Live your life for PRINCESS!

Just got back from a rainy camping trip. Loving My new red The North Face rain jacket and orange Patagonia Nano jacket!  Weather was pretty nuts.  We had to wear long johns, beanies and multiple layers. It rained non-stop. The highlight of Our trip is when we jerry-rigged a party tent with 3 tarps and started Our campfire right outside it and kept much warmer.  We brought the RV so I slept inside instead of tenting it.   Of course, on the day We packed up Our campsite the sun came out and it was totally warm and sunny…couldn’t even wear a long sleeve tee.  Craaaa-zy.  Going to try again in a few weeks. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t suck quite as bad.

Buy More Gift Cards for Camping in State Parks! (At least 200 at a time)

While We were gone lesbian’s power shopper dutifully sent $200 every single day!  he also bought Me a $200 parka and I suspect he is the one who bought the $200 Patagonia jacket for HRC! $100 from the wank bank and I woke up to find $300 sitting in MY email from sir wankalot.  sir wankalot, $300 is nice..but I expect more!

Had to hold all My mail over the weekend so I should be getting a shit ton of prezzies today, including MY Pelican cooler!  I would have gotten a 45qt but was afraid it would be too heavy…so WE got the 35.  the wank bank bought it!  I’ll be picking out some pretties on Etsy today for the wank bank to get ME!

slavey davey just bought Me another Nano jacket in blue!  Yay!

Plush Hoodie in Tall L in Green

Half zip sweater Tall L in Purple
Flannel  These Fuckers shrink bad so get Tall XL in Blue

Feather Bright Pendant 18″ chain Mixed Colors

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Princess Sierra Quicksand

UPDATE!!!!!  I’m literally rolling around on MY bed laughing MY ass off and gloating!!  This blog was up less than an hour and speedy dick read it and got worked into a lather yet AGAIN!!  he called and sent another $500.  he says, “you think i’m pathetic.”  I say.  “I KNOW you are pathetic!”  When I asked how much he sent (I actually wasn’t expecting  another $500 after he sent $1,000 today) he just sat there quietly.  When it came in, I screamed and laughed so hard in his ear that I think it startled him!  I had a serious laughing fit.  Like, I’m sure I sounded like a hyperventilating, wheezing wicked witch I was laughing so damned hard!  he says in his most manly, man voice.  I. Am. Done.  BAHAHAHAHAHA!  $1500 in 24 hours.  his new record.  Relapsing 3 times in a single day.  Oh I can’t explain how exhilarating it is to fuck with this one’s mind — How great it feels to strip him of all his cash!!   True, I really prefer good obedient slaves who give themselves and their cash to ME with love and devotion.  But some of you bingers are so damned entertaining to brainwash and send spiraling into insanity and debt!

The struggle only sends you sinking deeper!  Speaking of “the struggle”..speedy dick is in eternal conflict.  he popped up exactly a week after his last “relapse”.  Yesterday morning he flashes across MY caller ID while I’m on the phone with My Sister.  I tell Her, “oh I want to take this call.  This guy always sends $500 and takes about 2 minutes on the phone.  I’ll call you right back!” HAHAHA  Sure enough.  I demand $500.  he cries a bit and says I’m mean.  I call him a few names and MY phone alerts ME I have a $500 payment.  he starts breathing funny.  I whoop in glee and skip around the kitchen, singing,  “I got your money, bitch”!  he whispers, “good bye”.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!   I call My Sister back and tell Her the good news. She’s like “Wow. That was QUICK!”  Late that night around 1p.m. as I am drifting to sleep, I get a phone call.  I look to see who it is.  SPEEDY DICK, AGAIN!  MUAHAHAHAHA  I answer the phone without saying hello, “Did you call to give ME more of your money, asshole?”  he’s whispering so low I can hardly hear him.  (Probably calling from the bathroom as his wife sleeps in the other room.)  he whispers, “why am i doing this?  Why do you do this to me??”  I laugh maniacally and send him to the pay page.  My phone chimes.  I have $500.  I laugh MY ass off and he says he will be taking a long break from this.  HAHAHAHA  Like as long as his last break?  8 hours???

