Living Goddess to Love and Worship

Update on YouTube:  See Me Diffuse My Royal Curls
Hi man-turds!  Let’s see.  We had a very nice weekend and spent most of it outdoors enjoying the nice weather.  We got a real workout volunteering at an old-folks home taking a little old lady on a nature walk.   We pushed Her 4 miles up a steep trail on this rickety old wheel chair, then fed Her wine and sandwiches in the park after.  Good times!

$200 from screwy stewy, $300 from amsterdam ham, some shopping from pantystain and slavey davey.  I also woke up to $175 from some brand new guy who claims to be 18 years old.  you little fucks need to do your part!  This was not the most lucrative weekend!  What the fuck!!?  Wasn’t it Palm Sunday or something!?  All ya fuckers had your dicks in your palms looking at MY beautiful photos!!  Time to fucking TITHE your monthly paycheck, ya frickin’ heathens!!   If you are sitting there reading this and haven’t tributed lately, it’s fucking HIGH TIME.  Bad things happen to those who disappoint or cross Me.  The universe doesn’t appreciate those who do not sufficiently appreciate their GODDESS!  Show your appreciation before it’s too late!!

Skort size Tall L in Black
Short Bettona Short for HerRoyalCopness in S black
Shorts for HRC size 4 in Shale
Running top for HRC size S, plum heather
Bikini Top for HRC size S Matching Bottom in S

Druzy stud earrings for HRC

Hudson Jeans in Wonderlust 31
Hudson Jeans in Watchtower

Cache is having a Sale! (message Me before buying for code)
Black Side-tie Dress size L
Purple Studded Dress size L

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Priming doomed brit for the Slaughter!

6 inches taken off My hair! :(  My hair used to go down way below My boobs.

pigsnot, My pigsnot paydar is going off!  Yes, I feel you snooping around My online Queendom! I created a wishlist JUST for you.  Stare at it…drool like the slimy, slippery spunk pig you are….then start shopping!

For the rest of you, assholes, keep sending that cash and shop My regular Amazon List.

doomed brit is coming into some money!  Let’s encourage the pathetic fuck to get into the mind set that this money TRULY belongs to ME!  I will get it, doomed brit and you will get NOTHING but My laughter and humiliation! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I saw wankalot hop on his yahoo messenger for a split second!  heehee!  Come on, freak!  you are peeking at MY site and logging into that old Yahoo messenger..what exactly are you looking for?!   Do your duty, ya cocksucking freak!

Just got My hair cut and styled the other day and She recommended some new items.  A bit bummed because My hair is now bit shorter than I wanted. :(  But it sure looks healthy and curly now. It was EXTREMELY long before the cut..down to the middle of MY back, which is crazy long for curly hair.  Now it’s at the top of My bra strap in the back.  Hope it grows fast!

Hair Stuff
Kevin Murphy Body Builder Mousse pantystain
Kevin Murphy Texture Master pantystain

Bettona Longer Short size L in black  toe jamjam
Jammer Short size L in black  toe jamjam

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Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

Greedy Girls take your Wallet for a Whirl!

sissy tommikins got 2 new dicks yesterday!  Today I am sending him out to get more!  Then he will be paying ME after his tum is full of cum!  Update: he sent $500!

$200 from doomed brit today! $200 tribute from pantystain plus he purchased several gifts off My Amazon wishlist.  $600 from hairlip towards My vacation fund and he continues to send his $10 3-times a day worship-tributes! Weeeeeee!

pigsnot, I see your little 5 am message on yahoo!!  Come out, ya fat sow!!  I want some of your cold hard pig pay!  Message ME asap!  your Greedy BITCH QUEENS’ await you!

Waited to do MY taxes until last minute as usual.  I was totally putting it off because I knew I’d be miserable after seeing how much I was going to be stuck paying this year.  Oh Mah Gawd!  This is one of My best years EVER thanks to sir wankalots $70,000+ tribute..but jesus fuck, it’s painful forking over so much money to the IRS.  It’s so sad I have to pay such high taxes on money that should be considered a gift!  Make a Donation and cheer ME up!

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Selfie Parade!

