One of Princess’ oldest essays

at by Anonymous

Too Cruel for Words. Too Selfish to Care. Too Beautiful to Resist. Too MUCH of a BAD Thing!

I am Princess Sierra, affectionately called Princess Perfect by the pigslaves who love and adore me.  I am a FEMALE SUPREMACIST and believe that men are repugnant little masturbators, ruled by their icky-stickies and exist for no other reason than to serve Women, obey Women’s whims, amuse, and on occasion, to pleasure and satisfy Women.  I am not into the traditional sort of S&M–all that sensual whipping, titillating, teasy beating, creative knot-tying, etc. I don’t find men sensuous in the least bit– and when I smack my slaves around, it’s for disciplinary action, not for erotic effect. I can’t even attend many BDSM functions because I become furious watching the so-called male dum-doms strutting around.  I believe all Women are superior, even the ones who don’t know it yet. I guess I am a Politically Incorrect Diva Bitch because I find female submission to men unacceptable.

male ejaculations: The Expulsion of cerebral fluids or “brain juice” as it were.  Men become more stupid after ejaculation and unwittingly spew their few precious gray cells and revert to even more intolerable and loathsome beings upon orgasm.  Ejaculation MUST be controlled (or denied) or all hard work is lost.  One undeserved splooge and these swill brains become deluded, macho and often disobedient.  Orgasm must be earned by performing some degrading or unpleasant task.  Lately, I’ve been stuck on this pig motif.  I love dressing my precious pork-products in little pink tutus, panties, and pigsnouts–a pink dildo-piggy-tail poking from his puckered pig-hole.  Sometimes, it’s fun to invite friends over to watch my “sow-shows.”  Male minions have deep-seated shame stemming from childhood masturbation.  I believe We need to embrace and enforce this shame.  This will also ingrain into the slave’s few leftover brain cells how pathetic and loathsome he is.

My domination style is not that of the cold, stern unsmiling, dark and mysterious dominatrix–I laugh and giggle, gawfaw and titter–it just tickles me pink to see how low my pigs will go.  My laugh is what keeps the swine going, validates their worthless existence.  My sweet, feminine musical tee-hees lull them into their sweet, stupid submission.

GAINFULLY EMPLOYED treating men like dog-doo.  Needless to say, I love my work.  Some men feel professional Dominatrixes use men, prey on the pitiable male–driven by his sexual desires and fetish preoccupations. They think that these Ladies use men financially because men are weakened by their own sperm.  Yes, I am one of these women.  There are women in my profession with purer intentions than mine.  They hope to widen your sexual horizons, reenact your deepest and darkest fantasies, create an erotic environment, expand your mind, and deepen your desires.  Yes, there are Mistresses who care about you.  If you want one who cares, call one.

Yes, I revel in demoralizing a man, find vast pleasure and satisfaction watching him grovel and beg at my feet for crumbs of my attention, exchange his dignity for a suckle from my baby toe.  But I just can’t help but to admit, gosh, it’s sure fun taking men’s money, charging $50 for my toenail clippings and tinkled-on toilet paper, being lavished with gifts and flowers just for a game of WhereDidPrincessHideThatBigCarrot? men, they’re like Mac Machines with nads.  “I Pay Sierra, therefor I am.” My pigs often chant this during session.  It confirms the plight of piggies.  Not only does this ode have brain-washing effects on my piglet-following, it certainly has immense artistic value.

MY FEET:  Yes I’ve come to the realization that my lovely size 10 peds are quite the toe-boy magnet.  Now, I really don’t have any preoccupation with my feet. True..their divine texture, shape and aroma are just more examples of my perfection and overall loveliness.  But as any Mistress would know, beauteous feet can be used as tools to motivate piglets to strive for higher levels of pigitude, obedience and blind devotion.  If my slaves prove worthy and amusing, I shower them with footy favors: slices of bread I have tread upon, generous toe-painting pedicures, worn-two-day knee-hi’s. I  even let the occasional foot freak drink my foot-bath-water. These are gifts that my pigs treasure and cherish–foot-mana from the Goddess We well call it.  These are treats–earned through obedience (and ploys on my part to further intoxicate, control, manipulate and to exploit the INSTEP-Junkie.)  HAHAHA!