speedy dick used to be kinda normal.  he called once in a blue moon.   he spent his cash and then disappeared for months. he liked to talk about MY other slaves and what addicted freaks they were, but he hadn’t fallen that deep.  he could never be like “those weirdos” he was “normal.”  Now speedy dick finds that he is “one of those freaks!”  Guys read My blog and watch him fall off the wagon constantly and continually, sending $500 payments each time he does.  These guys comfort themselves in thinking, at least they “aren’t as bad off as that speedy dick”.  “That guy”  has a real problem.  Yes, speedy dick is an addicted freak.  They are “normal”.  he inspires them to fall off the wagon too!   HAHA!  Get in line, minions!  you don’t come to ME addicted.  I brainwash you into being addicted.  I program you to be addicted.  I show you how “normal” it is to be addicted to Me. I teach you how to think. I plant the seed.  I watch the vine grow.  It takes over the garden in your mind and strangles out all the things you had growing there before you met ME.  I TAKE your MIND OVER!

you are next.  Come to your master.  Give Me that cash!!

lesbians power shopper has decided to give up the struggle and slip into the sweet bliss of total acceptance of his complete servitude to ME.  he continues to send $100 daily tributes.   This last week he has sent $200 daily tributes which DOUBLES both of Our BLISS!!  he continues to buy prezzies! I got a beautiful Frye wristlet in the mail from him!  he just bought a $200 Ultralite, top of the line camping cot.  he has been making Me very happy!

The wank bank has been a busy little boy.  he bought ME a $200 Patagonia puffer, this red The North Face rain jacket, $100 Cabela’s gift cards, $100 cash tribute.  Good job, asshole!  I’m loving it!  Continue your shopping and spending duties!  I really like this rain jacket.  Guess I look great in red! I will take it camping with Us this weekend.

wimpdick is shopping for the finishing touches of his Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit.  It’s been over 58 days since he has been locked up this time. I made him buy Me some International stamps so I can easily send his key to him in Canada without having to go to the post office.  I might send the key today since I’m in a good mood.  he’s been kinda broke, buying oddball gifts.  I sometimes lose MY keys when I’m not receiving big enough sums of $ and prezzies.

screwy louey do your duty!  I’ll be expecting your cash tribute soon.

I wonder where pigsnot is?  I will have to energetically/ psychically reach out to the old sow and conjure him back to a SHOPPING SPREE!!

Yay the weather is changing!  Can’t wait to wear all MY adorable new coats and jackets and boots!  We are getting in as much camping as possible before We have to winterize the RV.

Send ME $100-$300 Ohio State Park Gift card.

Plush Hoodie in Tall L in Green

Half zip sweater Tall L in Purple
Flannel  These Fuckers shrink bad so get Tall XL in Blue

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Worker bees Serve your QUEEN!

Oh My! So much FUN! We are trying to get as much camping in as possible.  We have a bunch of weekend camping planned for October.  We have SO much new awesome gear!  lesbian power shopper continues to marathon shop and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  his recent gifts include: a $500 Husqvarna chain saw, $160 cardigan, $90 Pendleton throw, $80 Frye cosmetic bag (love it!), $250 Pendleton blanket,  camping cot, hatchet, axe, $70 knife, $100 backpacking chair, $250 4man tent for car camping, $70 camp stove, $330 Frye purse (LOVE!), $400 gift card for prescription sunglasses,  $200 green puffy jacket for backpacking and a bunch of less expensive stuff I didn’t mention.   Sometimes surprise gifts show up that I have no idea that he got!  To top it all off he bought HRC a $450 Rifle Optic (went on sale for $425 after he bought it).  She was bouncing off the walls in glee!  lesbian power shopper has also been religiously sending $100 every single day and paying Our phone bill! This is how it should be done!! 

So! speedy dick came out of his “recovery” and got fucked out of $500.  he begged ME to take less cash because he couldn’t afford it..but I said “fuck that, bitch” and collected MY usual $500 from him!  Immediately after I screamed in ecstasy when his Paypal chimed My phone, he said he was giving this a break. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  ..but he says that like every 2 weeks.  That’s pretty much the schedule of the wank-a-wagon he continues to fall off.  ALL ABOARD, bitches!  CHOO! CHOO!  Coming through.  Time to fall off the wagon, again!

