Princess’s Streams of Consciousness Writings

at by Anonymous

Some men are born heterosexual, some born gay, and some transgendered–by no fault of your own.   you didn’t ask for that funny bat-shaped birthmark on your ass.   So it goes with your need to submit.  I believe some men were born submissive.  All men are inferior, but the undying need to serve a Woman,  suffer her humiliations and long for the wrath and abuse of a lovely Goddess is engrained in only some men.  you may try to stifle this urge, forget your natural inclination, and marry a sweet little wife who makes you meatloaf and picks the fluff off your jacket.   you may pretend to be different, but that’s not going to make you any different.   As an inferior male, your need to serve, your innate desire to please and amuse a Woman, the fact that you recognize your own inferiority and insignificance IS the only thing you have to be proud of.  Accept and embrace your submissive, TRUE nature—this is your only redeeming quality.   Why is there so much shame in the submission of males in our society?   your shame is in the fact that you are male, the fact that your almighty schlong controls and wields it’s control over your entire existence.  your PRIDE is your MISTRESS;  SHE is the only thing that makes you good.  How can the fact that you pamper, adore and worship a Beautiful, Wise, Enlightened and Wicked GODDESS be considered immoral or twisted?  Embrace your stupid submission.  Revel in the fact that you are OWNED.  If ever a MISTRESS has said to you, “good dog” or “haha, I could abuse your dumb ass all day!” or “you made ME laugh” or “what a sweet pig,  NOW send more money!” then you have achieved your goal.   For a moment in time,  you were more than just a worthless wanker.   That big macho dumb-shit who measures his worth by fucking any girl with a low self-esteem who will have him, who takes advantage of a Woman’s intrinsic need to be Loved and adored, who wears his baseball cap backwards, hangs out at Hooters and actually thinks the Girls in Playboy aren’t airbrushed and actually want to fuck him, the guy who tells you what a pussy-whipped fool you are and how you let uppity Women walk all over you…THAT GUY  is a complete useless idiot.  he is the deluded fool.  As inferior and worthless pigs, you are actually one small step above him.  If he is not pleasing some Woman, pray tell, what damned purpose does he serve!?  So in short, being a subservient, pussywimp IS your BAG, BABY.
I have a theory. I call it the QUEEN-ant theory. Every Woman deserves a little colony of drones to do her bidding, haul the heavy things, and bring HER prezzies and RoyalJelly.   The boy ants work for HER, live for HER.  SHE just does whatever SHE feels like, grows more majestic and beautiful each day. If SHE decides to trample on HER measly ant-slaves, oh well, there will be more. Furthermore, the Queen doesn’t mate with HER workers; the slaves never get to mate—that’s the best part.
I’m sure that you have asked yourself. “Why am I like this?” “Why do I like this?”  Society says this isn’t normal.  But why is it normal to have Women continually objectified in magazines, bent over getting gangbanged in pornography, why is it acceptable for Women to bring BillyBob and his beer-bellied friends pretzels during the SuperBowl?!  Fuck what society says because society has been fucking over Women for centuries!  Run with your natural submissive inklings.  Just like you, I ONCE asked myself questions. “Why do I like doing this? Is it just because I am a lesbian or something? Why does nice contact with a boy make me feel weak and sick?  Why don’t I like what other Women like? I can’t be all the way lesbian because I like having a dum-dum man to abuse?  Am I a mean person?   I have come to grips with the fact that I am a bitch, a Goddess, a PERFECT DEITY.  I have accepted the fact that men are shit-for-brains peons created to serve ME, adore ME and degrade themselves for MY amusement.  Accept the obvious, face the inevitable…you are garbage, you long for MY garbage, you want to be treated like MY garbage and will always be nothing more than a garbage to ME.
The penis is a disgustingly filthy body part and NO man is worthy of My beautiful and perfect temple. In My eyes, intercourse is an unnatural act–men are dogs–copulating with one would resemble beastiality rather than sexuality.  men feel powerful when they have sex with a a Woman—especially if She is powerful and beautiful.  Like an urchin, he feeds off of Her SUPERIORITY, brags about it to his friends, and tries to claim HER perfection as his own.  In our world, sex is something a Woman has taken from Her.  If She does it—She’s a whore.  If She doesn’t she MUST be an ugly prude who can’t get a man.  With every man a Woman screws,  She is considered less of a Woman—easy, a tramp, a whore.  Every Woman he screws he is considered more of a man—a hero, a conqueror, a stud.   Every man respects the Woman who will NEVER fuck him.  Some might hate HER. But no one can argue the fact that the sexually unattainable Woman is the most esteemed Woman of all!
I will tell you what you need.  It’s in your nature to obey. you need to be controlled.  you are a stupid creature who needs close direction, supervision and rules.  Most of all, you need ME.  This is what it’s all about–ME.  MY needs, MY desire.   A true sub, the subs I take in as MY own—understands the phenomenon.  Many of my moneyslaves do NOT.  They think I should enjoy what they enjoy, control them because they want to be controlled…and it all ends after they cum. They are stupid asses and I weed them out–they see ME ONCE. I don’t need that crap. This isn’t about BDSM. This is about SERVITUDE. This isn’t a kinky hobby for Me.  you don’t pay Me because I am providing a service for you. you pay me, so you can hang out with Me.  You pay Me, because that’s the only way you’re going to be allowed to look at Me.  you pay Me to treat you like shit because I like to.  This is about Worship, Devotion!  This is your NEW religion.  I am your GODDESS.  And you drop money in the collection plate, so that I can live a more luxurious life…so that I might answer a few of your prayers.