Oh this one turned out ok too.

slavey davey has been doing so good.  he’s practically been buying Me a gift a day! Don’t worry, davey!  I’ll update MY list when I wake up tomorrow for a few more things for you cuz I’m in such a giving mood.

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Sweet and Deadly Bitch Goddess

Update:  Took this shot today wearing MY Old-school Princess smirk!  Selfies!

I took a pic without a coat on! Rejoice, bitches!

Yay the sun is out!  We went on a long walk!  I bet you can’t wait til winter is really over so I am not dressed like an eskimo in all My pics! lol!    I usually snap pics when I am heading out. :)  My slaves are SOOO damned lucky to serve such a radiant and happy Goddess!

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The Infliction of Addiction

$1000 from some guy named roman!!  he disappeared after his donations and quit answering My emails. hahahaha he’s probably hiding in shame, vowing to never give in again.  Yeh, ya all know how that goes.

lez hag sent $460 and did some shopping!  I am teaching him the joys of butt-sex by not allowing him to masturbate his worthless “thingie” BUT he can insert things into his asshole.  Soon he will become a total ass fag and will be begging for gay sex in order to cum!!  Muahahahaha!

I loved the wind chime that lez hag bought SOOO much that I had twinkie buy My Mom one very similar.

slavey davey continues to be too poor to do any more shopping…yet continues to shop!

$100 from bollywoody came in and I didn’t even notice.  Which reminds ME,  arab pig?? Where the fuck you go?  Get the fuck back here, you stupid camel fucker and send ME more of your cash!

Where the fuck is that cumbucket, pig snot!?

Super Expensive Foundation Get Nude way to go slavey davey!

Eddie Bauer Fleece jacket  get size L Tall in Black fulfilled slavey davey!!!

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Good slaves, wankers, and internet closet fags!

Good slaves, wankers, and internet closet fags!

Update:  tommikins was so touched by My post and My kind words that he sent ME another $300 donation today and called crying and telling repeating how much he loved Me. :)

$500 recurring monthly payment from a silent, recurring donor.  Dude, are you ready to come out of the shadows yet?!?!

slavey davey continues to buy nice little gifts although I have totally drained him until next payday.   Let’s see.. new Clarks sandals, this Marmot jacket, this North Face jacket, this Athleta work-out jacket and lots of other goodies!   slavey davey is rising in the ranks of My paypigs.  he’s a loser and pretty poor but he’s very polite, doesn’t have any annoying fetishes and pays what he has!   Read his latest confessionhairlip continues to pay his 3-daily tributes…I have him so entirely under MY spell it isn’t even funny!  he finally has come to accept his Divine Destiny in life.   $600 from amsterdam ham!  The slave from India, bollywoody, sent $200 and did his first call.  he’s SO screwed now.

$300 from sissy tommikins.  he spent 3 hours in the dirty book store and got 6 cocks yesterday!! OMGeeeee!   sissy tommikins is totally the reigning cockfag of the internet!  he’s sucked more dick than all of ya put together!!  Most importantly he is absolutely ALWAYS respectful and present and pays Me like clockwork and gets intense pleasure from MY pleasure and from spoiling ME.  THAT’s what it’s all about.    I keep getting annoying messages from guys who want to be “just like sissy tommikins” except all these bitches are concerned with is sucking the dong!   Example.  sissy tommikins has quite a lot of groupies…the sick part is that these random internet spankers are more interested in how many dicks he has sucked (a lot!) than the incredibly LONG RUN he has served ME, the hundreds of thousands $$ he has invested in Me, how well he treats ME and how loyally he pays and sacrifices for Me.  That, to ME, is just fucking TWISTED.   Do you dumbfucks ever learn!?

Wishes, bitches!
Hudson Jeans in Wonderlust 31

Eddie Bauer Fleece jacket won’t ship until 3.21  get size L Tall in Black

Cache is having a Sale!
Black Side-tie Dress size L
Blue Studded Dress size L

Bettona Longer Short size L in black
Short Bettona Short for HRC in S black
Shorts for HRC size 4 in Flint Grey
Running top for HRC size S, plum heather
Running top for HRC size S, turquoise

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