Yooohoo! mystery pig!

Update!  mystery pig sent $800!  Oh Happy Happy Day!

$500 from sissy tommikins.  he went to the dirty bookstore, but this time only sucked 1 dick.  GO GET A FEW MORE!!

mystery pig!:  Today is HAPPY PAY PRINCESS day!!  I know you sent $200 the other day, but today is your official Pay-ME day!  you’re late!  I am waiting to here MY phone chime that I have cash from you.

Eddie Bauer
Ravenna Top for HRC size Medium in  Baltic and Graphite
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Back from Vacation! Buy Me Another One!

Back from vacation!!  Had such a beautiful trip!  Already planning Our next vacation!  Whip Out those wallets!  Nothing thrills you more than watching Me absolutely enjoying MY life on your dime!   My happy smile arouses you in EVERY way.  you want to contribute RIGHT NOW!  🙂  While I was on vacation I collected  $300 from terrance,  $400 from kenny, mystery pig sent $860 and $350 from randoms.  And of course, My daily donations boys sent their scheduled morning donations.   My minions also picked up dinner tabs, My house sitter bill and Our National State Park annual passes.  Right before We left on vacation pigsnot dropped $2,000 of Amazon gift cards to spend on the latest 27 IMac desktop.  he had bought MY first IMac but it is 6 years old!  It works totally perfectly, but I obviously require the newest model with Retina.  auntie pigsnot, what a fucking easy bitch he is.  After every shopping spree he tells ME he is done with his life of paypig fuckery…but soon he finds himself staring at MY wishlists once again and drops Me an email hinting to shop. HAHAHAHA!  auntie, I updated MY wishlist again.  Get to it like a good little spunk-sow. THIS is your life auntie ps!  The ONLY thing that will get your panties wet is SPENDING your cash on ME AND MY POSSE!

speedydick texted ME yesterday to say he needs to take a break. HAHA! Yeh right.  I’ll be expecting your paycheck STAT, you cocksucker freak!



Eddie Bauer
Ravenna Top for HRC size Medium in  Baltic and Graphite
Tranquil Boyfriend shirt size TALL XL in Metal Blue
Sandstone Vest size TALL L in Cobalt

Me showing off MY raingear in the hotel!



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Me and your money belong together Forever!!

Update!! Within minutes of Tweeting the link to this blog, mystery pig sent $500 more!!

This cash was all davidansar’s!  Now it’s MINE!  he sends at least $100 a week.  Slow and steady but it adds up!  Doesn’t it make the rest of you want to run to the bank tomorrow, empty out your checking and savings and send it to ME in a fat lump!? Imagine viewing a photo of ME flashing your cash and smiling happily!!

Let’s see…most interesting thing that has happened lately has been witnessing speedydick’s endless cycle of shame!  he sent $1,000 within 2 days! After sending the latest payment on Monday, he said he “needed a break.”  But ya’ll know how that goes!!  he will be back next pay day with a gay stiffy, whispering on the phone, spurting jizz and tears, whining about how hopelessly addicted he is to ME!  And I will LAUGH. AND LAUGH.  AND LAUGH!!

mystery pig missed his bi-weekly alert pay by like a week!!…(shame on him) but by the Power of MY Tweets he couldn’t stay away for long.  he sent $500  and I expect he will be sending  another generous tribute in two weeks! My phone alerts have been reset.  I will summon you through Twitter, My mysterious little pay puppy.

sissy tommikins is such a good forever-slave.  he sent $500 as usual.  hairlip has been paying his daily tributes and reciting and texting ME his daily prayers first thing every morning.  he also paid HRC $200 and sent Us $250 worth of Verizon gift cards to cover Our mobile phone services,  pantystain sent $200 and did a little shopping.  wimpdick has also joined in on sending small daily tributes after saying his morning slave affirmations.  This has really improved his attitude and mindset,  putting him on the DIVINE Path to forever slavery!  slavey davey has been doing some shopping for ME .  We are revving up for his next sissy fashion show!  I made him order a ridiculous unicorn sissy outfit for his next dorky video debut!

