Pay Our Way to Paradise!

In contract! Waiting for house inspection and the well test results!!!

your money could be used to buy Our Dream Home Very Soon!!
Send Us all your cash!  It’s really all you are good for!

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Time to slap a pig!!

Note to mystery pig: you need the stupid slapped out of you, you filthy little slug!  you missed TWO Pay Princess Days in a row!!  I kindly let you recover and didn’t get too furious when you missed the first payment over 2 weeks ago but this is going too far!  GET MY cash in!  I don’t care what goes on in your personal life or the reasons you think you couldn’t pay on second Holiest Day of the month…. MY HAPPINESS comes first!!!

Just got $300 from the priest father flatulence!  Because he didn’t pay on Easter, (which would have been more meaningful) I’m going to dive deeper and see if I can bully him into paying another $200.  Stay tuned. ** Nailed it.  Got the other $200 as well.

pssst pigsnot!  New Macbooks are out with Touch Bar!  Come out from under your rock, you old skunky cum troll!  you can’t resist buying Us the newest Apple products!


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mystery pig! Don’t be late!

Quick note to motivate My stealthy cash supplier, mystery pig! you’ve been doing a good job staying on schedule ..don’t fuck it up by being late today!  mystery pig has been anonymously sending at LEAST $1,000 every two weeks and We have been LOVING IT!!  I just have been too obsessed looking at home listings on Trulia every day to update My blog.  Seriously, I research areas We are interested in and peruse house listings for hours online every day.   Get that cash in pig!!! 

We leave for Our house hunt in about 3 weeks!  We will be driving a lot ..covering several states.  Send those big tributes in to fund Our SUV rental and Our gas and expenses.  (If you have the secret pay page…use that instead.)
We used SouthWest gift cards to pay for Our flights. (rat bastard bought a lot of those!)

I made a voice clip for all you filthy maggots who are hiding from your duties.

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Great Day!

mysterypig has been a good little piggy!  he’s been paying tribute every 2 weeks like he’s been conditioned to do.  Today he sent $1,000!    Two weeks before that he sent $1,400!!!   The week before that he sent a $200 bonus and the week before that he sent $1,200!! We are so pleased with this little bitch’s performance! 

$5,000 has been deposited directly from joe’s bank into Mine!  It just got here today!!  joe hides from ME.. but when this ugly, chinless turd comes out from hiding I fucking roast the vile pig! NO MERCY for subhuman pervert binger freaks!!

Patagonia Vest in Purple!

SouthWest Sweater on Sale!

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A Future Forever Serving your Queen!

Today rat bastard sent $700! Hurray!  he and his little sidekick, pocket mouse called ME on the phone this afternoon!  pocket mouse was squeaking so loudly because he couldn’t wait to watch rat bastard spend all his hard earned cash on ME!!  I had a delightful time draining your wallet so quickly!  Let’s do it again, REALLY soon!!

2 weeks ago mysterypig sent $1000!  But it’s now time to pay up yet again! Every time I find one of his donations magically pop up in My inbox, I hear Mysterioso Pizzicato play in MY mind …but for you, mystery pig.. it’s mysterioso piggicato.  Receiving your big fat donations, always make Me very happy, but you still need to work on keeping on schedule!  My phone is getting confused because I keep changing the alert date when you are late. Make it happen, you introverted little shit!

This week $600 from drop dead fred, $200 from alaska, $200 from spanky, $500 from vintage furfreak, $100 anonymous, $500 from father flatulence, $250 from toejamjam, $75 and shopping from slavey davey.  I’m not going to bother trying to mention all the tributes since MY last blog…it’s been far too long. 

Been a boring, slow 2 weeks, actually.  Boo.  Fucking slackers.  So  which one of you sad sacks are ready to go for a wild shopping or spending spree?  I know one of you bipolar bingers are ready to get your credit screwed to oblivion.  I’m totally in the mood to do it!

My boys who ritually pay smaller tributes every single day are proving their devotion and loyalty through constant and consistent service.   Good boys! 

I would love gift cards from Delta Airlines.  We are planning a trip in April or May to go look at properties out west.  SouthWest doesn’t fly to some of the states I want to look at. (I have a lot of SouthWest GC’s saved up.)   So the plan is, if We find Our dream home We buy it and spend all Her vacation time there and I can also fly back and forth until We can officially move in…which won’t be for at least another year.  If We don’t find what We want in Spring, We keep flying back to different areas, scoping out properties.  We will keep looking until one totally calls to Us.   you fuckers are going to have some serious furniture shopping to do when We buy a new home, not to mention an ATV, snow plow, snow mobiles…and all other types of toys!  Get ready!

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Worship ME All Day!

pigsnot sent $800 yesterday!!  $500 for HRC and $300 for ME!  pigsnot also sent $500 right before the New Year!  pigsnot!! We fucking love taking your cash, you crusty dick-booger!!  HRC laughed HER ass off when I handed HER $500 from you. 

$500 from senor doggy.  $600 from toejamjam! he bought My Wife’s well-worn slippers with the hole in them.  $1,000 from topsecret!  That freakwad dork poofed soon as he sent it.  hahahaha I’m sure he is drowning in the pits of guilt and despair…and guess what?! I DON’T CARE!! 

pay perv sent around $800, tom the turd had a fine shopping spree..which included a Luminox watch and Hotel Gift cards! Let’s do some more shopping, tom!  ratbastard put his balance to over -$500 buying ME goodies on Amazon!! he bought winter wear and gift cards to cover Our hotels for the trip he have planned in a few months.  $450 from baby schwein, $200 from slave alaska ,$100 from pantystainNew Year’s Eve I got so much cash donations on Square that they shut down My account. (I got new secret Square accounts.)  Yes, the cash was coming in so quickly on New Year’s it’s a blur. HAHA!  I got a LOT more since the last update, but this is the stuff I found scanning My Twitter and the tributes I can recall right now!  Keep it rolling in, boys!! I LOVE collecting your cash!

mysterypig sent a lot of BONUS donations this pay period!!  I think around $600…(I lost exact track)  but now he is tardy yet again on his Pay Princess Day!  I am waiting, you little piggy poop! 

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