TRAMPLINGS AND STOMPINGS:  My Amazonian physique has always proven to be both a fascination and intimidation to all men.  I enjoy foot domination, stepping on, over-powering and traversing on some of my slaves.  I enjoy face slapping, back handing, hair pulling and paddling as forms of corporal punishment rather than using hot wax and nipple clamps.  I find pain I inflict myself, with my own hand much more satisfying than using some tool.  I practice, and ONLY when the mood strikes me, pummeling piggies with my precious peds, squishing sissies with my body weight (Cosmo says I should weigh 130 at 6ft–I assure you I don’t and you will feel it) and when my giving nature allows “The Greatest Torment OF All”–smothering weenie boys with my hallowed hiney.  These are privileges I dole out.. you should expect Nothing because you deserve nothing.  Although I like active sessions I do not do the wrestle-thing. I am not practiced in wrestling techniques or pin-ups. I am not muscle-bound and I probably can’t bench press you, so don’t ask.  Not only does wrestling not interest me, it would involve excessive bodily contact with swine and that might give me tummy ache.

FUN THINGS TO DO WITH PIG SLAVES: Men are not exactly Slinkies, but they can prove to be amusing playthings at times.  I have been working on a list of practical uses for these simple creatures.  They make excellent spittoons and nothing is more satisfying than carefully aiming my sacred spittle over their open and eager mouths, puckering my lovely lips, shooting and hearing the crystal clear, “Thank You Princess” resound after a successful spitting.  Why leave that nasty toothpaste residue in your sink?  After brushing or gargling, his mouth is much better place to spit your mouthwash.

(I no longer smoke..ever.)  Many Mistresses have discovered that men-things make suitable ashtrays.  Not only are they self-cleaning, but their mouths are always available. A room of Women can lounge at ease, while the ashtray rotates around the room, Goddess to Goddess relieving her of her ashings.  Sometimes, it is fun to save all the butts from a party and feed them to piggy one by one.  “Hey Piggy, personally, do you prefer menthol or regular?”  I once stuccoed a plastic ashtray to one of my minions’ head, hung a paper sign, reading “Ashtray” across his forehead, tied him to a barstool, and left him there serving as both a public ashtray and personal beer-coaster while I boogied.  Whenever anyone asked, why he was doing it, I told them: “Oh he pays me $250 an hour for that.” I use pigs for disposal of all sort, from soiled Charman, chewed up bubble gum, and unwanted food etc.  Scrape your leftovers off your plate!   Stale Pepsi goes down the drain!   Every now and then leave a special treat, toss your used douche nozzle into your trash-can-man’s mouth and watch his eyes light up.

SEXUALITY: The sexual happenings I have with Women are privy and are NEVER witnessed by the unworthy male eye.  Neanderthal males should not be exposed to such elevated sexual unions. But on the occasion that I am feeling congenial, I spoil my man-pig and allow him to masturbate with the bed sheet on which ME and My FEMALE lover have tarried.)

For others, I believe that sexual men should be used as Nothing more than “tongues-suspended-in-space,” pure oral slaves.  I always say, “penis-schmenis.” Never liked them, Never will.  I do not EVER participate in penile penetration nor do I touch the penis in a loving manner.  I even go as far as to believe all women should abstain from intercourse all together.  If you feel you must have vaginal penetration to enjoy your orgasm thoroughly, slap your strap-on to his head, chest or gut and have a wild buffalo ride, use your vibrating Love Muscle in front of him while he is cuffed on the bed,  just don’t stick that piss-stick near your Pussy Palace. Remember..anything a man has, you can buy at the Nasty Store for under $30–and they always work right.

CONCERNING catheters and enemas….Ohhh YUCK.  I really can’t see that being any fun on My part.  I’m sure all you enemas boys will be writing me hate letters defending your kink…oh well. Personally,  I think your kink STINKS.