pigsnot the Apple/Mac slave!

at by Anonymous

pigsnot has provided Me, My girlfriends and My sisters with incredible shopping sprees!!  he has purchased at least 11 Mac computers in his servitude.  We have enjoyed many awesome shopping sprees at his expense.  he’s a binger/purger..but when he binge’s he takes it to the EXTREME!!!

Here are just some of the fabulous prezzies he has bought Me and My posse!

5 Ipad Mini’s!


August 27, 2013 $2,827.70

August 13, 2013

Nikon COOLPIX  Wi-Fi Digital Camera
Kindle Fire HD 7″,
Audio JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Canon SELPHY Wireless Printer
Apple TV
ASICS Shorts
Apple MacBook Pro MD103LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (NEWEST VERSION)

August 9, 2013
$2,000 shopping free for friend


July 20, 2013
$400 Sonos speakers, 4 sports bras,  Nest Learning thermostat I’ve wanted for months!

May 21, 2013

2 Macbook Airs!


April 15, 2013 $1,500 wired

Love notes to pigsnot!


Feb 14, 2013

$100 for each person in My Crew!

Sept 26, 2012 $300 Cabaela’s gift cards

Sept 19 2013  $1400

Lotsa Leather Jackets!

Sept 4, 2013
$2,000 shopping spree!

Even More Leather Jackets!

August 19, 2012
$400 shopping

August 18, 2012 $1,200 shopping

August 9, 2012 Ipad

July 31, 2012  $4,800 shopping spree!  Including 15″ Apple Macbook, Kindle Fire, Printer, Router and much more

July 4, 2012 $1,500 shopping spree

April 5, 2012 $300 Bose Soundlink for friend

March 28, 2012 2,221 shopping spree:
(2) $350 Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile
(2) $250 Bose Sound docks
$272 Ipod touch
$42 pizza round
$40 tripod
$41 backup macbook cord
$80 MissMe Jeans
$220 Garmin
$150 Dyson Fan
$176 Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage


Feb 15, 2012

Pic We took to lure him in


Jan 24, 2012
Mini Spree: Including  ASP handcuffs, sweater, Apple TV, $160 leather tall boots in black, $160 training boots, and some other Apple accessories for HRC.  I scored $150 coat and $170 snazzy vest.


Dec 13, 2011

Epic Shopping Spree!

Epic Shopping Spree!   $1800 MacBook Pro, My car stereo (was from last round but tossed it in the photo), Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, Wireless Printer, Iluv Alarm clock, New Canon Camera, super awesome winter boots and My new juicer.

November 9, 2011
$3,000 Shopping Spree!

November 4, 2011
$1200 shopping for Me!  $900 for Stevie!

November 2, 2011
pigsnot tally’s up what he had spent to Me at this point and it was $34,000! hahahaa! (if only he knew how much more he would spend in the years ahead!

October 23, 2011
pigsnot buys $1,000 elliptical and writes this email:
Dear Princess Sierra,
I did the exercise machine and the squeeze box.  Then i did a couple of items for Stevie to balance the wish lists.  This is the most i can do because the new card is now also maxxed out.
i’m very sorry, but i have to slow down because i simply do not have any credit left.  i’ve increase the credit line on all of my cards and got a couple of more cards to extend my shopping spree.

This spree cost me over $31k. i hope you and Stevie enjoyed it.
broke and stupid pig snot

Oct 21, 2011
$160 boots, $75 boots, $330 boots, hedge trimmer, make-up, $300 jacket, $550 grill, car stereo, $280 lamp and much much more!

October 19, 2011 $1,000 shopping

October 12, 2011 $1,800 shopping for Me,  $1,800 Stevie

Showing off loot from HUGE spree!


$1,400 Cold Hard Cash!


Sept 23, 2011

$6,000 Shopping Spree!

He bought both Me and Stevie one of these babies!


Sept 13, 2011 $13,000 MASSIVE SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Some prezzies for MASSIVE wallet-rape!


Computers he bought ME during this spree!

shopping-bitch bait!


March 24, 2011 $1,800 spent on Stevie