My Hair Looked So Awesome Tonight!

Yeh I know.  I’m awesome!

Luna Twist Zip size Tall L Nordic
Polar Lined Pants size T L amsterdam ham
Fleece Pants size Tall L
Stine’s Henley Tall L Purple Haze
Layering Tank Black and Ivory size Tall L
Flannel Lined Pants size Tall 12 in carbon **
Lodge Park in Nordic Tall L
Medina Cardigan Tall L in Mushroom
Sugarpine Hiking Shoe Drk Gray size 10
Flannel Jeans size 2 Petite **
Solid Flannel shirt size S in Gray hairlip
Leather Eddie Bauer Jacket size S in Black omg!  hairlip got this!

Knitastic Legwarmers Lt Natural
Northern woods Tee Pink in L

Get this hat in Pink Tetra and Arietan

Siouxsie Jeans

Moonstone Earrings
Earflap Hat (send a Etsy GC for this so I can customize the hat)
Slouchy Hat ( send Etsy GC for this so I can customize the hat) **
Wool Hat (send Etsy GC for this so I can customize)**

Lucky Brand Red Peasant Top size L

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wankalot’s November wallet-raping!

My day just keeps getting better! sissy tommikins just sent ME $500!
I raped wankalot for about $6,000!  As usual, he swore he would turn over a new leaf and become a sensible and loyal minion instead of a binging bipolar nincumpoop.  But he disappeared like a fart in the wind and blocked MY text. hahahaha!  What an ASSHOLE!
Here I am showing off the $400 SouthWest airlines that just came today that wankalot bought during his spree.  Yeh, I got your money, you prick!!!
hairlip sent $500 to make up for the sins of another binger slave who sent $500 that didn’t go through.  What a good boy!!

Oh and let’s not forget wimpdick!
he dressed up in his sissyboy finery and shopped for ME!  he also did the sissy-head-stand.  Check it out here! I have him so wrapped around MY pinky!!

Princess fan bought Me 2 more pairs of boots!  A beautiful pair of Helly Hansen’s and a pair of Muck boots!   SCORE!

slave b from Oregon sent another anonymous $200!  he doesn’t respond to MY emails or contacts Me..he just continues to send cash!  I continue to get a kick out of this and totally enjoy spending it!

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The Supreme Ruler of your heart and soul

$500 Amazon Gift Card from wankalot and $500 cash!  Picture of the GC.

$200 from b from Oregon.  he never says anything, just keeps sending little tributes.

doomed brit did $1,000 yesterday!!  That makes his maker very happy!  I was searching old blogs and doomed brit has been getting fucked over by Me on a regular basis for at least 12 years!  he’s one of those assholes who swear ME off after every binge.   Sooo lame!

VERIZON GIFT CARDS  Send $300 to upgrade MY phone to Iphone 6.    you can also send them to cover Our shared plan which is around $180 a month.  Another option is to march down to your local Verizon store and buy the GC’s and send them to Me!  Or if you are due an upgrade, get Iphone 6 (not the plus)  send it to ME and keep your old phone for yourself.

Down Vest size Tall L in Black  ** really want!  slavey davey

Slouch Pants size Tall L in Black
Half Zip Top size Tall L in Charcoal

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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Get Back to Basics. Basically, you spend all your money on ME!!

Totally love this hat!  (Gifted from twinkie)  I added more of these cute hats to MY wishlist from Etsy!  Send Me some Etsy GC’s so I can get a few more.

hairlip went into the bone zone and spent a shit ton of money on Us!!  We LOVED it!  he bought Me a brand new Apple Ipad Air 2 64 GB ($600)!  Then spent another $600 on Me at Eddie Bauer.  Then he spent another $400 buying HRC and My gf new North Face jackets too!  We were collecting awesome gifts while driving down the highway!  Road tripping/wallet raping!   We loved Our gifts, hairlip! We are in Greedy Girl heaven!  Here’s a shot of MY new Ipad Air 2 (on the right).
Here’s a candid from Our camping trip this last weekend.  Hudson jeans by Princess fan, Northface jacket by hairlip, Merrell shoes by pantystain.   We enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather and pretty colors.  Keep Me outfitted in all MY favorite cool weather wardrobe and gear!   My list keep growing ..your brains keep shrinking!  So shop, My little bitches, SHOP!!

North Face Aconcagua jacket size L in Brownie Brown twinkie

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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Be My Pay Puppy!

Look at the Awesome The North Face winter coat I got from Princess fan!  It’s too warm to wear now but I will rock it this winter!  Princess fan also got Me some tall brown Frye boots, and this Frye purse I wanted in black!  (I already have it in Whiskey!)     hairlip just spent $600 at Eddie Bauer buying ME all kinds of cozy stuff for the cold season!  So excited about these items!!  These are the kinds of prezzies I love most!!