So I decided to give a british slave who has popped up a lot lately his very own nickname.  the wank bank.  The wank bank sent $600 a few days ago.  I expect to do many more easy withdraws in the future!

Oh and just yesterday I tweeted to mystery pig.

Less than an hour later I received $500 payment from him!! I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING how this little bitch boy sends fat ass donations right on cue!!

$400 from toe jam jam, $200 from baby schwein, $400 from the mormon, $350 from twinkie, $400 from shawn who sounds like a gay uncle and of course other random donations that I have long forgotten about.  Keep that cash flowing in boys!  I have some annoying repairs to do on the house.  I just found out MY drain pipes are collapsed and need replaced and I need to put in new gutters and gutter covers.  I probably should take down this huge tree in MY backyard too. I really didn’t want to put any more money into this house before I move.  Pooper!  Anyway,  I have been in an incredible mood this last month.  Keep working hard for ME boys!  That’s what you were designed for.  This is what I created you for.



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lesbians’ power shopper has been pleasing ME daily. he has sent at least $100 every single day since he started contacting Me again.  he has also bought ME a pair of $180 sunglasses, $400 cash on top of the daily $100 tributes, plus sent $100 cash in the mail.  I am so pleased with his service! This is how it should be done!

My mystery pig has been doing awesome!  I know he is a Twitter follower because he sends cash as soon as I Tweet about him (during the week day).  he sent $500  today about an hour after I tweeted that it had been a week since his last payment.   I love seeing $500 DONATIONS sitting in MY email box!!!

So many bingers this week!  $500 came in from a tipsy sir wankalot in the middle of the night.  This guy has totally lost his mind.  he sends cash and then blocks Me right after.  Whatever, asshole.  your cash goes straight into MY dream home fund.  Go buy yourself a big bottle of booze.  I HATE you sober!

the divorcee from Norway came out from hiding.  I did a little research and looks like the last time he served ME was way back in 2007!   I am the one who planted this addiction into his tiny brain YEARS ago…and obviously MY HANDIWORK sticks because the cocksucker is still addicted as FUCK!  This guy used to hide, binge, disappear for years on end.  he even went to a therapist at some point.  HAHAHAHAHA!  THERAPY WILL NOT HELP you.  he was married when he first contacted ME and PRINCESS addiction destroyed his first marriage.  (As I predicted! I named him “the divorcee” well before the divorce!) What has this fool been doing since 2007?? The asshole re-married!  Why the fuck do you guys get married when you KNOW that you are an addicted little submissive??  you KNOW that you get more pleasure from FEMDOM than vanilla sex.  you KNOW you will be sneaking around on Her and seeking Out Femdom connections.   She has no idea who she is really marrying!!! you offer these clueless women a LIE!  Such dirty, dishonest sad fucks you are. HOW SELFISH you are to think you deserve to lead 2 lives!!  How piggish you are to start relationships in lies!!  Life would be so much more GENUINE if you just accepted your true nature, got down on your knees and concentrated on ONLY LOVING AND SERVING and SUFFERING FOR ME.  Stop trying to live vanilla normal lives on the side, you ridiculous shit stains!  you are only going to disappoint your wives and children in the long run!

Oh and speedy dick!  ya remember all the text messages I posted of him falling off the wagon…over and over after bidding Me “adieu”?  Yes, speedy dick was going to get control of his life.  he was in “recovery”.  “This is the last time.”  Well he called whimpering and crying about how he can’t quit Me.  I demanded $500.  he sent it.   he ended the call by asking Me “to respect his space” as he begins recovering from his addiction.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I never even have to reach out to this dumbfuck.  The minute he gets paid or touches a drop of liquor his name is flashing across MY caller ID.  Oh and he has the wimpiest, faggiest, breathiest voice when he’s in the bone zone!! It’s a hysterical!  Calls are always under 5 minutes because he silently spews as soon as I scream “I got your cash, asshole!!!”

What did we learn here today, My minions and lurkers?  NOBODY RECOVERS.  THREE ADDICTED FREAKS who have all vowed to never contact ME again.  All of whom have sought help with professional therapists!!  THEY ALL FAILED.  you want out of MY spell?  DIE.  My personal advice to you?  GET BUSY PAYING OR GET BUSY DYING.

