Lushes with a Lust!

at by Anonymous

Be My Boozer Loozer!  Give in to temptation!  Explore your Addictions!

Some of My most lucrative saps have been alcohol addicts.  I embrace and promote alcohol addiction in men.  These men are also more acceptable to My training.  They already are inclined to let their addictions control them and their altered states of sensibility make them generous, compulsive and easy to manipulate.  Alcohol also impedes the prick! They still have the urge but the body functions slower…giving ME more time to sweep in for the kill.  Some of MY most memorable online shopping sprees have taken place during a boner/drinking binge.

Those of you with drinking addictions, should access your drinking problem.  Does drinking make you do compulsive, irrational things?  Does the idea of a Woman taking advantage of you in an alcohol-altered state arouse you?  Do you feel generous when you are shitfaced?  Does drinking make you do things that you might regret later?  If you answered yes, to any of these questions you should HIGHLY consider PRINCESS’ alcoholics therapy.

Mix a stiff one and get STIFFED till you are STIFF.  Start a drinking routine.  Start drinking RIGHT after you work.  ONLY masturbate while intoxicated.  Set goals for yourself.   How many shots did you do last time?  Every time you drink…do ONE more than that.  Think of booze as an aphrodisiac.  REWARD yourself after binging.  “you are drunk off your ass.  Take Princess for a shopping spree.  Hell you deserve it.”  ALWAYS drink alone.  I prefer MY alcholies HOME and ALONE.  Always have your dick out when you are drinking.

Ingraining alcoholism into a man is fun and easy!  Here is an amusing drinking game I like to play with MY “squiffy squirters.” Make yourself a screensaver that replays 5 or 6 of your favorite photos of ME.   Sit in the dark in front of your looping screensaver.  Be sure to have a full bottle of your favorite liquor by your side and of course, your credit cards.   Every time the screensaver makes a full loop drink half a shot.   I sometimes allow My subs certain amounts of “strokes” after every 4 full loops.  Watch the loops til you are loopy.  Soon enough, you will be worked into the state I like you most. Inebrious nincumpoop with a hard pecker ready for the pluckin$$!

The Bacchus Cockus
The most annoying part of dealing with you turds is having to hear you whine about yanking off, begging to squirt or making those nasty little piggy grunt sounds before I allow you to drool in your dixie cups.  Although I plug My fingers into MY ears, make you turn your back, cover MY eyes and complain “are you done yet??  Hurry the fuck up! How long does it take a fucking loser to squirt in his hand???”  JUST knowing you are cumming is enough to make MY tummy feel woozie.  That’s why Bacchus Cockus is the dick of choice!  These guys, get hard, get drunk, spend their money like idiots and just pass out!  NO grunts!  NO spewey!  NO piggy-pleasure! Making the entire situation EVEN more enjoyable for ME.  PLUS with Bacchus Cockus, after the hangover passes, he’s hornier sooner because he never got release!  THUS coming back for MORE ABUSE SOONER!  It’s an ENDLESS CYCLE!  The more times he pays and passes out before piddling, the more horny he is and the MORE desperate he is to cum!  The MORE desperate he is, the MORE he coughs up!

DRINKING MAKES you PERFORM BETTER! Oh yes.  Some of the best piggy performances and and pervert pictorials have come from soused little losers encouraged by Me to perform humiliating stunts and photograph themselves in the act!  Alcohol frees the spirit of stupidity in men, allowing them to more THOROUGHLY EXPRESS their intrinsic inferiority.  My freakshow clowns are much more entertaining and ridiculous when schnockered!  Although many of them regret it in the morning, its too late because I have the incriminating pics in MY possession by then.