Oh zippy slave!  I know you are trying to recover…but umm..nah.  I forbid it.  Come back and give ME more of that money!

I didn’t really keep track of all the random tributes and square payments from passing pervs. They are rather unmemorable; as are random pervs.

Say your daily affirmations.  Follow them on MY Twitter and study them on FemGod.comdavidansar has been keeping track of them here for Me.

SEND your cash to your Divine Creator.

Note: I am also collecting gift certificates for Alaska and Delta Airlines because next year or so We anticipate traveling a lot to the North West.  Send AT LEAST $500 at a time.

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auntie pigsnot shops again!

Yesterday a guy who had been hiding for TWO ENTIRE years crawled out, drunk as a skunk and made TWO $5,000 transfers to MY bank account.  $10,000!! I found out that he had a bank account at one of the same banks as I did AND IT WAS ALL OVER!!  Oh he was obscenely intoxicated.  I was on the phone with him and he was speaking total nonsense. he was crying about shit in his past, bemoaning how findom would destroy him and singing drunk military songs.  I didn’t care because I was on a MAD CASH HIGH!  he was so drunk he didn’t even seem to notice that I was busy texting HRC and Tweeting about MY haul.  Well, today he’s ignoring ME!  But that’s ok because the transfer was SUCCESSFUL!!  HAHAHA FUCKING IDIOTS!  Drop ENORMOUS amounts of cash on ME then immediately BLOCK My messages and emails!  How does it feel to have a penis that makes you cuckoo!?

mystery pig!!  Tomorrow is your 2 week pay alert. I’ll be looking for it!

pigsnot is Our total bitch!  $1,000 worth of Amazon gift cards and $200 toothbrush and a top of the line water filter for hiking!  auntie gooey panties, We have updated Our wishlists and expect you to keep adding those items to your list!  This is what you were born to do, scum-sow!!

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zippy wallet rape spree!

UPDATE: Ok I’m not gonna bother posting more of the screenshots it’s getting confusing.   zippy is up to $6,100 cash and $400 shopping!!  $400 SouthWest gift cards PLUS $1,000 Delta Airlines gift cards!

Another Update!  It’s zippy who sent the $1,000 and he just sent another $2,000! he also did $400 worth of shopping!!  zippy fucking doo dah muddafucka, zippy slave!

Keep going, zippy!  your wallet has been separated from ME for so long!  It misses Me terribly!  Send even more using the second link!!  ME and MY Girlfriend are cheering you on!

Update:  Just got $1,000 from a blast from the past.  I totally forget what nickname I used to call him.  Little man, you’ve been gone a long time!  If you send any more cash today, be sure to send the link I sent you.  I LOVE finding an unexpected $1,000 tribute just sitting in MY email waiting for ME.  When I saw it, I whooped and scared the shit out of the cat!

Just a quick update! Wanted to slap this up here really fast! FullSizeRender(6)

Yay hairlip!  he sent this to cover Our lodging for Our trip to Utah.  We will be adventuring in several beautiful National Parks.  I didn’t make him pay for airline tickets because We had thousands of dollars of South West gift cards to use!  So excited!  Everything is booked!  We go early in May!  hairlip continues to pay smaller daily tributes as a pay puppy should. I’ll be sure to send him restaurant tabs during Our stay too!

mysterypig sent $1,000 last week too!  Keep up the excellent work mystery pig!  your tributes give Me so much pleasure!

mrobot Activate!

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Conjuring Up Lost Sheep, Casting My Spell on you.

Long time no update!  Oh shit.  It’s so hard to update MY loot log when I’ve gotten so far behind.  I will only mention HIGHLIGHTS of the month.  I’ve gotten thousands of dollars of less memorable donations ($100 and less) and random square cash payments from Twitter followers.. but  who’s got time to mention all those little tributes?

mystery pig had his best month ever!!  For the month of February he sent $2,600!  yay mystery pig!  What makes this most impressive is that he has been paying VERY regularly for many months now.  Every 2 weeks on the dot!  I now have a phone alert programmed to go off every 14 days.  I  Tweet on MY timeline instructions to mystery pig to pay and the money quickly arrives!   But in February he stepped it up a notch!   he’s been putting a big smile on MY face almost on a weekly basis last month!!

