeal, “i’m a little girl!  i’m a little girl!”  What a total freak!

omg..I almost forgot.  I finally got, wimpdick’s chastity key in the mail.  Check out this little video of him crying in his chastity device! hahahaha!  So fucking amusing!  I should have locked his ass up years ago.  he’s so attentive when his dingaling is under lock and key.  he’s been buying a slew of little amazon gifts.  I also took over his netflix streaming account and We are using it.  he can see everything We watch and I’m sure it excites him to no end.

Then that fucking mother fucker drunk tom.  he sends $500 and says he’s going to send another $500 and and doesn’t!  Then he keeps saying stupid shit about how much he loves Me, how “dangerous” I am and if I do “team viewer”.  he’s a jerking little crazy cyber whore. he never coughed up the second $500 so I had to do mean things to him!  I found 131 of his contacts and even dug up a totally disturbing photo of him jerking his cock on some other girl’s site. (he pissed her off too)  It’s so much easier to JUST KEEP your friggin promises!!

bollywood has been a good boy sending his cash to Me all the way from India.  I collected another $200 from him today.

Snake Charmer Necklace in  Royston  **really want!!**
Arrow Turquoise Necklace
Turquoise Cuff

White Buffalo Ring **really want!!**
Arrow Turquoise Ring size 5.5 for pinky
Turquoise ring
2 stone Royson Ring
3 stone Turquoise ring
Floral ring size 8

Spirit Sparrow Ring for MY pointer finger size 8  **really want**

Ralph Lauren Tee size L

Peasant Top size L

Sundress size Tall L in Chrome (sale)
Summer Dress size Tall L in  Raspberry
Gate Tee size Tall L in Clematis
Button Shirt for HRC size Small in Dk Smoke
Packable Shirt for HRC size Small in Blue
Packable Shirt for HRC (sale) size Small in Calla Lily
Long shorts size Tall 12 in Deep Ocean

Brooks Sneakers size 10.5
Karen Kane Dress size L

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We’re Back!

Hi boys, back from Our little camping trip.  Nothing is better than collecting cash while I’m sitting back relaxing.  you boys paying while I’m playing!  Really how it should always be, don’t you agree?? Monday I collected $1000 from tributes while cat-fishing. mystery pig $300, robbie $300, terrance $300, $100 anonymous.  I came home to boxes stacked sky high on My front porch!  I also found a new butterfly bush, peony plant and a crawling rose planted in MY yard and a freshly mowed lawn from MY local slave.    he also left Me some farm fresh eggs since I made him set up a chicken coop and start raising a few chickens to keep Us stocked with organic eggs.  he gets all the poop…We get all the eggs.
It was rainy and chilly most of the time but Me and HRC still had a blast and caught a lot of fish.

speedydick I got your IM but I wasn’t home.  Text Me because yahoo messenger hasn’t been forwarding to MY mobile phone like it used to. :(  Send Me $500! I know you want to!  Then back to looking at gay porn!!  Welcome to the World of HOMOSEXUALITY!

Will be updating My wishlist today!
Brooks Sneakers size 10.5

Hoodie size L in Jasper Green
Hoodie size XL  ** Tall in Jasper Green

Top size Tall L in Clematis
Sleeveless Top for HRC size Small
Packable shirt **size Tall L in white
Rainfoil Jacket size Tall L in Blue

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Here’s MY new Macbook from pigsnot!  Get to clicking pay buttons and wishlist buy buttons!  That’s what you were designed for!

Been awhile since My last update so… off the top of MY head mystery pig sent another $300, twinkie sent $700 (yay!), $100 from slavey davey.   hairlip did $100 Verizon gift card for HRC , $150 for Our Verizon bill PLUS matching $100 bills for Me and HRC. :)  $200 more shopping from pigsnot,  $200 from wankalot, $400 from some 74 year old guy who was actually driving around his bedroom in a hover around!  Funniest shit ever!! Yes grand-daddies, send your retirement  $$ to Princess!! hahaha!  I received another $200 of cash in the mail from davidansar.  I made like $2,000 on NF because MY Girlfriend was out of town and I was bored and did calls and made silly ass vines all week.  Shopping from slavey davey, wimpdick and hairlip.  I know I am missing a few other tributes but nothing overly exciting this week.   This means you worthless dung beetles obviously need to work harder!!  And you hiders and bingers  better pull your heads out of your stinking asses and start doing your duty as a men!!

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pigsnot buys Another Computer for Me!

Update: Another $300 Amazon from pigsnot!

Big pigsnot haul!!  Still need to tally up everything…but well over $3,000 including the latest and greatest Macbook Pro 15″ ($2,000+) for ME!!!  Yeehaw!!!   I will post pictures when the computer get here! I posted pics of the gift cards on tumblr when they were coming in.

I’m not quite exactly sure how much he spent so far because I often trick him along the way by having him send gift cards to cover Amazon items on My wishlist..then while he’s all confused and horny, I force him to buy the item as well. Plus he has a habit of accidentally buying double of things while he’s all dazed and confused! heeeheee!!  I’m still trying to shake the last few dollars out of him.  Let’s see if he has anymore $$$!! (he did! I confiscated!)

Some of the other Amazon loot for Me and My gang!
$100 Clarks shoes
$80 Nike Flex
$62 Keen sandals
Several Under Armour tops and shorts
$80 Under Armour tactical pants
$60 blowdryer
$200 sunglasses
$70 Clarks shoes
$60 Clarks
$280 Vizio Soundbar

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