Other mentions: lou-zer sent another $100 and this heart warming email.  “My wife & I tried for a romantic afternoon together today. I couldn’t stay hard at all and disappointed us both.”

$100 anonymous Amazon gift card from a random guy, $400 from kenny.  I’ve also been getting small anonymous tributes from random guys on Square.  If you want to pay through square send Me an email and I will send the link.  It’s TOTALLY anonymous.  I see nothing but your Square screen name.

God I love this!

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auntie pigsnot learns a lesson

Princess Sierra Findom Lesbian
So the other night auntie pigsnot popped up and asked what he could do to please Me. he showed interest in buying a $450 tent one of MY posse had been wanting so She could accompany Us when We start primitive camping. I told him to get it and he said he wasn’t sure he could afford it and then backed out. I instructed him that he could buy a slightly less expensive item and reminded him that HE WAS THE ONE who had popped up volunteering for the high dollar item. he said he couldn’t comply and disappeared! I blew up and warned him that the next time he showed his fat fugly face I would rape him for 2 or 3 times that amount!! “you’ll pay for your insolence, lard ass!!!
and pay
and pay
and pay. Next time I rape that wallet BALLS DEEP for your behavior tonight”

Two days later the fucker emails Me apologizing for his pissy behavior. Needless to say, She got Her tent. Then he sent $880 worth of Amazon gift cards, $400 Nordstrom gift cards and about $544 shopping!  See assholes. Disobeying a direct command winds up costing you SO much more! Clue to pigsnot! I have been dicking you on almost a monthly basis for sooo damned long! you have been doing this for TEN YEARS!! When will you come to grips with the fact that you are COMPLETELY addicted and can’t quit ME!?!?! HAHAHAHA! After you stopped shopping and answering My emails today, guess what We did?? We sat around laughing Our asses off about you!! Drank a few cold ones and pondered what the hell We could possibly add to Our wishlists next because We all have SO MANY GADGETS you have already bought! Everywhere We look there is evidence all over Our homes of how fucking weak and stupid you are! Iphones, ipads, computers, printers, speakers, televisions, stereos, kitchen appliances, closets and closets of shoes!!   All daily reminders of how AWESOME WE are and what a bitch you are!!
you are 100% OWNED and OPERATED by lesbians!! AND WE ARE ALL LAUGHING AT you!!  Next time, I say “BEND OVER, bitch! Mama’s fucking your ass out of your paycheck!” bitchboy pigsnot BETTA BEND OVER!!

lesbians’ power shopper has been delighting ME daily! he paid for a 2 night cabin stay for Us in November. Booked it all today! he also sent $100 daily donation on top of that. Verizon kept canceling his gift card because he isn’t a Verizon customer so he just sent Me $200 to cover the bill instead.  Yesterday he sent Me a $500 Eddie Bauer gift card!

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mystery pig!! ENDLESS amusement!!

Hi asswipes!  Been in a very good mood lately.  lesbian’s power shopper has been spoiling Me DAILY!  he has spent at least $100 every day since he started serving again.  All you bitchboys should be doing this!  Usually he spends more than $100 a day!  I am so pleased!  We received this awesome lightweight backpacking tent this week. It’s really nice!  he also sent $100 Ancestry tree gift card which I’ve been enjoying.  I’ve been working on that obsessively since I got My subscription.

mystery pig has been upping his secret tributes!  he has sent another $1000 of cash!  he still has NEVER replied to ME. I sent him an email instructing him to use another payment system and he followed MY directions..but he never emailed back. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  he’s been sending fat donations so regularly lately that when I look at MY phone and scream “Yahoooo! Mothafucka!!” My GF says, “mystery pig??!”  mystery pig, I have a confession to make.  I THINK I AM IN LOVE with your CASH!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

$400 just came in from toejam.  he is begging to buy the dust from MY electric Amopé  footfile.  $500 foot dust Clearance sale!  It’s like a BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL or something!  Send $500 for it before I change MY mind.

Another $200 from lou-zer :)  $150 from baby schwein
We actually had to wear long sleeves shirts on Our bike ride today.  Time for FALL SHOPPING!  Ya know how I love Fall!  Leather jackets, boots, vests and beanies!!    Will be updating MY shopping list here.


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