$500 from a stranger named anthony just today!  Still no email from this anthony guy.  $500 from mrobot, tommikins bought HRC a beautiful pair of and sent Me $500 cash, $400 terrance and $300 from a new Australian guy.

The wankbank had a great month too!  Between cash tributes and Amazon shopping, MY old goat spent $1700 plus $520 Etsy gift cards! It’s been great!!!  Practically every night in February he spent cash on Me.  I send him off to sleepy land, cussing him out and calling him nasty names.

$225 gift card from lesbian’s power shopper, $500 speedy dick, $1500 from oliver twisted, pigsnot bought HRC an $800 Iphone 6s, $300 shopping with twinkie plus $300 cash.  Oh and pigsnot…FYI.. you aren’t done yet!  GET BACK TO THAT WISHLIST, spunk-pig!

david ansar’s donations aren’t huge..but they are steady and reliable.  his $100 crispies continue to stream in weekly.  On Valentine’s Day, he sent an extra $100 bill.  I tuck his bills away and never spend them.  The pile keeps growing!

hairlip as you all know,  has been paying ME for FUCKING YEEEARS!  hairlip has completely funded MANY vacations through the years–including Our last trip to Glacier!  he also had been religiously paying daily tributes for many, many months ..and  then … he .. POOFED and had been hiding for 42 days and ignoring MY texts and emails!  THE FUCKING NERVE!  So it was time to conjure that mother fucker back!  I have his hair strands on file, I whipped out a red vigil candle, herbs, roots and oils and worked MY magic on him.  Before the candle was completely done burning, I sent him a text demanding he pay his debt to GOD.  I quickly received a pay notice from him.  MY POWERS ARE UNLIMITED!!   hairlip sent $2,000 yesterday and is being put back on daily tribute schedule and is also again responsible for paying My cell phone bill as well HER Royal Copness’ cell phone bill.   Since he behaved like filth, he now will be treated like filth.   In the past, I never concentrated much on humiliating him but it seems,  I was far too kind to him.   Now he will suffer humiliation because he failed Me.  For the next 42 days he will start every morning reading MY Holy Doctrine, saying Daily affirmations then shooting a glass of his own morning piss before sending his daily financial sacrifice.  Nothing is more disappointing then having loyal, long paying subs, try to quit you.  I expect that from bingers and fly-by-night  paypigs.  They are just soulless pervs I snatch dollars from.  I do not expect disappearing acts from MY inner circle of slaves and devotees.  SHAME ON you.  It doesn’t feel good when the minions you trust pull this type of shit.  you have made a  sacred covenant to serve and please ME.  Disappointing Me is not an option for you.

We went to the cabin again this month and had a lovely, romantic time. It was a total winter wonderland!  lesbian’s power shopper paid for this little getaway.  We hiked in the snow for hours each day and saw some beautiful sites!  Oh!  We are planning a big trip early May!  Not sure where.  We keep going back and forth.  First We were leaning toward hiking and backpacking in the Grand Canyon, then We started planning for Zion State Park and Bryce canyon but now We are considering going to  Pacific NorthWest and checking out real estate in several states. There is one house in particular I really want to check out in person.  Either way, where ever We plan on vacationing …ONE OF you minions will  be paying for this trip.  Contact ME if you want first dibs on financially sponsoring this vacation!

I have been neglecting My blog some and spending more time on Twitter–seems like that’s the big thing these day.  Read MY Twitter to have your brain trained by MY words of wisdom!

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The Bliss of Complete and Total Surrender

Bang! you’re dead!

