you Too Will Soon Be in the BONE-ZONE!


If you are reading will immediately have the overwhelming urge to SHOP!

Etsy Etsy Etsy! Bitches!
Gemstone Leather Necklace  hairlip
Sea Dangle Earrings (hairlip got Me another bright colored pair like these and I LOVE!!!) If you buy this, be sure to email ME before so I can give you a code She sent Me in the last order for %15 off!

Custom Nike Running shoes I designed them to say AMAZON on the ID get size 10.5
Nike Visor  in BLACK  I already have one of these..but I use the fuck out of it and it’s getting sorta of warped.

MACYS stuff for ME (use code  if sale still running)
Lucky Split Neck Top size L  ***
Black Peasant Top size L
Crochet Sleeve Top size L
Nike Hoodie size L in Black  hairlip
Nike Vintage sweatshirt size L in Geranium
Nike Sports Bra XL Grey

Bedding get coverlet in Queen Pomegranate and 2 matching Shams

LOTS of stuff I want here!  Send BIG Gift Cards
Danica Rug $128!  (you have to add your email to buy)

On Sale Dress L

Blue Dress



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Not the most flattering photo of Me..but here I am in the RV taking a selfie in My baggiest denim shorts before We set off for the day.   All the rest of the photos from the weekend will be deleted because We were HOT, sweaty, red faced, frizzy and dehydrated because it was a miserably hot and humid camping trip!  Fish weren’t biting,  We didn’t bring beer because I just started My restrictive diet.  Not Our favorite trip!  We will go again when it cools down a bit.

So all of Us are wearing our Jawbone fitness trackers and trying to work out daily.  I’m entering MY food in My little Iphone App.  I also put hairlip on a diet.  hairlip! I just checked your Fitness Pal and you haven’t updated your food since Monday.    Did you really have boxed wine and Gold Fish Crackers for dinner!?!  Stay under your calories, or you get penalized$!  Maybe I should charge you a dollar for every calorie you go over!   I’d have that SUV in no time! hahaha!

SHOP freak-o’s, SHOP!!!
Macys stuff for ME (use code  if sale still running)
Nike Hoodie size L in Black
Nike Tee (I got one and now My GF wants one)  get size M in Geranium
Slouchy Jeans shorts size 12



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The joy of paying Me!!

The joy of paying Me!!

Hi morons!  $200 from slavey davey, $500 from fagarella, $500 from My Indian slave and $100 from louzer!  Prezzies and 3 times daily donations, plus MY GF’s weekday lunches are all being paid by hairlip!  :)  he’s bought 3 pairs of sneakers for HRC, a Jawbone and other goodies PLUS bought Me some lovely gifts too!  twinkie spent around $200 at Macy’s and sent $600 cash!

I’m starting another friggin diet.  Frownie face.  I am going to buckle down REALLY hard until Mid September and see if I can take off a few lbs.  I’m not half-assing it! lol  No more beer or wine.  No eating out and 1,200 -1400 cals a day. (Haven’t decided on which yet..going to start with 1,400 and see what happens.)  I am probably going to be EXTRA bitchy for the next few months! Yaaay!

We are going to go to look at SUVs this weekend, just to get an idea of what We will want.  We’re not looking at anything too extravagant…just a simple, rugged SUV for running errands, hauling Our bikes and taking road trips!  you know you want to fund it!!  Dig in and dig DEEP!

Oh and We will be camping Sunday – Wednesday again.  (Be back Wednesday afternoon)
Get busy!
Nike Logo Tee in L Geranium  slavey davey
Another cold-shoulder Top I want in black too! size L  slavey davey
Cold-shoulder studded top in Olive size L  slavey davey

Macys stuff for HRC (use code!)
Under Armour shorts size S in purple for HRC  hairlip
Nike shorts size S black and crimson for HRC  hairlip
Nike Tank size small in grape for HRC  hairlip
Nike Dri-fit Tee size small in black for HRC  hairlip
Nike Tank size Small in Green for HRC hairlip

GAP (use code!)
Gap Breathe V-neck Black in size L and S  and Icy Orange in S
Henley Red in Tall L White in Petite S

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your Sun and Stars. Moon of your life.