Feel Free to order ME a NEW IPAD AIR 2. ***  I will donate MY older model IPad Air to My sister or niece.  Silver, 64 GB  hairlip bought this!!
Flannel Top for Me get size Tall L in Blossom hairlip
Downlight Jacket in Black size L Tall  hairlip!
Funnel Neck Sweater size Tall L in Navy hairlip
Shasta Sweater L Tall Charcoal hairlip
Mockneck Sweater size Tall L Concord hairlip
Eddie Bauer Tee Light Heather Grey size Tall L hairlip

Coat for HRC get size M **  hairlip

NorthFace Tonnerro Jacket size L Taupe hairlip

Lucky Brand Peasant  Top size L **  hairlip

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Contribute or drop dead, male scum wanking voyeurs of the internet!

I tweeted this shot but thought I’d post it for those who don’t do the Twitter thing.  Oh how I love Fall!  My Fall/Winter wardrobe wishes just never seem to end!  I just wanted to brag about the AWESOME boots pantystain just bought ME!  $400 Frye Tall Lug Boots in Black!  Aren’t they Divine?!  I’m crossing My fingers they will fit well  because they are gorgeous!

$500 just now from speedy dick!  screwy louey sent a piddly $100 donation to celebrate his Bday. lol!  shitpig also dropped $100.  shitpig is pretty dull now.  he used to send so much money and do crazy stunts on cam.  Now he’s poor and dried out like a worthless scab.  So boring! Then he wanted to talk about Me making him hang himself.  you pay $100 and now you want to pretend you are going to commit suicide?   you certainly are trying to get your money’s worth aren’t you?  umm…FUCK OFF!  Get another job you fucking WORTHLESS heap!  you are 37 years old and single.  There is NO excuse as to why you can’t pay Me or earn money. you are a man with no dependents.  WORK you lazy sack of shit.  you are were designed to work.  This is why you exist.   If you don’t work…don’t produce then you really are of NO use and should drop dead..but do it on your own time….mmmmkay?

amsterdam ham sent $500 and twinkie did $200

Spent the weekend relaxing, fishing,  hiking and watching football.  All My favorite slaveboys got candid photos of Me enjoying the outdoors and a few were gifted pics of HRC showing off prezzies from hairlip. The rest of you got jackshit — which is what the rest of you deserve.  Seriously, assholes, for those of you reading this and not contributing…FUCK OFF or get shopping!  Oh and doomed brit..don’t you fucking ever call ME again until you send $400!  you said you would send something and didn’t!  So I raised your rent, FUCKER!

Feel Free to order ME a New Ipad Air 2.  I will donate MY AirPad to a sister or niece.  Silver, 64 gb
Blurred Cardigan size Tall L Deep Eggplant  hairlip
Sweater Nordic size S  hairlip
Cardigan Sweater in Htr Oatmeal size S  hairlip
Luna Twist Cardigan Ivory size S  hairlip

NORTH FACE JACKET **really want!  Size L in Burnt Olive Princess fan

Hat for HRC hairlip

BASSPRO (lol-so sexy)
Patch Elbow Hoodie size S in December Sky  hairlip!
Natural Hoodie Cardigan for HRC size S in Olive hairlip!
Flannel for HRC Sale!  size Small in Burnt Ochre hairlip!

For staying in campgrounds, lodges and cabins.

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I Broke your Brain!

Hi slaveboys! It’s your sweetest dream, your greatest nightmare..

terrance, I’m wearing the cozy hoodie sweatshirt you got Me from Eddie Bauer.   It’s a perfect lounge-around-the-couch-while-sipping-hot-tea-and-fleecing-guys’-wallets type of top.    I had My hair in a messy little up-do.   It rained most of the day, so I had a very lazy day.

wankalot just sent $500 payment and then broke up with Me yet again, just seconds after sending the tribute.  Seriously, wankalot..give it up. It’s pretty obvious you can’t quit wanting to give ME all your money!!  Every time you pay ME, you break up and block My email and phone #.  It’s getting ridiculous!   SEND MORE NOW!  you know you owe ME much more!!  you know I want MUCH MORE!  you know I WILL get MUCH more!  I broke your brain permanently.  There is NO way to fix it.

twinkie sent $1,000.  you’re a good boy, twinkster!

A guy from germany that hasn’t paid Me for a coon’s age, sent ME $600 the other night.  I can’t remember what his old nickname was, but he’s going to have to continue to serve before I grant him a new nickname.

puffy perv!! Where’s MY new jacket!?  Hurry up! I am excited to wear it!   you know a girl can’t get too many leather jackets and winter coats!  I seem to want them all!!

hairlip has been a model slave.  he continues to pay his daily and spoil Us with prezzies and sending surprise gifts without being told to. :)

To b from Oregon who has been sending $100 payments :  I have been getting them.  I don’t know who you are, but keep them coming!  :)

I also got $75 from a mystery guy named walter.  Feel free to send $100…I’m sure you can’t wait to send Me more.

We are still in a Fall Wardrobe shopping kick!  you bastards aren’t cleaning out Our wishes fast enough!  Rev up those credit cards, boys!  It’s time to do some SERIOUS SHOPPING!!

Boots for HRC Drk Gray size 8.5   hairlip

Autumn Slouchy Hat  blueballs billy

North Face Sweater for HRC size S in White Heather  hairlip

Asana Tee size L
Earring Trio for HRC  hairlip

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