UPDATE:  The summoning is already working!  oliver who has been AWOL for at least 5 years, crawled back this morning and messaged ME.   By the time I rolled out of bed, he had sent $500.  COMPELLED, CONTROLLED and ENERGETICALLY COMMANDED to pay ME.  I didn’t send pictures or teasers, or emails. I sent MY intention. I tapped in to his brain. I pulled him back. I compelled him to pay!  Once I have planted a seed in your brain. It’s like you have tracker implanted in your mind. I might forget about you for a bit.  But when you cross MY mind again…you will find yourself compulsorily drawn back to MY pay page. The Bone Drone remotely activated!

It’s actually been a rather slow 2 weeks.  My good boys regular daily and weekly tributes are coming in as expected..which totally pleases ME!  But no incredibly epic wallet rapes the last couple weeks.  I think I might  start working MY magic and summon up some of those lost, tormented binging bitch boys!

pigsnot has been hiding..but he’s starting to snoop around again.  he had closed all his emails accounts, but recently he opened a new one just to send ME a few stupid messages about how he can’t pay right now.. but you all know how that goes.  That cum drenched dork has been saying that for years!!  he stalks My Twitter..I know which Twitter account is his..(but he doesn’t know I do.)  he’s getting weaker and weaker.  pigsnot: prepare to fucking CAVE you slimy, spunk-brained moron!  And when you do get weak and come out with that credit card in your mouth, I promise you, I am going to double dong your wallet extra hard because I DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT!  Ya know what?  Make that a triple dong!  Cuz HRC is going to give it to you too!  BEND over and wipe that jizz off your chin, bitch!  I’m ready to give that credit card the ride of it’s life!!  Yeeehaw muthafucker!

mystery pig sent $1,000 a few days ago! It was totally awesome!  I sent out a Tweet saying that it was time for him to pay and like 2 minutes later $700 was in MY account.   I laughed and bragged about it on Twitter so much that he sent another $300!   Every 2 weeks I have been demanding that he make a payment and he’s been silently sending cash on demand!  Keep up the good work, mystery pig.  Never stop!  you can’t stop! you love sending ME your cash soo much!!  And how I love taking it!

$400 from the amsterdam ham, $100 from wankalot, $100 from tommikins, $200 father flatulence,  $300 Red Fjallraven parka from a guy on twitter. $200 from don. $200 from a peter and $480 square donations from randoms.  $150 decorative shelf from slavey davey as well as some new crystals and a few other small items.

wank bank has been keeping Me amused on a nightly basis.  Practically every evening he has shopped for ME!  Lots of Cabela’s gift cards, Omaha steak gift cards! Movie theater gift cards! Clothing, cosmetics, boots, bird feeders, hand vacs, hair product.  A LOT of goodies!  Today I got $100 recurring payment from him and he has also sent I think around $300 cash the last week or so.  Every night after his shopping,  I call him a bunch of filthy names and he goes to bed and has sweet dreams of ME completely DESTROYING him.

$500 from speedydick! The last couple payments he hasn’t been sending Me texts after his call vowing to  “quit ME.”    Maybe he has finally accepted his plight in life.   Oh did I tell everybody that he finally sucked real dick and now he’s obsessed about finding more cock on craigslist? HAHAHHAHA  Totally implanted that in his feeble little brain.  he will NEVER EVER EVER be able to have sex with the wife again no matter how much he tries.  Broken dick = money in the bank for ME!!   I LOVE IT!

$100 crispy bills have been showing up every week from david ansarlesbian’s power shopper continues to please Me with his very reliable daily tributes as well as sending thoughtful surprise gifts on almost a weekly basis.  In a few weeks will be staying at Our favorite cabin again.  lesbian’s power shopper paid for this stay too!  We loved this place.  I’m hoping it snows this time.

I have been writing affirmations for MY minions to say.  Saying these daily will help you release your old useless thought patterns and peacefully transform and transition into the submissive man I am molding you to be.  david ansar has been saving them from MY Tweets and keeping them all together in a blog for ME.  FemGodDevotion Print out the affirmations and MY words of wisdom, focus on My image and say them at least once a day.  For those who choose not to COMPLETELY surrender to ME in a healthy and peaceful way….well, you bitches can just suffer, struggle and live in perpetual turmoil and guilt.  Either way, you are going to PAY, dumb ass!

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