Yesterday I wore this peasant shirt again gifted by slavey davey and the cool moon necklace hairlip got Me.   So cute!

I am so excited!  pantystain just sent a GC to pay for a 2night cabin getaway at the same place we went last year during Thanksgiving.  (wankalot bought it last year during his FunTime BingeFest!) Gonna save the GC for Thanksgiving.   It’s a great excuse to skip all the boring Thanksgiving activities everybody wants Us to go to.   yippy!

I see another $200 from louzer came into tonight.  :)  Good to see you back doing your loser duties, louzer. :)

Birds Necklace
FlyAway Earrings  hairlip
Boho Aqua Dangle Earring (wait on this…want to see if I like the first pair I got)


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Yes, you are MINE!

This top was from slavey davey!  I kinda have a thing for these peekyboo shoulder tops. :)   Isn’t it great seeing ME wearing the  very items you purchase!?  you truly have not experienced true joy until you have shopped for Me!

$240 worth of stuff purchased at Macy’s by terrance.

hairlip has been ON one!  Sent him some photos of HRC flexing Her biceps and he went on a shopping spree for Her.  Trail shoes, running shoes, Raybans, bras, protein shake, luggage and all kinds of other goodies!  The gun show totally drained his brain!  Score!

I milked amsterdam ham out of $1,000 tonight!  Weeehaw!  We had soo much fun, didn’t we?

pantystain I’m still picking out a special gift for you to buy.  I’m still perusing the internet for the perfect thing.

Macys  (use code  if sale still running)
Lucky Brand Top size L terrance
Top on Sale size L in Blue terrance

Boho Colorful Dangle Earrings  yay!! Purchased by hairlip

FAR Hair Gel  get 2 hairlip

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Life is Good!

Showing off My sex-ay farmer’s tan.   Actually I was lounging around after a long day spent outdoors.  Me and MY Gang of Awesome are heading out to go pick berries this afternoon…well, most likely drink beer and pick berries if I know HRC. :)  Yesterday I texted a few candid photos to MY special boys of Me and HRC enjoying our weekend.

Ya know, I forgot to mention that lou-zer popped up and sent a measly $100 tribute but haven’t heard a word from him.  lou-zer, I know you are poor now, but you seriously can do better than that.

doomedbrit, I got your pathetic drunken email, but I was sleeping.  What a shame, I would have milked the fuck out of your wallet!  you can still make a fat donation!!

Oh and tommikins has a special cock now.   (The gent who reviewed sissy tommikin’s dick-sucking skills on a public gay hook-up forum! haha) This guy has texted him twice this week demanding that tommikins suck him off.  tommikins is a regular SuckNGo.  This guy places his order, sissy T blows him and the guy is long gone!

I’ll tweek My wishlist when I get back!

Little silver Necklace hairlip
Bali Charm necklace hairlip

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Buy Us a New Automobile!

Buy Us a New Automobile!

Update:  $1,000 from loopy4legs!

We are thinking about purchasing a brand new SUV.  If you want to pay for it, drop Me an email!  It would absolutely THRILL your FemGods to have one of you minions swoop down and pay for Our new auto in cash!  We haven’t decided on exactly what model yet…still comparing.  This is something we really want!  Make it happen!

So!  As you know I sent wimpdick out to suck a cock.  I think this is his second cock but I intend to send him out periodically for more.  The guy he hooked up was so gross!  he was a fat slob who enjoyed seeing wimpdick all dressed up in drag. he provided clothing and makeup for wimpdick to wear. haha!  Anyway,  I received a photo of wimpdick with this vile dick in his mouth.  Poor little wimpdick caked in makeup, looking pathetically into the camera with a filthy looking peen in his mouth.  But the best part, the icky dick had a big zit on it… I’m thinking possibly a herpes sore.  hahahahaha!  OMG!  Can’t get better than that! wimpdick was very shamed and teary-eyed after, but I let him buy Me a few small gifts to cheer himself up. :)

fagarella sent another $500 as I briefly mentioned in MY previous post.  hairlip has bought HRC a $200 pair of of sport sunglasses and a new necklace and for Me a lovely personalized necklace engraved with Me and MY GF’s intitials.  Awww how romantic.

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